Do Effective Android Application Development

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Do Effective Android Application Development
Written by TechMaker
Wednesday, 27 June 2012 13:58

In order to beat Apple Google has introduce Android with the help of Handset Alliance and
capture nearly 50% market share of smartphones. Google's Android is unique as it is
opensource, free from license fees and other charges as well as lots of restrictions like you met
with App store in case of iPhone. Its source code is available so anyone can do modifications
and contributes in Android application development. Moreover there are no restrictions found in
terms of hardware monopoly so you can found various kinds of options for hardware of Android
Despite all these positive things Android has some limitations too and in this article we will
discuss it in details. First limitation is that Android phones are small devices in compare to
laptop or desktop so they cannot beat them in terms of computing speed, memory and power. It
has small processor and short memory as well as short battery life so their performance is
restricted up to an extent. You need to optimize the performance of your Android application
development by avoiding the unnecessary things involved in application. Do compact coding,
use graphically optimized images and use limited texts in your application.
Another thing is that you create meaningful things in your application and don't do for sake of
just creating the application. If you create useful application then you will find many takers of it
otherwise you will be lost in dark. Try to avoid floating method as it consumes two times more
space than integer method.  For Android it is better use virtual method call in class rather than
use in public call. If possible avoid the usage of virtual method at all in C or C++. The best
option is that use getter and setter method rather than directly accessing the field to use as this
will impose the restrictions on application accessibility.
Reduce the layout complexities by making it simpler so it will lead your application towards
success. Try to develop an index for your database in order to optimize queries for your
application. Always use precompiled SQL statement or careers that are often used. Always try
native methods whenever they are needed. Test it frequently so you can trace the bug if any left
during Android application development this will make your application bug free and will make
your impression positive in the minds of your customers.
In short, there are many things to consider during Android application development and make it
effective and useful for its end users.

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