Automation and NARFE


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Automation and NARFE

How computers can make your
NARFE work easier

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Contact Form

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Question and Answer Period on
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What Will Be Covered

Quick Internet Overview

Internet Components

World Wide Web

Your Browser Settings

Folder Options/File Types

Using forms on

FLNet Issues

What is the Internet?

It is a communications protocol
invented to permit information to
be transmitted to its destination
even if there were a nuclear
attack on the United States.

It was a top secret defense

It is so robust, that it has taken
over most networking.

The Internet Is Naked!

Because the Internet’s origins
as a top secret project, there
was no security built into it.

You need to have a good anti
virus suite loaded and current.

If on a high speed connection,
you must use a firewall.

You must be careful with email


Below is an actual example:

PayPal’s Comments

Dear William H. Leatham,

Thank you for contacting PayPal. We appreciate you bringing this
suspicious email to our attention.

Commonly referred to as phishing, these emails are sent by fraudsters in
an attempt to collect sensitive personal or financial information from the
recipients. PayPal takes phishing threats seriously. Our fraud prevention
specialists are working 24/7 to help protect you and enable the community
to stay safe.

After review, we can confirm that the email you received was not sent by
PayPal. Any website which may be linked to this email is not authorized or
used by PayPal.

Our fraud prevention team is working to disable any website linked to this
email. In the meantime, please do not enter any information into this
website. If you have already done so, you should immediately log into your
PayPal account and change your password, as well as your security
questions and answers. We also recommend that you contact your bank
and credit card company immediately.

Internet Components

DNS (Domain Name Svc.)

World Wide Web (http)

File Transfer Protocol (ftp)

Email (smtp


Newsgroups (uucp/nntp)

What they are:

DNS is like a phone book.

The World Wide Web is what
you see through your web

Email is email.

Newsgroups are a rich resource,
far more valuable to many than
the WWW.

World Wide Web & NARFE

It’s all about HyperText!!!

HyperText (WWW)

HyperText is where a link
embedded in the text takes your
browser to another page or

This link may display another
web page or call up another
program on your computer to
manage it (
if your file types are

Browser Options

Your browser automatically is
set to cache (keep copies of)
where you browse.

What you see is likely on your
hard drive, not the Web.

You need to have your browser
check for new info automatically.

And, it doesn’t hurt to refresh
the page.

Two Helpful Tips

The first one is how to set your
browser to check for new pages
important with a site like ours
where updates are frequent.

The other is how to fix problems
when a click on a link to a
common file type fails.

Both, and more, are on our
website, under Tech Tips.

Browser settings

Click on Tools / General Tab/ Temporary Internet Files/ Settings

to set your browser to check for new info on each visit. .

If your file type is not registered,
the application will not load

Here you see that the .doc (Word file type) is set correctly.

File Types

Set through Folder Options

FLNet / GEMS Issues

If you decide to use Earthlink’s
SpamBlocker or Qurb, you will need to do
a lot of work or lose access to GEMS and
FLNet, plus all your other newsletters, etc.
You will also lose order confirmation
emails, tracking info, etc

I do NOT recommend AOL/Netscape nor
Earthlink/People PC, as their services can
pose problems, especially as to emails.

9.0 Graphics can “blow out”
an older PC’s memory. Don’t upgrade
unless you have a modern system with 64
meg of graphics memory.

Get a

account with for bulletins

Get a free Yahoo account for
NARFE bulletins, etc.. Be careful to
note your password and save it.
Don’t lose it.

Don’t have to change email
addresses if you change

Then let me know by sending an
email to

your old address.

Safer than regular email and you can
access from it anywhere.

Any Questions before we go
on to a live demo?

How To’s are available on our

In addition, you can talk to me
during breaks, etc., about more
involved questions.


Now for our Hands On Live

You, not I will use the our
website for real time use of our

Steve Shoub has volunteered to