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Making Hope Happen

Relay Regional Summit

Draw Something

Facilitator Guide

Thank You!

Preparation: Make sure you have the supplies you need, the room is set up
according to your needs, and that you have prep



You will need:


4 full





Game Cards





Facilitator Note:
Please look over the concepts. If you do not feel
comfortable answering questions about them please ask someone before
leading this break out.

There should be a veteran staff partner available to
help with this break out.












5 minutes


Ground Rules


1) Quick Welcome and Game Explanation

5 minutes

Introduce presenters

What to expect out of the breakout today:


We will be learning about new concepts, changes to established programs and fun new
anges for 2013!


Most of the time spent playing a fun and educating game.

The activity today is modeled after the game of Pictionary.

The room will be split into teams, let them name their teams and then each team picks someone
to represent them drawi
ng a concept. An ideal team will have 10

members. Split into as many
teams needed to accomplish this.

Facilitator will give them the selected drawers an image to draw, they will draw at the same time
and teams will guess at the same time.

There should be 60 seconds to draw and guess what the concept is.

After a correct answer the team will win a point. Keep point tally at the front of the room on a flip

(The second facilitator should be available to listen for the first team wit
h the correct

Facilitator will then refer to the concept explanations to expand on the picture.

Repeat the process until you go through all concepts.

The team with the most points at the end wins!


Meet & Greet

5 minutes

Go around the room (or your table) and have everyone
introduce themselves including name, town, committee position and how long you have Relayed.

Take the next 2

minutes to meet as many ne
w people as
you can in the room or have them share names with one another at their table.
Share your name,
where you’re from, your committee position, and how long you have Relayed.

Team Selection




everyone to stand and as the facilitator place yourself in the natural center of the room.

you have a group of more than 25 split into more
than 2

An i
deal team will have 10

members on it.


Ask everyone to count off using numbers or concepts d
epending on how many teams you will

Ex. If you have 40 people you will want to create 3 teams of 13 or 14. Ask people to count off by
three or
Celebrate, Remember, Fight Back.


After your teams are formed ask everyone to gather their things and r
earrange chairs as needed to sit
with their team.


Make sure each team has a couple of markers and a full flip chart to draw their concepts.

Game Time




With the teams sitting on either side of the room ask them to choose their first person to draw.


Ask all “drawers” to come to the facilitator to get the first concept.
facilitator shows the
drawing team members the concept and asks to make sure they u


Ask them to go back to their teams and stand in front of their flip chart ready to draw.


When they are ready to start drawing start the timer for 60 seconds.


Let them know when there are

10 seconds left.


Call time at the 60 second mark.


The tea
m that guessed correctly gets a point.


Thank the drawers, ask them to be seated and read the explanation of the concept. Ask for


Repeat the process until you run through all concepts.


Congratulate the winning team at the end!


Pass out hand out
with questions and answers

Facilitator script for concepts:


Polo Shirt

Grand Club

New in FY13 grand club members will be sent a certificate through their email to
redeem a

Grand Club polo as soon as they reach the $1000 in online fundraising. The
polo wi
ll be mint green

The Grand Club began as the “K” Club in Tacoma, Washington as a way to recognize and
incentivize top achievers. Since

inception over 17 years ago this program has spread

the country. Starting in 2013 it will now be a nationwide program.

Now we have a new chance to recognize grand club members in a new way. With the
polo’s going direct to the participant there is a new opportunity to Dream Big and Relay
Bigger through per
sonal recognition. Make sure to call and congratulate Grand Club
members, recognize them through emails, facebook and/or at Team Captain meetings.
Events are now implementing Grand Club laps and other fun ways to recognize this
achievement at Relay.

All ot
her divisions were already using the polo to recognize their grand club members
so in the spirit of joining the national program we will also now offer a polo. We were
able to be a part of a national buy for this item to keep cost low.

Have the group shar
e best practices on recognizing this level

Have all Grand Club Members stand and recognize them.



All Star Club

In 2011 we saw more individuals reach the $2500 level than ever before.

To continue incentivizing our grand club members to Dream Big we are implementing
the new “All Star Club”.

individual that reaches

the $2500 level should be recognized as a member of the
“All Star Club”.

As an All Star club member they will receive a
nd exclusive white vest embroidered with
the RFL Logo with the words, “All Star Club Member” underneath.

Any suggestions on how or where else to recognize this level?

Have any $2500 individuals stand to be recognized.

This level will begin to be recognize
d in the 2013 year.



Premier Fundraising Club

New in 2013 is the “Premier Fundraising Club” for those individuals that raise $10,000

When an individual reaches this level they are recognized with a black jacket with the
RFL logo and the words
“Premier Fundraising Club” underneath the logo.

These individuals should be recognized right away with a phone call, public recognition
and by presenting them with their jacket.

Any suggestions on how to recognize this level?

This level will be recognized
in the 2013 year.

Have any of these individuals stand and be recognized.



Photo Contest

The Great West Division Photo Contest runs all year long. Submissions can be sent in at
any point to

All Great West winners are
sent in to National to be a part of their photo contest.

Submissions for the 2014 contest are due by July 15
, 2013.

Great West Division contest offers 6 categories: Celebrate

Amateur and Professional,

Amateur and Professional, Fight Back

eur and Professional. Each
winner receives a $50 gift certificate to the online Relay For Life store.

Any best practices to share around the photo contest?

Point out the photos that will be displayed at registration and during the lunch general
session are

all Great West photo contest winners.




The Great West Community Pacesetter Program is a recognition program for those
events that meet established criteria that have been shown to help grow Relay For Life

The program is desi
gned to recognize events which are leading the way in this challenge
but who may not always get the deserved recognition through other awards.

There are no changes to the program in FY13.

Utilize the 5
star event poster as a visual to help motivate your c
ommittee! Ask you staff
partner to purchase the poster for your committee meetings.

Have all pacesetters stand and be recognized.

Ask the group to share any best practices around pacesetter

In 2013 the youth and community events will both be recognized und
er the same criteria
and both as pacesetters.



$100 T
shirt level

The rising star level is for all individuals that raise at least $100.

At the $100 level they will receive the 2013 commemorative Relay For Life T

This is also the first lev
el of the individual fundraising club.

This is a national standard for our t
shirt to be used a “fundraising” shirt not just a shirt
for signing up. The idea is if you are sitting on a plane next to someone wearing a RFL
shirt you know they also raised $100 to receive that shirt. It should be r
ecognized as a
badge of honor.

Any best practices on implementing the $100 tshirt program?


Mega Event

Mega Event

A Mega RFL Event is an elite club a Relay For Life is inducted into when their income
reaches $200,000 or above.

We currently have 23 Mega
Events in the Great West Division

Do we have anyone that is a part of a Mega Event in the room? Ask them to share what
their event is, how much they raise, if they went to the Mega Event Experience to share
about it. If you do not have any ask the group if

there is anyone working towards that
status then tell the group what support they have.

As a part of the Mega Event group they receive special support including

the following:

• Event Chairs and Team Development Chair invited to Mega Event
Experience in

Seattle, WA on January 26
27, 2013.

• Quarterly conference calls to get the latest and greatest information
plus the chance to network with other Mega Event volunteers. All
committee members are invited as well as events that are on the edge
of becoming
mega events.

• Events new to the Mega Event status will get special recognition at
Regional Summits to include presentation of Mega Event banner and
special seating.

• Events are identified as a Mega event with ribbon on nametags at
Regional Summits and
Mega Event video in General Session will
introduce current Mega Events.

• Topic specific conference calls to provide networking for Sponsorship
Chairs, Team Development Chairs, Survivorship Chairs, Logistics Chairs
and Event Chairs.



ust a few
examples below

check out the summit edition of Relay Rumblings for
the full list)

Great West Explosive Growth Award

Awarded to community and youth
events that demonstrate the highest percentage of growth from

year to the next. This award is
automatically pulled

from the data entered into the Society tracking database.

Great West Heart of Relay Award
Awarded to community and youth
events that demonstrate successful practices and innovations in
supporting the Society’s mission and 2015 goals i
n the areas of
advocacy, mission delivery, survivorship engagement, and youth
involvement; awarded through an application process. Youth events
can apply for separate awards in mission delivery and
survivorship engagement. The top three Great West events i
n each
category will be submitted to National for

consideration for the
National Heart of Relay Awards.

Great West Heroes of Hope
A select group of cancer survivors
(two from each Great West Region) will be chosen based on their

outstanding Relay For Life

involvement and commitment to the
cause to help increase cancer

awareness and survivor engagement.

Great West Number One Rookie Event
Awarded to the first year
community and youth events with the highest net income as pulled
from our

financial tracking sy

Great West Online Communication Award
Awarded to the one Event and
one team who


the best use of their Convio fundraising
site and/or www.relayforlife.org for online



Team Fundraising Club Yard Sign

Team fundraising

The Nationwide Relay For Life Team Fundraising Club program is designed to recognize team
fundraising efforts and encourage teams to reach their fundraising goals as well as to strive to
reach the next fundraising level. Historically events that imple
ment team fundraising
recognition programs with passion see an increase in their fundraising dollars and their
retention of teams.

Based on our customer satisfaction research to date, some of our lowest scores are around
recognition of our teams and indivi
dual participants. Team Captains are not feeling recognized
or appreciated for their involvement and fundraising efforts. We know that one of the primary
drivers to customer satisfaction is recognition and the Team Fundraising Club program is
designed to r
ecognize and appreciate our teams year
round (kick
offs, team meetings, at the
event, and post

The Team Fundraising Club program should be used to create a sense of purpose and ensure
our events grow so we can continue to fight back against cancer.

The Team Fundraising Club
program is an integral part of the American Cancer Society’s community based marketing
efforts. Teams display their fundraising club signs in front of their homes, at work, and bring
them back to Relay every year as their teams’
fundraising efforts grow. Club level car window
clings and lapel pins are placed on vehicles or worn on clothing, as people self
brand to show
their pride and involvement in the world’s largest fundraising movement.

Team Fundraising Club Levels

Rising St






















What Team Club level qualifies for a Nationwide Team of
Excellence Award?

Teams reaching the Ruby level ($50,000) and above with an average of $3,333 per participant
will qualify for a Nationwide Team of Excellence Award.

Team Fundraising levels are recognized through Team Fundraising yard signs, lapel pins, an
car clings at Team Captain meetings, kick off, and on the day of Relay.


Camp Chair

Individual Incentive Program

The Nationwide Relay For Life Individual Fundraising Club program is designed to foster
a fundraising culture that provides incentive and m
otivation to our participants for their
fundraising efforts. The Individual Fundraising Club program should encourage
participants to reach their goals and to stretch to the next level. Relay For Life
participants can find information about the program on

The Individual Fundraising Club program will allow participants to set fundraising goals and
have something to strive for throughout the year. Historically events that implement
individual incentive programs see an increase in their fundr
aising dollars and their
retention of teams. This program also allows for participants to select items that
incentivize them to reach the next level while also allowing the participant to help make
Relay more visible in the community by showing their pride

in the item they strive to

Individual Fundraising Club Levels

Rising Star:
























Campus events start at the $175 or nickel level

Individuals achieving an individual fundraising club level will receive an individual
fundraising club electronic voucher via email post
event. Promoting the Individual
Fundraising Club progr
am throughout the year at the kick
off and team captain
meetings will allow participants to be knowledgeable about the items in the program.
Utilize the Individual Fundraising Club program flier to promote these incentive items
and direct participants to R
elayForLife.org for additional program information.



Bark For Life

Bark For Life was started in 2007, in Pottstown, PA by an ACS Volunteer who wanted a way to
recognize the other caregivers, dogs, since they couldn’t attend Relay’s.

New in FY13 coordinator kits for our Bark For Life coordinators to help them with the
organization of their Relay’s Bark For Life. The new Bark For Life coordinator kits will contain:




2 packs of 10 donation envelopes


1 luminaria form


25 customizable 11 X 17 posters


1 sheet of 16 BFL stickers


24 buckslips

size of a dollar bill, great to use as bill stuffers or put in bags at pet

Bark For Life is a feeder event and is help to grow your Relay’s income as well as a way to
h new members of the community and get them engaged with Relay For Life. A Bark For
Life can happen as an event fund
raiser (a member of the committee is responsible for the
planning, that is their role) or as a team fund
raiser (a team takes on the plann
ing. To insure
the growth of the program, be sure to open up fundraising opportunities to other teams to
do some onsite fundraising.

Onsite fundraising can be for the humans or the dogs

If your Relay teams are out their
raising, they get to count t
he funds towards their fundraising totals!!

Ask the group who has hosted a Bark For Life in their community? Ask them to share some

Interested in how to get a Bark For Life started, visit Managemyrelay.org and download the
Bark For Life guidebook.

Located in the Training
> 2012 Guidebooks
> Bark For Life



New premium ACS CAN item at the $20 level

The new premium item for ACS CAN memberships at the $20 level or higher is the
cutest thing ever

an adorable purple sneaker
keychain. Spread the HOPE one step at a

ACS CAN, the nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy affiliate of the American Cancer Society,
supports evidence
based policy and legislative solutions designed to eliminate cancer as a major
health problem. ACS CAN wo
rks to encourage elected officials and candidates to make cancer a
top national priority. ACS CAN gives ordinary people extraordinary power to fight cancer with
the training and tools they need to make their voices heard




to Recovery

Reach to Rec

is a program of the American Cancer Society which has been helping
patients with breast cancer cope with their diagnosis, treatment, and recovery since 1952, when
Terese Lasser began survivor
patient outreach and support.

When a woman first finds
out she has breast cancer she may feel overwhelmed, vulnerable and
alone. Not only has she received the diagnosis of breast cancer, but she must also face the huge
amount of information about treatment options and alternatives provided by physicians.

ing with a specially trained
Reach to Recovery

volunteer at this time can provide a measure
of comfort and an opportunity for emotional grounding and informed decision
making. This
volunteer can help a woman by giving her an opportunity to express her fee
lings, verbalize her
fears and concerns, and ask questions of someone who is impartial and objective. Most
importantly, the volunteer serves as a role model for someone who has not only survived breast
cancer, but has gone on to live a normal, productive

Reach to Recovery

works through carefully selected and trained volunteers who have fully
adjusted to their surgery. Visits may occur face to face, or via phone.
Reach to Recovery

volunteers are trained and equipped to provide support and up to dat
e information, including
literature for husbands, children, other loved ones, and friends. The volunteer can provide a
temporary breast form, and information on types of permanent prostheses, when appropriate,
and lists of where they are available locally
. No products are endorsed.

Originally, the program provided volunteer visitors for women with mastectomies during their
hospital stay. Reach to Recovery volunteers are now trained to support people facing a possible
diagnosis of breast cancer, as well a
s people recently diagnosed, those interested in or who

have undergone lumpectomy, those considering breast reconstruction, and those who are
undergoing or who have completed chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

"Reach" volunteers are breast cancer
survivors who must be adjusted and emotionally stable.
They should exhibit warmth, courtesy, tact and consideration and maintain confidentiality. All
volunteers complete an initial training and participate in ongoing continuing education sessions.



Lodging program

The American Cancer Society Las Vegas Patient Lodging Program is designed for cancer patients who
travel over 50 miles for treatment, do not have friends or relatives to stay with in the area, and for whom
a hotel stay would cause financia
l hardship.

A person can be doing well financially one day, be diagnosed with cancer and the next day their entire
financial picture changes. This well
designed program has an excellent track record across the country.

Participating hotels provide complimentary rooms on a
available basis
. There is

for hotels to fulfill a request if they are not able to do so.

review the guidelines and
sign a waiver.

All reservations are made through the Am
erican Cancer Society Patient Services Center.

do not contact the hotel directly. A designated hotel staff partner is assigned.

As outpatient treatments are typically scheduled Tuesday
Friday, nights of lodging may only be
requested for Monday, Tu
esday, Wednesday or Thursday nights.

Requests for complimentary rooms are made to participating hotels on a rotating basis.


Make Up

Look good feel better

Look Good…Feel Better (LGFB)
is a free, national public service program that teaches female cancer
patients how to cope with appearance
related side effects of treatments.

The program helps to restore their appearance and morale through the use of make
up, wigs, scarves and
other acc
essories. In addition, LGFB classes teach women how to properly care for their skin and nails
while minimizing the negative effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Sessions are taught by licensed cosmetologists and estheticians who have undergone detailed
standardized training in every aspect of the program.

The Guiding Principles:

Everyone involved in Look Good…Feel Better must adhere to three guiding
principles of the program. Beauty professionals who are certified as LGFB cosmetology volunteers must
ign a form agreeing to adhere to these principles.

, and does not interfere with a person’s medical treatment or
replace professional medical advice in any way.

LGFB is completely
free of charge
. Every patient is entitled to one compli
demonstration. Volunteer cosmetologists are certified (trained) and participate
completely free of charge.


and salon

. No brands, products, or salons are endorsed by
any other volunteer at any time during a patient sessio
n, even if the cosmetologist is an
employee of a cosmetic company or salon.

Closing thoughts and questions

5 minutes


Assessment Debrief



Have everyone quickly
look at any notes they might have taken

on their game board.

Depending on how much time you have left ask everyone or one person at each table to
share something the learned.

Ask if there are any questions on the new concepts.


Most of all, we want to thank
all of

Also, congratulate the

winning team with some extra


You make a difference for your Relay and in the fight against cancer. Thank you for being
here today and for all the work you have done and will do for your Relay For Life event.
The Society could not do what we do wi
thout you!

Print Game Cards on card stock if possible. Have them cut and ready for the

Print hand out one for every participant for every session