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Surface Tension

Surface tension is the force of which an object that is denser than a liquid can stay on
the liquid. For instance a water bug can stay on a liquid without sinking. And a water bug is
definitely denser than water, denser means to be more compact, in other w
ords solids are
denser than liquids.

Surface tension is caused by the attractions between the molecules of the beverage or liquid. A
molecule is a group of two or more atoms. In the bulk of the liquid each molecule pulled equally
in each direction by
neighboring molecules, resulting in a net force of zero. At the surface of the
liquid, the molecules are pulled inwards by other molecules deeper inside the liquid.

Different liquids have different surface tension, because lots of liquids are denser t
han water.
For example, honey is more dense than water when you add honey to water the water goes on
top of the honey, that’s because honey is denser than water. Lots of things do the same thing as
that example.

Surface tension plays a part in every bo
dy's lives, we see it every day, it’s all around us,
if you like using a rubber duck in the bath that is surface tension, the duck floats it does not sink.
Another thing that you see allot are boats, without surface tension the boat would sink. One
more th
ing that Matt and I figured out is that when a funnel cake at fairs are fried they float in the
fryer instead of sinking, and man that funnel cake was good!

Water bugs have the power to walk on water without sinking and this is how they do it, first of

water bugs are very light and small, they also have the power to spread out their arms and legs
on the surface of the water, when they spread their arms and legs they get a force in which they
can stay on the water without sinking.

Can you get a


Other Examples of Surface Tension:

Paper Clip On Top Of Cup of Water



cool picture of someone putting their hand close to a small waterfall. The water had
attached itself to the hand, and was still part of the swiftly
pouring stream.

←←← Look underneath the hand. Isn’t that

Surface Tension really helps in t
he lives of people. It let explorers explore, scientists think and
find, and inventors to invent. Water is not the only thing that has surface tension. Think, if all the
oceans were honey, would we be able to
walk across? Maybe.

Honey’s surface tension is
greater than water’s, but I still don’t believe that we would be able to. Wet, just poured concrete.
If that was what oceans were, I’d bet you twenty bucks that you could walk across the Gulf of
Mexico in a month or two.

magine if this was what
ans were.