Rockwell Automation - BEST in FRANCE


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Rockwell Automation

Best in France Case Study


Mr. Sandeep, Mr.Ravi, Ms. Font,Mr.Alias and
Mr. Buet

Executive Overview

The Rockwell Company

Rockwell Products

Company's clients


Reasons for Investing

Constraints in France

Adaptation to France

Key Constraint Costs

Key Benefits

Essential Advice

Rockwell Automation

Came to France in 1984

Head quarters in Bruxels for the EMEA (Europe,
Middle East, Africa)


Sales and Consulting

Industrial automation power, control and
information solutions

Key figures (2003)

World Sales

$4.1 Billion

Sales in France

$ 711 Million


$ 1,352 Million

Company products

Leading product lines

Allen Bradley, Reliance Electric, Dodge and
Rockwell software

Fabrication units

Brussels,Holland and other European countries,
except in France

No plans for any further expansion in France

Company's clients


All industries

Michelin in Europe


Schneider and Siemens


High Quality Products,

Competitive Adv

Industrial solutions


Important market for growth about 20 years ago


Reasons for Investing

European Market

Growth Opportunities, Product lines which could
be attractive

Countries Considered

Belgium, Netherlands and Germany

Why France ?

Concentration of Potential clients

US market is saturated

Good sales and Technical assistance

Company values

Values which were different

No of working hours

35 hr /week

Union laws

simple and contractual in US

US companies are primarily driven by profit motive

Steps taken

Tried to adopt the French values rather than
changing them

Hired french employees

Constraints in France

Poor economic growth

Negative Profits margins

Culture Difference

Rigid labor unions

Rigid social laws

Less working hours as compared to US

More free days than Americans

Translating english documents in french

Adaptation to France

Adaptations made by the company

French employees in Franc


Union is voted in the firm

Followed the French working hours


Training to sales men in French/English

Very few expatriates

Key Constraint Costs

Key Constraint Costs

Hiring workforce who can speak in French

Hiring French executives to guide in the
setup process

Communication constraints

Belgium and Germany scored over France
in the communication aspects

Key Benefits

The key benefits of being in France

One of the largest global markets

Emergence of new technologies and industry

Creative and hardworking labor force

Potential to expand business

Main reason for Rockwell to invest in France

Essential Advice

Should take help from ministers of foreign
affairs, from chamber of commerce about
fiscal advantages

Should take the help of few French personnel
to introduce to the French culture and habits.

Depends on your objectives

We Thank

Pierre de Voisins

Human Resources Manger

01 30 67 72 35

36, av de l’Europe

Michael Segalla

Professor in HEC



Annual reports

Our Team

Nanduri Sandeep, E013, HEC

Ravi Sagar, E013, HEC

Candice Font, C203, HEC

Clement Buet, K38, HEC

Arnaud Alias, D89, HEC