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building the
donor list July 2006
Introduction by Dr Tidu Maini, Pro Rector for Development
and Corporate Affairs
02 Annual Fund news
04 Legacy news
05 Major projects and endowments
06 Imperial College Annual Fund
11 Imperial College Foundation Inc
12 Other gifts to Imperial College
13 Donation for Imperial College Union_a gift to help the
Union redevelopment
14 Fuel cell pioneer remembered_new Chair in memory of
Professor Brian Steele
15 A new space for learning_Imperial’s plans for the
Central Library
15 Rolls-Royce engineering scholarship_a new
undergraduate scholarship
16 Wolfson Education Centre_facilities fit for tomorrow’s
doctors at the Hammersmith Campus
17 A new Centre for Capital Market Dysfunctionality_funding
research into financial market inefficiency
building the connection is produced by the Office of Alumni and Development, Imperial College London
Design Jeff Eden
Print Prolitho
Imperial College London has charitable status for all UK tax purposes (Inland Revenue reference X2361)
and is exempt under section 505 of the Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988
building the
Office of Alumni and Development
Imperial College London
Level 2 Faculty Building
South Kensington Campus
London SW7 2AZ
Welcome to the sixth edition of building the
connection, which recognises and celebrates the
commitment and generosity of our alumni and friends
in their support of Imperial College London.
I am pleased to say that we have again found it necessary to increase the number of
pages of our publication, not only because the number of donors to the College has
increased since this time last year, but also because we have more stories than ever to
tell you about our donors and our fundraising projects.
As we prepare for our Centenary next year, increasing philanthropic support for Imperial
is in all of our thoughts. Alumni and friends who are already donors to the College provide
us with an invaluable platform from which we can state our philanthropic case. An
institution that can show that the individuals who once studied there care enough about
current and future generations of students to provide charitable support, is an institution
that can make a powerful case to others who do not yet support us in this way.
On page 2, you can read about this year’s Annual Fund appeal, through which more
alumni than ever have made gifts over the past 12 months. We have recently grown the
fund to include priority projects for the Centenary; the Union and the Central Library.
These are vital facilities valued by our students today as they were when you studied here
and you can read more about these projects on pages 13 and 15, along with news about
important initial gifts that these projects have recently received.
The late fuel cell pioneer Professor Brian Steele MBE will be remembered by many of
you who studied in the Department of Materials. Through the generosity of Professor
Steele’s family, his memory at Imperial lives on in the form of the B. C. H. Steele Chair in
Energy Materials. You can read more about the new Chair and Professor Steele’s vast
contribution to the College on page 14.
The main purpose of this publication is to recognise our supporters and on pages 5-12,
we do this. I, along with all at Imperial College, thank each of you for your invaluable support.
Pro Rector, Development and Corporate Affairs
An Annual Fund update
Each year for the last three years, the Office of Alumni and Development
has run two eight-week long telethons, contacting alumni by letter and
telephone to raise money for the Student Opportunities Fund. Many of
you will have already been contacted by a student caller.
We are delighted that this year’s activity has raised
more than ever before. Imperial alumni have
demonstrated an overwhelming level of support and
over £130,000 has been received in gifts which will
go straight to supporting the fund. Over 300 previous
donors have been encouraged enough to make
further donations and more than 500 new donors
have supported students at the College this year.
The Student Opportunities Fund is a College-wide
scholarship fund providing support for those
students who need it most, many of whom would
not have been able to consider taking up their place
at Imperial College without the scholarship. Over the
last three years the fund has supported 24
undergraduate and postgraduate students studying
a wide variety of subjects. From the 2006-07
academic year even more undergraduate
scholarships will be offered, in order to attract
increasing numbers of talented applicants.
This is just one of the ways in which former
students of the College can directly help current and
future students. As part of the College’s Centenary
year, the Annual Fund is changing to support a wider
range of projects, which will meet the current needs
of the College. Alumni will be asked to consider
making a gift to either student scholarships, the
library or the Imperial College Union redevelopment.
These projects are vital to the lives of students at the
College today, and cannot be achieved without the
continuing support of former students. The Annual
Fund will continue to grow as the vehicle for alumni
giving, bringing immediate funds directly to Imperial
to be distributed where they are most needed.
If you have not yet made a donation to the Annual
Fund, please consider doing so in the Centenary year.
All donations from alumni and staff are extremely
important to the College and it is encouraging to see
the level of support increase each year. With your
help Imperial can remain at the forefront of dynamic
teaching and research, the impact of which continues
to be felt around the world.
Passionate about science and how it is communicated,
Student Opportunities Fund scholar Elizabeth Connor
attained a BSc in Physics in her native New Zealand
and took a job reporting science stories from within
New Zealand’s academic community. Inspired to
enhance her ability to communicate science to the
public, Elizabeth applied to the Student Opportunities
Fund scholarship scheme at Imperial College so that
she could study for an MSc in Science Communication
– a course unavailable anywhere in Australasia or
at many other UK institutions.
Funding the course independently
was not an option, so receiving a
scholarship was an immense relief.
Competition for the awards is
tough and Elizabeth received
notification that she had been
successful just 10 days before
term started.
Elizabeth was delighted to be
offered the scholarship, she said:
“I’d really set my heart on the
course and decided I’d do anything
to find a way to come. When I found out that I’d
won the scholarship I couldn’t believe it!”
The first in her family to study at a postgraduate
level, Elizabeth has excelled on the course and
enjoys its multidisciplinary nature. She helps
present a weekly science programme on Imperial
College radio, hopes to gain work experience at
BBC Radio 4 and to eventually go on to work in
radio broadcasting.
Of her course, Elizabeth said: “It’s a fantastic
course dealing with both the practical as well
as the conceptual. I’m impressed by the
lecturers and love being in London.”
Without the scholarship
Elizabeth acknowledges that she
would not be studying Science
Communication and she certainly
wouldn’t be in London. Donations
to the Student Opportunities
Fund have changed Elizabeth’s
prospects and succeeded in
attracting another world-class
student to study at Imperial.
Creating opportunities
Student Opportunities Fund scholar, Elizabeth Connor,
on her year at Imperial
Bruce Gilchrist’s challenge to US alumni
Each autumn, the Imperial College Foundation makes an appeal to Imperial alumni in the US.
This year’s appeal will include a challenge from alumnus, Dr Bruce Gilchrist (Mathematics
1950, PhD Meteorology 1952), a long-standing supporter of the Foundation. In 2005
Dr Gilchrist made a gift of $50,000 towards the Institute for Mathematical Sciences. He has
generously offered to make a further gift of $25,000 in 2006 and, if US alumni can this year
increase their level of support from the 2005 annual appeal, he will increase his gift again.
Dr Gilchrist’s challenge is for previous donors to increase their gift this year, or for new
donors to make their first ever gift in the build-up to the College’s Centenary in 2007.
In return, he will match, dollar for dollar, all funds raised above last year’s total, up to a
maximum of $25,000. This year the Foundation’s appeal will focus on raising funds for the
College’s Annual Fund priority projects: the Student Opportunities Fund, and the Central
Library and Union Building redevelopments.
Legacy funds
geology bursaries
Dr Diana Loranger
completed her PhD entitled
Micropalaeontology of
the Middle and Upper
Devonian in North Eastern
Alberta, Canada in 1963.
Following graduation she
worked for Imperial Oil,
and within a few years,
she rose to a senior
supervisory position.
During her
distinguished career she
pioneered new techniques
to locate oil deposits,
and her expertise in geology and palaeontology were
in demand worldwide.
Diana was an athletic, independent and adventurous
woman. She flew her own plane to various job sites
and fixed her own cars. As one of the first women to
work in the oil industry, she continually and
successfully proved her considerable determination
and knowledge to her co-workers.
In keeping with her kind and generous nature
Diana Loranger expressed her desire, through her
Will, to fund bursaries for PhD scholars to complete
their studies within the Department of Geology at
Imperial College.
Legacy lunch
The Rector, Sir Richard Sykes, hosted the first
Imperial College Legacy Lunch at 170 Queen’s Gate
on Wednesday 10 May 2006. Alumni and friends
from all corners of the College were invited, with over
50 people attending on the day! The atmosphere was
immediately relaxed, with guests soon exchanging
memories of their time at the College.
Before lunch, Sir Richard talked about the history
of benefaction at the College and Imperial’s future in
the run-up to the College’s Centenary year in 2007.
He thanked guests for supporting the College
through either the Student Opportunities Fund, or
by informing us that Imperial is included in their Will.
Guest speaker Sam Macdonald, of solicitors Farrer
and Co, then gave a presentation explaining the
legal aspects of Will making and legacies.
Following lunch, guests were served coffee in the
sun-drenched Solar Room whilst being entertained
by chemistry undergraduate Alison Coyle’s
wonderful piano recital.
Fund donation
Richard Mossip graduated from
Imperial College with a BSc in
Electrical Engineering in 1965,
after three happy and
memorable years. The year prior to beginning his
studies at the College, Richard met his wife-to-be,
Caroline Burt, who he went on to marry immediately
after graduation. Richard and Caroline shared many
happy occasions at Imperial College, such as an Alice in
Wonderland fancy dress ball, which they attended
dressed as the King and Queen of Hearts.
After working for the Semiconductor Division at
Marconi, Richard emigrated to the United States, where
he founded his own electronics company, and later
became a College Professor. Prior to Richard’s death
in 2005, he had written his Will to ensure that students
at Imperial College would benefit. A generous sum
of $20,000 has been allocated to the Student
Opportunities Fund, enabling Richard’s wish to
‘exclusively fund scholarships’ to be honoured.
Supporters of major projects
Anglo Platinum Ltd
BP International
British Heart Foundation
Mr David A Dangoor (Physics)
The Helen Hamlyn Trust
Imperial College Trust*
The Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology Trust
The David and Elaine Potter Charitable
QinetiQ Group plc
RGIT Montrose Ltd
Rio Tinto
Mr Simon M Robertson
The Royal Society
St Mary’s Development Trust
Mrs Ruth Steele
The Wellcome Trust
The Wolfson Foundation
Professor Winston W Wong (Physics)
Dr Paul Woolley
Supporters through endowed funds
The Lees Charitable Foundation Ltd
The Lisbet Rausing Trust
Amerada Hess Ltd
The Beit Trust
Sir John Cass’s Foundation
Chevron Texaco Corportion
Conoco (UK) Limited
Coral Samuel Charitable Trust
Dr Michael C J Cowpland (Mechanical Engineering)
Dr Nicholas Fern (Mineral Technology)
Dr Bruce Gilchrist (Mathematics)
Golder Associates (UK) Ltd
Goldman Sachs
The Health Foundation
Hewlett Packard
HydroVenturi Ltd
IBM UK Trust
Imperial College Foundation
Kwoks’ Foundation Ltd
The Enid Linder Foundation
Lloyds Register EMEA
The Estate of Dr Diana M L Loranger (Geology)
Mizuho Financial
The Donal Morphy Charitable Trust
Mott Macdonald
Norsk Hydro ASA
The P F Charitable Trust
Petroliam Nasional Berhad
Rees Jeffreys’ Road Fund
Royal Bank Of Scotland Plc
Society of Petroleum Engineers
Steel Construction Institute
The Sutton Trust
Total E and P Uk Plc
Mr Jonathan Tyler (Chemistry)
United Way International
Van Heyningen Trust
Wintershall A G
Imperial College London would like to offer thanks to all
donors who have given generously from 11 June 2005 to
21 July 2006. Your kind gifts ensure that Imperial remains
a great university and a place that you can feel proud to
be associated with.
Your generosity is already making a difference by enabling a variety of new
capital and research projects, scholarship programmes, prizes and
academic Chairs. Thank you!
* We would like to thank all alumni who have made donations to the Imperial College Trust
Gifts of £1,000
and above
Imperial College Foundation
The Moss and Joy Spiro
Charitable Foundation
Mr Geoffrey Oatley
B Stossel Ltd
Sir Richard Sykes
Mrs Angela Wainwright
Mr Trevor D Spiro BScEng ACGI
Dr Jonathan S Swire
Chemical Engineering
Mr John A Liles
Mr John B Rutter MIChemE
Dr George A P Tuey
Dr Hans Villiger
Civil and Environmental
Mr Norman J Martel
Dr Gillian A F Hill
Electrical and Electronic
Mr Robert Collinge
The Estate of Richard H Mossip
Mr Selim Toker
Mr Roy L White
Charing Cross Hospital
Medical School
Surgeon Captain Douglas C
St Mary’s Hospital Medical
Dr Clifford A Stossel MBBS FRCS
Dr Leslie W Phipps
Mr Niels W Rakhorst
Plus four anonymous donors
Gifts of £500-£999
Professor Julia King CBE FREng
Mrs Fiona Kirk
Mr Vincent E F Eyre
Ms Dana C Kinder
Chemical Engineering
Dr John E G Mace
Mr Brian D Steel
Mr Stephen A Bleazard
Mrs Karen P Little
Dr Andrew J McMahon
The Estate of Mr Bernard T B
Civil and Environmental
Mr Lap Y Cheung
Mr Bernard Lamarre Eng OC QC
Mr Harry Morton Neal CBE FIC
Mr Michael G Plant
Mr Brian Sposito
Mr Anthony J Threlfall
Mr William J Watters
Mr Kevin D Rigotti
Electrical and Electronic
Mr Shou-Lum Chen FIC
Mr Eik S Kwek
Mr John R Pickering
Mr David L Lowe
Mr John Kevin Mountain
Mechanical Engineering
Mr Mohammed Ahmad
Mr Christopher Evans
Mr Peter J Swash
Mr Richard J Walmsley
Imperial College School of
Mr Timothy J Brown
St Mary’s Hospital Medical
Emeritus Professor Sean P F
Dr Charles G Wood MBBS
Mining Engineering
Mr Gilbert W W Thomas
Dr David K Jackson
Mr John W Little
Miss Emma L Powell
Mr Christopher J M Rose
Mr Peter M Simmons
Mr Brian G Smale CEng
Mr Roger C Thornton
Tanaka Business School
Ms Diana M Scarrott
Professor Elizabeth U Canning
Plus three anonymous donors
Gifts of £250-£499
Mr Ron A Dimant
Mr John Prestage
Professor John L Stollery CBE
Dr Vladimir M Trbojevic
Agricultural Sciences
Mr Steve S Lee
Mr Robert W A Pinchen
Chemical Engineering
Dr Stuart W Aaron MBE
Mr James D Briggs CEng
Mr Rodney Brown
Mr Edward J Challis
Dr Keith W Hanson
Mr Denis E P Hayward
Mr George Misseyannis
Mr Andrew I Randle
Mr John K Taylor AMIChemE
Mr Romin V Tehrani
Mr John W Valentine
Mr Stuart R Wheaton
Dr Murray F Clarke
Dr Madoka Nelson
Dr Janice Pearce
Dr Peter R Reucroft
Mr Grahame R Smith
Dr Kenneth Thomas
Mr John E Wardill
Dr Maxwell J Weeks
Mr Christopher J Welfare
Civil and Environmental
Mr W Ian Liddell
Mr John A Melling
Mr Stephen Revess
Mr Roderick D Rhys Jones
Mr Spyros C Spyrou
Mr Georgios A Trantas
Mr John C D Weir
Professor Ploutarchos
Imperial College Annual Fund
Imperial College London thanks the following alumni and friends who have given generously
to the Imperial College Annual Fund between 11 June 2005 and 18 July 2006. Over this period,
the Annual Fund has raised money for the Student Opportunities Fund, and the Central
Library and Imperial College Union redevelopments. Your generosity is already making a
real difference to the lives of students at Imperial today. Thank you!
Mr Sarn Grewal
Mr Paul T Makin
Mr Kevin J Walters
Mr Khaled M S Zaki
Electrical and Electronic
Mr Gordon S Dear
Mr Steven H Glenn
Mr Adrian D Jeakings FCMA
Mr Ranjit B Naik
Mr John Plumbley
Mr Herbert G Riddlestone
Mr John G Sheldon
Mr David R D Taylor
Mr David G Vint CEng MIEE
Dr Graham J Birch
Mr Andreas P Markou
Mr David J Bishop
Dr John A Catterall OBE FIM
CEng CPhys
Dr Matthew C Lewis
Mr Duncan C Moore
Mr Duncan M Reid
Dr Thaer Z Sabri
Dr Geoffrey M Scamans
Mr Alexander P Bermingham
Mr Alastair I Blyth
Mr Paolo Rebora
Mr Sumant K Sharma
Mr Michael H Tripp
Dr David J White
Mechanical Engineering
Mr Stephen P May
Mr James H Mckerrow
Mr John G Simpson
Mr John W Whybrow
Dr Jonathan J E Williams
Mr Andrew F W Wrench
Charing Cross Hospital Medical
Dr John C Nicholls MBBS MRCS
Dr Peter D Smith
Dr Peter R W Tasker MBBS
Dr Charles E M Unter
Dr Oliver J C Wethered
Imperial College School of
Dr Emerald D Moore
St Mary’s Hospital Medical
Dr Hugh F O’Donnell MBBS
Dr Robert L Leyshon MBBS
Dr John Miller BSc MBBS
Dr David N L Moon MBBS
Dr Roger G Pinnock MBBS
Dr C P W Willcox MB BChir
Westminster Medical School
Dr Malcolm W Arthurton MD
Dr Jean E Clark MBBS DObst
Dr Peter B Iles MRCS LRCP DM
Dr Neville Stotesbury MRCS
Dr Neil F Weir FRCS
Mining Engineering
Mr Edward L Wardrop
Mining Geology
Dr Geoffrey A King
Dr Arthur W Smith
Mr Edward S Awty
Dr David S Bunbury
Mr David Marshall
Dr David G C Pollard
Mr John S Read
Mr Elmar Reichmann
Mr Wolfgang D Reik
Reverend Richard J Roby BSc
Dr J Gordon Sellers
Mr Andrew G Stalker
Dr Geoffrey Stephenson
Dr John Sunderland
Miss Susanne L Watkins
Tanaka Business School
Mr Christos Papaellinas
Mr Adamantios Tomazos
Dr Anne Roby
Plus 14 anonymous donors
Mrs Margery Barwise (in
memory of Mr Christopher
H Barwise)
Mrs Heather N Campbell
Lord Chorley
Mr Alan Curtis (in memory of Dr
Margaret Curtis)
Ms Agnes D’Souza
Ms Rosalind S Griffin
Imperial College Womens’ Club
Mr Nicholas E Pearson
Mrs Iris L M Walker
Dr James C Bathurst
Mr Malcolm J Bennett
Mr James C A Campbell
Mr Martin K Y Chan
Dr Melvyn E Davies
Professor John A Edwards
Mr Michael C Edwards
Mr Michael A Green
Dr Ian W Mackenzie
Mr Francis B Mattos
Mr Robert W H Minchin
Dr Shyam Singh
Mr Keith W Smith DIC FRAeS
Mr Peter H Swift
Mr Roger I Sykes
Mr Alexander Tamdjidi
Mr Michael A W Tetzlaff
Dr Peter Ward
Agricultural Sciences
Miss Maria Ball
Mr Steven C B Bullock
Mr Tapan Bhattacharyya
Mr Wang N Cheng
Dr Katherine M Cook
Dr Andrew I Heusch
Dr Satyamoorthy Kabilan PhD
Professor John MacDermot
Dr Ann Mills-Duggan
Mr Sabbir Muslim
Mrs Alexandra H Rock
Dr Simon D Roe
Mr James A Taylor
Dr Helen Pappa FIEE MIMechE
Miss Caroline B Hands
Mr Martin J B Kettle
Mrs Gail Kotadia
Dr Nicholas I Morton
Mr Patrick M S Rennie
Mr Paul L Rodgers
Ms Kathryn M Smith
Dr Russell Stothard
Mr James D C Walker
Mr Adam Ward
Dr Francis Mendes
Dr Reginald J Orsler
Dr Margaret J Pleasance
Mrs Janet S Rennie
Ms Myra N Waiman
Centre for Analytical Research
in the Environment
Mrs Susan K L Newton
Dr Harald Struwe
Miss Victoria C Titchener
Centre for Composite Materials
Mr Gregory Porcer
Miss Judith A Roether
Centre for Robotics and
Automated Systems
Mr Jonathan A Peterman
Centre for the History of
Science, Technology and
Mr Joseph A Keating
Dr Denis P Smith PhD MSc DIC
Chemical Engineering
Dr Jamie A Barber
Mrs Kim O Beach
Mr Simon P Beresford
Professor Martin Braithwaite
Mr Arthur A Briscoe
Miss Akuezue U Chidi-Ofong
Eur Ing Thomas J Gilbert CEng
Dr Angela J Gunning
Mr Mark E Harrison
Mr R Mark Harrison
Mr David A Heath
Mr Ian P Husbands
Mr David A Jolly
Mr Lawrence J Julius
Mr Mohamed H Kamuss
Mr John T Lavin
Dr Tara Lindstedt
Mr Michael W Lynham
Mr Andrew C H Mafeld
Mr Christopher J Marchant
Dr William E Mason
Dr Stephen G Masters
Miss Karen M Mcguigan
Mr Anthony J Moulder
Dr David E Oakley
Mr Steven L Palmer
Mr Amit S Patel
Mr Timothy Pau
Mr Richard D Pescott
Mr Michael J Reed
Dr Jose J Romao De Sousa
Mr Edward J Saldanha
Dr Michael J R Schwar
Professor Victor D Scott
Gifts of £250-£499
Gifts up to and including £249
Mr Saurabh N Shah
Mr John E Shard BSc DIC
Dr Andrew J Skudder
Mr Roger H Smith
Mr Michael J Spencer
Mr Frederick W Spriggs
Miss Aimee L Steel
Mr John W Stevens
Mr Robert Sussmeyer
Mr Andreas L Talias
Mr Steve Hok Leung Tam
Mr Peter W Thomas
Mr Richard Turner
Mr Ian M Waite
Mrs Jane A Warner
Mr David A Webb
Mr H Christopher S Webb
Dr David J Wilbraham
Miss Dawn G Williamson
Dr William S Affleck
Dr Stephen V Attwood
Mr Gavin R Beatty
Mr Milan Bhattacharyya
Dr N Michael Brooke
Mr Nelson J Broughton
Dr James A Burgess
Mr R W Clarkson Webb
Dr John B Davis
Dr A Robert Graham BSc PhD
Dr Oscar Heuberger
Dr Christopher P Jones
Mr Geoffrey A May
Dr Andrew T Merritt
Dr Leslie W C Miles
Mrs Elizabeth A Morton
Dr David Neuhaus
Mr James D O’Shea
Dr Anthony C O’Sullivan
Dr Norman D Parkyns
Dr Chetan K Parmar
Dr Andrew G Peto
Dr Stephen D Pickett
Dr Guy R Pooley
Dr Paul V K Porgess
Dr Alan S Porter CChem FRSC
Dr Maria E Raimondi
Professor Ian D Rattee
Dr Gerald G Rose
Mr John T Rundell
Mrs Joyce A Russell
Mr Stuart E Sexton
Dr David B Sheen
Dr Hiten Sheth
Dr Phillip T Siddons
Dr John A Silk
Mr Chad A Tatum
Dr William Templeton
Dr David T Thompson
Mr Roger L Tyler
Mr Gerald E Usher
Dr Barry D Utting
Dr W Richard Waterfield
Dr Gordon G Weingarten
Mr Anthony J Wilkinson
Dr David A Young
Dr Aleksandra Z Zakrzewska
Civil and Environmental
Mr Paul W Bradley
Dr David T Chapman
Mr Siong Keng Chow
Mr Ramzi H Ferahian BScEng
Mr Martin H Flash
Mr Chester H Ho
Mr Kwok-Sum Ho
Mr James R Macleod
Mr Alexios Magkriotis
Mr Apostolos Makriyannis
Mr Anargyros Mamais MSc MBA
Mr Clifford B Matthias
Mr John G McMorrow
Mr Anthony M Millership
Mr John K Mills BSc CEng
Mr Stefano Mosconi
Mr Frederick H Needham
Mr Tony Neill
Ms Maire C Ni Chionna
Mr Ivan K Nixon
Mr Edwin K Owen
Mr Michael Pachakis
Mr Adam L Pellew
Mr Richard C Pemberton
Mr Nicholas J Price
Mr Christos Rallis
Mr Norman Reed
Miss Sana Rifai
Mr Arthur D Rigby
Mr John M F Rogers
Mr Gianni Rossato
Mr Allan R Rutherford
Mr John G Sanderson
Mr Robert H Saxton
Mr Michael Schiller
Mr Michael J Seston
Mr Simon M Shapiro
Dr Navilkumar Shetty PhD DIC
Mr David C Shohet
Mr Dominic R Simpson
Mr Robert D Singleton MICE FIHT
Mr Colin B Smith CEng
Mr Harry Smith
Mr Martin Smith FICE MIStructE
Ms Louise J Smith-Dasar
Mr Mike I M Sowden
Mr James K Steer
Dr Johannes D Stigter
Dr Mu K Surendranath
Mr Nicholas G Swannell
Mr David M Traherne
Mr Panagiotis Tsailas
Mr Vasileios Vangelinos
Mr Sivendran Vettivetpillai
Mr Nikolaos Vlachogiannis
Mr William Watkins
Mr Stephen F Wherry
Mr John M Whyte
Mr George E Wild FICE
Mr Clive C Wilkinson
Mr David Woodyatt
Mr Hathal Al-Qassab
Dr Arosha K Bandara
Mr Julian C F Bennett
Dr Madhu D K Bhabuta
Mr Richard Bhanap ACGI MBA
Mr Julian R Bills
Mr Demetrios G Biskinis
Mr John M Chittock
Mr Graham J M Hick
Mr Jonathan A Kaldor
Mr Christopher J Lawrence
Mr Emmanuel Manolessos
Mr Vassilis Michalitsis
Mr Athanasios Michas
Mr Sozos L Nicolaou
Mr Simon J Pettitt
Mr Vassilis A Stavridis
Dr Peter N R Stoyle
Mr Chee S Tan
Mr Alistair J Taylor
Mr Hary Theoharis
Mr Adam A Thomas
Mr Anthony D P Towers FCA
Mr Marcel C B Vidale
Mr Lim Soon Wong
Earth Resources Engineering
Mr Coen H M Louwarts
Mr Giorgio Maderni
Earth Science and Engineering
Mr Massimo Paolozzi
Electrical and Electronic
Mr Colin E Abbott
Mr Rodney A Allen
Dr J Paul Auton
Mr Keith I Baldwin CEng FIMC
Mrs Deborah M Beddow
Mr John P Birchenough
Mr Terence A Boley
Professor Hugh R Bolton PhD
Mr Clive G Brown
Mr David J H Burden CEng
Mr John Burnell
Mr Ann L Chew
Mr Michael E Clibbon
Mr Tony Cook
Mr Peter Coueslant
Mr Brian T Dorricott
Mr Roderick J Edwards
Mr Robert D Endsor
Mr John Gibson
Mr Donald Goldhawk
Mr Brian J Hardy ACGI
Dr John G Harris
Mr Barry J Hatton
Mr Adrian H W Hoodless
Mr Frederick A Holmes
Mr Michael Hosker
Mr Paul G Houghton CEng
Mr Brian V Hughes
Mr Chi M S Kan
Mrs Gillian Lambert
Mr Liuh J Lew
Mr Peter Lockwood
Mr Simon Maddison CEng FIEE
Mr Suman Malik MBA
Mr Robin A Marshall
Mr Jean-Marc Christian Maury
Mr Demitris C Memos
Mr Leonard J Nash
Mr Alastair F Newson
Mr Taiji Okada
Mr Malcolm R Okell
Mr Christopher M Parker
Commander Douglas A Pask
Mr Jonathan P Philp ASIP CFA
Mr Thomas O Pilkington
Mr Christopher D Pratt
Mr Michail Rantopoulos
Mr David M Reaves
Dr Graham Richardson
Mr Anthony R V Roberts
Mr John T Rogers
Mr Peter S Rose
Mr John F Rose CElecEng
Professor David J Roulston
Dr Geoffrey R Selby
Mr Geoffrey A Shaw
Professor William Shepherd
Dr Warren Sherliker
Mr Shafeeq Siddiqui
Mr Imran Siddiqui
Dr Athanassios Skodras
Mr David A Smith MIMechE
Dr Thomas P Stadler
Mr Eric W Stainton
Mr Clive T Stokes
Mr Peter J Taylor BSc
Mr Neil F Tomlinson
Mrs Kathryn M Tucker
Mr Philippos Vakalakis
Mr Donald T Vickers
Mr Donald K Wakefield
Mr David J Watkins
Mr Jonathan R Wells
Miss Sarah E Welsh
Mr Paul C Westcott
Dr Tomos G T Williams
Mr John D W Winn CEng
Mr William F Wood
Mr David Wraithmell
Mr George E Zaroubi
Gifts up to and including £249
Environmental Technology
Mr Oliver N J Greig
Mr Rashdeep S Kalsi
Mr Carl A Kruger
Mr Matthew J Mclellan
Mr Julian G Puttergill
Ms Gillian J Strawford
Ms Judith H C Stuart
Mr Robert E J Wade
Mr David Wright
Mr David J Hindle CEng EurIng
Ms Victoria K Jackson-Phillips
Miss Susannah G James
Mr Jason R Jenkins
Dr Leonidas A Mantzos
Dr Ellis F Owen
Mr Peter J Phipps
Mr Keith Reeves
Mr Alan M Rose
Dr Donald Schiefler
Mrs Sylvia J Sherriff
Sir Patrick A D Skipwith Bt PhD
Mr Alan R H Smallwood
Mr Bruce Taylor
Mr Philip L Utting
Mr Tobias Willmer
Mr John F Wright
Mr Henry A Scowcroft
Mrs Eleanor D P Symons
Mr Rup L Banerjee
Mr Allan F C Barnes
Mr Juan S Chester
Mr Keith J Foxwell
Mr Rhidian T Jones
Dr Mohsen Mazraeh
Mr John E Middleton
Miss Julia R Pearson
Dr Giancarlo Salviati
Mr Michael F Skeels
Mr Daniel Soh
Dr Ian Thompson
Mr Roderick J Tolley
Dr Peter T Ton That
Mr Richard J Turner
Mrs Angela M Turner
Mr Andrew J Vickerstaff
Mr Steinar J Walloe
Dr Chris Webborn
Mr Thomas P Westley
Miss Yolande M Wilson
Dr David Aboav
Dr Arturo Fernandez Arias
Mr Matthew T FitzGerald
Mr Alan A Grove
Mr Peter C Hannell
Miss Asyia Kazmi
Dr Sanjeev S Kulkarni
Mr Timothy J Lawes
Mr Patrick P McDermott
Mr Jonathan E Miller
Miss Sumbal Nazir
Mr Simon J Newman
Dr Andrew R Norman
Mr Jaimin Patel
Mr Ricky J Peltz
Dr Susan M Pitts
Mr Richard J Pratt
Mr Gerald A Randall
Mr Andrew Roberts
Mr Ioan W Roberts
Mr James Roberts
Dr Stephan M Rudolfer
Mr Hubertus Schulte Huxel
Mr Shailendra R B Shah
Mr Dominic S C Smallwood
Mr Michael A Smith
Mr Matthew J Soane
Mrs Eirian M Sobolev
Mr Allan J O St-Hill
Mrs Sharon L Stroud PGCE
Professor John T Stuart
Mr Philip C Vaughan
Mrs Catherine A Verra
Mr Duncan R Walduck
Mr William H Walker
Dr Stanley Wardle
Mrs Katharine A Waterton
Mr Praveen G Wickramaratne
Mechanical Engineering
Mr Michel L Amsden
Mr Geoffrey Armitage
Mr Zuhair A Baqui
Mr Paul A Barnard
Mr David R L Barrett
Mr Geoffrey O M Bobb
Mr Peter H Brazier
Mr Arthur H O Brown
Mr Christopher J Charles
Mr Waiman Cheuk MEng (Hons)
Mr Reginald S Collingwood
Mr Raymond A Cray
Mr John J Davis MIMechE FRSA
Mr David J Dawswell
Ms Maria Dramalioti-Taylor
Mr George M Emsley
Dr Robert C Graham
Mr Ernest J Grossman
Mr James A Hares
Mr John C Harrison
Mr Peter T Healy MIMechE CEng
Mr Donald T Howell
Mr Matthew W Jackson
Mrs Gay A Jennions
Mr Ian K Jennions
Mr Ian G Johns
Mr Roland P Johnson
Mr Bruce Kettle
Miss Yuen Shun S Kong
Mrs Katharine A M Martin
Mr Mohammed R H Matin
Mr Michael J Neale
Mr Nolan J Newman
Mr Joakim I C Orbom
Mr Juggy S A Pandit
Mr Panteleimon Pantelis
Dr Sonjoy K Premi
Mr Nam H Quach
Mr Wasi Raza
Mr David T Reeves
Mr Nigel K Reynolds
Mr Paul C Roberts
Mr Martin G Robinson
Mr Peter E Robson
Mr Frank E Roe
Mr Elias Sakellis
Mr Alan K Sargent
Mr Malcolm C Seeley
Mr Deepak J Shah
Dr Allen Shelton
Dr John R Simonson
Mr Geoffrey D Smithers
Mr Stephen A Smyth
Mr Michael A Standring
Mr John Stoton
Mr James R Stuart-Smith
Mr Martin J C Swainston
Mr Graham J Swan
Mr Jan Z Szymankiewicz
Mr William Teather
Mr Julian C Thomas
Mr Miles Tipasrevic
Mr Timothy G Townend
Mr Nigel G B Trotman
Mr Jeremy Tucker
Mr David S Turner
Mr Philippe G P Vacher
Mr Periklis C Voulgaris
Mr George Vouros
Mr Brian R V Walker
Mr Brian O Wall
Mr David W Walls
Mr Kevin P Walsh
Mr Edward R Warren
Mr Dennys Watson
Mr Malcolm D White
Mr Geoffrey K Whittaker
Mr Neville C B Wilson
Mr Andrew W Winterton
Mr Po H Wong
Mr Francis C Wood
Mr Richard Wood
Mr David Woolley
Mr David A Wright
Charing Cross and Westminster
Medical School
Dr Patrick D Clarke
Dr Steve J Drew
Dr Colin Hathaway MBBS MRCS
Dr Karen P MacLachlan MBBS
Dr Sarah P Redman
Dr Simon D R Rees MBBS
Dr Alison J Rylands MBBS
Dr Mark R Sanderson
Dr Geoffrey R Walker
Dr Claire E Williams
Dr Andrew P Winrow MBBS
Charing Cross Hospital Medical
Dr Euan G M Cameron MBBS
Dr Hastings E A Carson
Professor George Du Boulay
Dr Marion S Edwards
Dr Bernard Fox
Dr Anthony C Gostling MBBS
Dr Keith W Hickson MBE MB
Dr Wilfred R Holton
Dr Eva J Kalmus
Dr Kay MacDermot MRCS LRCP
Dr Stephen C Norton
Dr Richard P I Orpin MBBS
Dr Marcus L T Panchaud MBBS
Dr Reuben F Payne MRCS LRCP
Dr John E H Pendower MBBS
Dr Andrew J Phipps
Dr Rachel P L Roberts
Mr Martin J Robson
Dr Jonathan A Royds-Jones
Mr Geoffrey W Simonds
Dr Jeremy M G Stupple MBBS
Dr Gillian D Tasker MBS MRCGP
Dr Mary E Walton
Dr John S Withey MBBS
Dr Rosemary J Wool MBBS
Imperial College School of
Miss Diya Lahiri
Dr Kausikh Nandi MBBS
Dr Attah M Ocholi MBBS
Dr Kavel D Patel
Dr Suvarna I Puranik
Dr Suneil H Ramessur
Dr Heidi J Robertshaw
Dr Julia Rudolph
Dr Asim Safdar
Mrs Farzana M Shah
Dr Tauheedur R Shaikh
St Mary’s Hospital Medical
Dr Anthony R Adamson MB
Dr Jane Anderson PhD MBBS
Dr Keith F Erskine BCom MBBS
Lady Claudia M B Chilver MB
Dr Elizabeth A Forbes MBBS
Gifts up to and including £249
Dr L Ann Farebrother MB BChir
Dr M Hardingham
Dr Charles D J Ilsey MBBS FRACP
Dr Anthea S Lewis MBBS DCH
Dr Peter D Phillips MBBS
Dr Nicholas C B Pritchard MBBS
Mr Keith M Pritchard
Dr Maria B Yvette Saldanha
Dr Geoffrey J Samson
Dr Nick Sawyer MBBS MRCP
Mr A J Sheehan BSc MBBS
Dr Brian L Smith MBBS MRCS
Dr Anne-Marie Snell
Dr Richard J Stevens
Dr Michael D Tarzi
Dr John V Thurston MBBS MRCS
Dr Ashok K Vora MBBS
Westminster Medical School
Dr Elizabeth A Begley BSc MBBS
Dr George L Brown MBBS MRCS
Dr J S Cornes MD DCP AKC
Dr Fergus J Dignan MBBS
Dr Mark H Downs
Dr Michael H Draisey TD MBBS
Dr Robert N Jeffery MBBS FRCGP
Dr Malcolm A Jones MS FRCS
Dr Hugh M Mather MD MRCP
Dr Norman K I McIver OBE
Dr John H Perkins MBBS MRCGP
Dr Phillida A Shipp BM BCh
Professor Roger D Sturrock MD
Dr Judith A Telfer
Dr P E Thurley FRCR
Dr David A N Twiner MRCS LRCP
Dr Jennifer C Tyrrell MRCP
Dr David A Ward FRCS FRCSEd
Dr Lawrence M Webber MBBS
Dr P A Wellbelove MRCS LRCP
Dr D C White MBBS
Professor Graham H Whitehouse
Dr Andrew T Wilson MRCS LRCP
Dr Patrick L C Xavier FRCR
Dr John F R McIlveen
Professor Roger H Motte ExC
Dr Peter W White
Mineral Resources Engineering
Mrs Diane K Neil Mills
Dr Adrian B Parsons
Mr Christopher P Rhodes
Mr Ahmed W Sufi
Mr Stephen A Zymanczyk
Mineral Technology
Mr Jeffrey C Lamb
Mr Nicholas J O’Reilly
Mining Engineering
Mr Malcolm Alexander
Mr Hugh E K Allen
Mr Derek G W Norris
Mr Alan J C Older
Mr Henry C Parker
Mr Charles J Savage
Mr Roy P Sheppard
Mr Stephen D Skelchy
Mining Geology
Dr John W Barnes OBE
Dr Alastair G Bee BSc PhD DIC
Mr James W Platt
Mr Gordon J Sharp
Oil Technology
Mr Geoffrey E Pryke
Mr Peter Selwood
Petroleum Engineering
Mr Simon G Oddie BSc(Hons)
Mr Simon H A Smith
Mr L Barry Austin
Mr Gordon K Beckmann
Mrs Elizabeth C Bonnici
Mr Andrew J Bradbrook
Dr I Colin G Campbell
Mr John A Charlesworth
Mr Gerwyn G Clement
Dr Benjamin J Climer
Mrs Vivien M Fair
Dr Gordon M Fraser
Mr David M Harris
Dr Neil M Irvine
Dr Colin Jackson
Mr Christopher H James
Mr Michael G D Kemp
Mr Anthony J Kirkham
Mr James R Knights
Mr Stephen D Langford
Mr Shan Lee
Ms Denise J Lissenden
Dr Stanley J Melinek
Mr John H Moore CPhys FInstP
Mr David C Nutting MBE BSc
CPhys CEng
Dr Trivan Pal ARCS IWWHS
Professor Geoffrey G Parfitt
Dr Duncan Parsons-Karavassilis
Mr Bernd Pfitzinger
Dr Kathryn Phillips
Mr Roger D Picton
Mr John C Pooley
Mr Richard N Priestley
Mr Sulaman Rafiq
Mr Andrew P Ramsbottom
Mr Raymond N Razzell
Mr J Michael Riley
Mr Daniel J Ritter
Mr Iain C Robertson
Mr Stephen Roughton-Smith
Professor Michael J Rycroft
Mr John A Sattaur
Dr Hanno Scheife Dipl-Phys Dr
rer nat
Mrs Eiman Shalash
Mr John W Skurr
Mr Martin F G Smeaton
Mr Michael H Smith
Mr Dennis M Smith
Mr Malcolm Smith
Mr Terence C H Smith
Dr David P H Smith PhD MSc BSc
Mr Ian C Somerville FCA FCMI
Dr Harry V Stopes-Roe
Dr Carsten Szymanowski
Dr Hanitra Szymanowski
Dr Vincent H Y Tam
Dr Julie A F Taylor
Ms Heena Thakker
Mr Alexander L Tournier
Mr David Urbach MPA
Mr Rob Van Dalen
Dr Raffaele Vardavas
Mr Boris Vedlin
Mr David S Walker
Dr Simon R Walker
Mr Andrew M Waller
Mr David L Watson
Mr David C Watts
Dr Colin H West
Dr George A Wilkins
Mr Meurig Williams
Dr John S Winfield
Dr Tadeusz Wojtowicz
Dr Andrew J Woodward
Mrs Prudence M J H Wormell
Mr Anthony W Worsdell
Mr Robert V Wright
Dr Dimitris Xenakis
Mr Michael J Yard
Dr Stephen M R Young
Tanaka Business School
Mr John M Avis
Mr Hakeem Bello
Mrs Dubra Domitran-Radosevic
Mr Ho Chi Chun
Ms Ann H Jalili
Mr Sasha A N Karakusevic
Mr Andrew P Kristoffy
Miss Naz Malek
Mr Ebrahim Mohamed
Mr John Needell
Mr Terence A Noone
Mr George Papaioannides
Dr Guhendran Ravi-Shankar
Mr Kamal Raza
Mr Andrew Robertson
Mr James E V Sergeant
Mr Richard Smith
Mr Konstantinos Vaporis
Mr Nir Vitale
Mr John R Westmacott
Mr Anthony M Pratt
Mr Ian W Stead
Plus 144 anonymous donors
Imperial College London would also like to thanks the following
companies who have given matched gifts to the Annual Fund.
BP Oil UK Ltd
UBS Investment Bank
Gifts up to and including £249
Gifts of £1,000
and above
The Dry Family Foundation
Civil and Environmental
Mr Raphael W Hodgson
Electrical and Electronic
Dr Michael J McCann CEng FIEE
Professor Louis C Sheppard
Dr Bruce Gilchrist
Dr John W C Sherwood
Gifts of $500-$999
Mrs Hazel Forster (in memory of
Dr Denis Forster PhD DIC)
Chemical Engineering
Mr Richard M Woldenberg
Electrical and Electronic
Mr Jonathan S Spatz
Gifts of $250-$499
Ganguly Family Foundation
Mrs Katherine M Jakobson
Chemical Engineering
Mr Derek E Lyth
Professor Arthur W Westerberg
Dr Geoffrey C Nicholson
Dr Patrick S Wong
Civil and Environmental
Mr Ian M Bricknell
Dr Colin T Barnett
Dr W Fergus Porter
Dr Roderick J A Little
Imperial College School of
Dr Olalekan O Sowade
Dr Eroboghene E Ubogu
St Mary’s Hospital Medical
Professor L P Fielding MB FRCS
Dr John Hallett
Dr Christopher R Gould
Mr Paul A Jakobson
Tanaka Business School
Mr Jeffrey W Dick
Gifts up to and
including $249
Dr Lillian A Rankel
Mr Richard Weber
Centre for Process Systems
Professor Ignacio E Grossmann
Chemical Engineering
Eur Ing Simon J Carter
Professor Jonathan S Colton
Mr Bernard R Mack
Mr John M Simmonds
Mr Anthony J Stern
Professor Ronald Bentley
Dr Frank R Fitch
Dr Clive R Hamlin
Dr Raymond K Hart
Dr H Graham Silver
Dr Timothy J Tewson
Dr Denys J Voaden
Civil and Environmental
Mr Abiodun O Adigun
Professor Alan H Mattock FICE
Mr Andrew Laderman
Electrical and Electronic
Dr Frank V M Booth
Professor Jack D Cowan SM PhD
Professor Aristides A G
Mr Kok H See Tho
Mr Patrick Y C Yin
Professor Roger D K Thomas
Dr Matthew G Willis
Mr Matthew H Kaplan
Dr Norman L Samways
Mr Bhavesh R Ashar
Mr David L Kimport
Mr Peter C Maltbaek
Mechanical Engineering
Dr Peter E J Fish
Mr John A Mccullagh
Mr John F W Robbins
Mr Terence J Stephenson
Dr Ian B Wall
Mining Geology
Dr John A Apps
Dr Henry N Rhoden PhD
Dr Antony B T Werner
Dr R Stephen Craxton
Mr Peter A Cunningham MPA
Dr Jimy Dudhia
Professor Robert D Finch
Mr Simon J Hennin
Professor Jacek Jarzynski
Dr Stephen H Rowe
Professor Philip N Slater
Dr Stephen J Webb
Mr David T Woosnam
Mr Arthur Yarranton
Tanaka Business School
Mr Alan J Rossi
Mrs Ena J Rhoden
Plus two anonymous donors
Imperial College Foundation Inc
Imperial College London thanks the following alumni and friends who have
given generously through the Imperial College Foundation Inc during the
2005-2006 financial year.
Alumni with more than one degree are listed under the subject of their first degree.
We try to make sure that our database records are as accurate as possible but if the
details listed are incorrect or inaccurate please let us know and we will ensure your
record is amended. Please email any changes to
Imperial College London has charitable status for all UK tax purposes (Inland Revenue reference
X2361) and is exempt under section 505 of the Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988.
The Arkwright Scholarships
Association of Physicians
The Sir Leon Bagrit Memorial
Black and Veatch (UK) Ltd
Buro Happold
Card Geotechnics Ltd
The Carpenters’ Company
Sir Ernest Cassel Educational
The Jan Dzienisiewicz Trust
Dr Ching C Cheung MBBS
(Imperial College School of
Ernst and Young
Faber Maunsell Ltd
Fugro Ltd
The Gatsby Charitable
Geotechnical Consulting Group
Mr Stephen Gratton and Mrs
Debbie Gratton
Gregory Distribution Ltd
The Grocers’ Company
Haskoning UK Ltd
Croucher Foundation
Mrs Janet Kitchen
Dr Kay D MacDermot MRCS
LRCP (Charing Cross Hospital
Medical School)
Mr Peter A Male
Mr Loyd Moore (Electrical and
Electronic Engineering)
The Nuffield Foundation
Ove Arup and Partners
Smith and Nephew Plc
Stent Foundations Ltd
The Thompson Educational
Waters Corporation
Gifts up to and including £999
Gifts of £1,000 and above
A-Gas International Holdings Limited
Amcor Europe Group Management
Mr R Neil Arthur
Dr Bernard Atkinson (Chemistry)
Bank of England – Agency for the
South West
Mrs Deborah M Beddow (Electrical
and Electronic Engineering)
T M Bedford
Mr S P Bennett
Mr Ian Best
Mr Charles E Boxer (Chemistry)
Mr Andrew J Bradbrook (Physics)
Mr Timothy G Brettell
Mr Robin Claridge (Mechanical
Dr Patrick J Coen (Chemistry)
Mrs Jackie Collins
Mr Michael Collins
The Eleanor Creeke Settlement
Dr James A W Dalziel (Chemistry)
Dr Anthony C Davis (Chemistry)
Mr and Mrs T J Denny
Dr Mark H Downs (Westminster
Medical School)
Ernst and Young LLP
Mr Christopher M Godfrey
Mr Patrick Graves
Miss R Hamilton
Mr Chris Harrison
The Heavitree Brewery Charitable Trust
Mr M W Hocking
Mr M Hodgson
Mrs Bridget Holden
Mr Marten Holden
Ms Mary B Jackson
Mr Matthew W Jackson (Mechanical
Mr Nigel Jones
Mr Roger L Jones (Chemistry)
Dr David Kealey (Chemistry)
Mr J A H Killick
Mr Richard King
Mr Donald F Leeper (Mathematics)
Mr A and Mrs F M Lovell
Marsh Corporate Services Ltd
Mr John B Martin (Mechanical
Ms Joanne Moralee
Dr Timothy M Morris (Chemistry)
Mrs Jeanne O’Dell
Dr R M Onyett
Dr Mark J Pearson BSc(Hons) PhD
Mr J W W Pittard
Mr William Powlett Smith and Ms
Fiona Powlett Smith
Mr Paul J H Rata (Electrical and
Electronic Engineering)
Roche Diagnostics Ltd
Mr Gerald W Russell (Physics)
Mr Charles Sandison
Sharp Interpack Ltd
Dr Peter S Smith (Chemistry)
Ms Kate Southworth
St Helens Church Charity
Technical Indexes Ltd
Thames Water Utilities Ltd
Ms Juliet Thomas
Mr John Traynor
Mr Allan J Vodden and Mrs Sheila F
Mr Peter W G Wallace (Mining
Mr M C Ward
Mr John E Wardill (Chemistry)
Westbury Homes (Holdings) Ltd
Mr Andrew Winkler
J G Wishart
Mr Nigel Yeomans
Other gifts
Imperial College London would also like to thank the following
generous donors who have given to a variety of other projects
between 11 June 2005 and 21 July 2006.
The Imperial College Trust has a long history of
supporting many projects at the College, but this is
their largest donation to date. This magnificent
gesture in support of the students comes at an
important time for the Union.
Since the last major redevelopment of the Union
building in the 1950s the College’s student
demographic has changed significantly. As a result
the Union is unable to offer a range of services that
reflects the requirements of all its current members.
Phase one of the redevelopment is currently
underway and on target for completion in November
2006. This phase encompasses basic structural
work and modifications which are necessary to bring
the building into compliance with the Disability
Discrimination Act.
The Trust’s gift will enable the Union to progress
seamlessly onto phase two of the redevelopment,
which centres around a new café and music room,
which is currently Da Vinci’s Café Bar on the ground
floor. The new café and music room will be the social
heart of the Union as a multi-functional space with
great flexibility. During the day it will be used by clubs
and societies for their meetings, events and activities,
as well as to provide lunch for students. In the evening
it will be used for music and social events, and at
weekends and outside term time, it will be available
for hire, to provide the Union with much needed
additional revenue. The Union kitchen facilities will
also be renovated during this phase of the work, to
further enable the Union to become self-sustainable.
As a result of the Trust’s timely donation, key
elements of the project will now be completed in time
for freshers’ week in 2007, which will provide the
perfect backdrop to showcase this exciting new
chapter in the history of the Imperial College Union
and the Imperial College Trust.
The Union is one of the College’s flagship
Centenary Campaign projects. The College has itself
committed £1.2 million to the project and the
Harlington Trust has committed a further £500,000.
Active fundraising for the project is continuing and
alumni are being encouraged to support the
redevelopment of this important building.
Donation for Imperial College Union
The Imperial College Trust has very generously agreed to
donate £500,000 to the Imperial College Union redevelopment
over the next five years.
A new Chair in Energy Materials is being created at
Imperial College London in memory of fuel cell
pioneer Professor Brian Steele MBE.
Professor Steele, who worked in the Department
of Materials for 37 years, was instrumental in the
development of solid oxide fuel cells. He was also a
founding member of spin-out company Ceres Power,
which is commercialising fuel cell technology.
The new Chair, which will be the first named
Chair in the Department of Materials, has been
made possible thanks to a generous donation to
the Department from Professor Steele’s family. The
College is now looking for a high profile,
internationally-leading researcher to take up the
post at the beginning of the 2006-07 academic year.
The Chair acknowledges Professor Steele’s
leading work on fuel cells, which convert fuels such
as natural gas or hydrogen into energy by
combining them with an oxidant. Where the cells
are fuelled by hydrogen, the only products are
energy and water, so they have the potential to
provide an efficient and environmentally friendly
power source. Solid oxide fuel cells, which work at
high temperatures, are particularly suited for
stationary applications such as providing heat and
power for buildings.
Professor Bill Lee, Head of the Department of
Materials, said: “This is a really fitting tribute to
Professor Steele and his work. Brian Steele was one
of the early champions of solid oxide fuel cells and
one of the few people in Europe to continue
research in this area in the late 80s and early 90s.
His work laid the foundations for the current world
wide growth in solid oxide fuel cell research and
commercialisation. We’re pleased to have the
opportunity to bring someone into the Department
to work in energy materials, which is an important
area of great current interest.”
Professor Steele came to Imperial College in 1957
as a Nuffield Investigator, undertaking
postgraduate study in solid electrolytes. He joined
the academic staff in 1965 after being awarded a
doctorate for his work on galvanic cells for
thermodynamic studies. He became Professor of
Materials Science in 1981 and stayed in the
Department of Materials until his retirement in
1994. Professor Steele died in 2003 aged 74.
“This Chair is a very appropriate way to honour
Brian and his pioneering work,” said Professor of
Materials Science John Kilner, who worked with
Professor Steele from 1978 onwards. “Brian was
considered to be one of the founding fathers of the
field of solid state ionics, an essential element of
the study of materials for energy applications for
devices such as batteries and fuel cells.
“He was also a great champion of Materials
Science. He started the first undergraduate course
in the College and went on to inspire a generation
of students in this new subject. For his efforts to
promote the subject nationally he was awarded the
MBE in 1996,” added Professor Kilner.
Fuel cell pioneer remembered
E-learning is playing an increasingly important part in
course delivery. From group projects and assignments
to independent research for final year dissertations,
different styles of learning mean that the library
must provide innovative learning spaces, as well as
services, which cater for these changing needs.
A major redevelopment of the Central Library is
one of the flagship projects within the College’s
Centenary Campaign with planned works being
phased over a number of years. We are delighted to
announce that the project recently received its first
major gift of £50,000 from the Lisbet Rausing Trust,
which, importantly, has enabled work on phase one
of the project to begin this summer.
Following on from this good news, the College
also recently learnt that we have been successful in
our bid to the Wolfson University Libraries
Programme, which has pledged the sum of
£420,000 to fund a key element of the project, a
new, state-of-the-art IT Learning Suite.
The suite, which will be open for long hours, will
include an open plan study area equipped with 50
computers, two group study rooms, two IT equipped
classrooms for tutor-led activities and blended
learning and an adaptive technology room for users
with disabilities. The layout and zoning will support
different modes of study and learning, from group
projects and assignments to independent research,
and will cater for all students.
There are other exciting and much-needed
improvements built into the redevelopment plans
and we would, of course, welcome donations and
support from alumni for this important student-
focused project.
Rolls-Royce engineering scholarship
The Faculty of Engineering has received a generous donation to endow a new undergraduate
scholarship at Imperial College London. Simon Robertson, Chairman of Rolls-Royce Group plc and
founder of Simon Robertson Associates LLP, has donated £100,000 in a personal capacity, to
establish the Rolls-Royce Engineering Scholarship for Energy Efficient Technologies.
The scholarship will support an undergraduate student in the Faculty of Engineering for the
duration of their degree course. The successful candidate will be chosen on the basis of
outstanding academic achievement, potential contribution to engineering in the UK and
demonstrated financial need.
This support will have a significant impact on the lives of extremely talented individuals who
may otherwise not be able to study at Imperial. It is vital that the College continues to attract the
very best students by building scholarship programmes for talented undergraduate and
postgraduate students.
A new space for learning
Information and the way that it is accessed has changed beyond
all recognition in the past decade, particularly in the disciplines
of science, technology and medicine.
The Wolfson Education
Centre has been made
possible by a recently
awarded and most
generous grant of
£2 million from the
Wolfson Foundation.
Significant additional
funding towards the
project’s total cost
of approximately
£5 million has also
been committed by
the College.
The centre will
provide a new home
for a graduate entry
medicine course. With an annual intake of 50 top-
class graduates, the four-year course will be grounded
in the General Medical Council’s recommendations
published in Tomorrow’s Doctors. The programme
aims to provide graduates with the scientific and
clinical knowledge, skills and attitudes that doctors
practising in the twenty-first century will need.
A new three-year BSc in Biomedical Science, with
an annual intake of 50 top-quality students each
year, will also be a key beneficiary of the new
facilities. The innovative course will draw on
Imperial’s great research strengths to produce
graduates who are ideally equipped to follow a
research career and become the biomedical
research leaders of the future.
The incredible support received over the years by
the College from the Wolfson Foundation is, at least
in part, evidenced by the history of this important
educational facility. In 1957 the Foundation made a
grant of £125,000 to provide for the original
construction costs of the centre – a fantastically
generous donation at
the time – and has
kindly provided funds
on a number of
occasions for
refurbishment over its
lifespan of almost 50
years. However, needs
evolve and the current
plans for a complete
refurbishment will
deliver the outstanding
environment Imperial
needs to create for
expanded educational
programmes and our
doctors of the future.
The centre currently houses the Stamp Lecture
Theatre which will be transformed through the
introduction of a mezzanine floor. This will
effectively create a new state-of-the-art lecture
theatre with a capacity of 250 people at the top of
the building. ‘New’ space will be created below this
to house a run of highly flexible seminar rooms
which can be combined or used independently.
Professor Stephen Smith, Principle of the Faculty
of Medicine, said: “The Wolfson Education Centre is
a central part of our vision for the Hammersmith
Campus. It will be our communication hub – a centre
that will bring together our brightest and best minds
to share ideas, and educate our next generation of
doctors and researchers.”
The project is scheduled for completion in advance
of the Faculty of Medicine’s first intake of graduate
entry medical students in 2008–09, but the reality is
that undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers,
industry and healthcare professionals will all stand to
benefit enormously from the redevelopment.
Wolfson Education Centre
The Wolfson Conference Centre has long served as a major focus for
postgraduate educational needs at the Hammersmith Campus and,
as part of Imperial’s significant over-arching scheme to redevelop the
eastern half of this campus, the College will transform the centre into
a redesigned and fully renovated Wolfson Education Centre.
Artist’s impression of the Wolfson Education Centre
With his gift, Dr Paul K. Woolley, founder and
former Chairman of GMO Europe, a fund management
firm based in London, has made it possible for
the School to create a new Centre for Capital
Market Dysfunctionality.
Financial market efficiency is often taken to mean
that available information is rapidly and fully
incorporated into market prices, eliminating further
opportunities for private profit. However, private
profit is not the only benchmark. Informational
problems can imply that what is individually optimal
can generate outcomes that are collectively
suboptimal. Such dysfunctionality or social
inefficiency in financial markets is an important area
of study, and has far reaching consequences.
Corporate finance literature has examined
extensively how such problems arise when
shareholders delegate decisions to corporate boards
of directors. There has been remarkably little research
on the similar problems that arise when investors
delegate decisions to asset managers. It is commonly
assumed that benchmarking managers against
average performance generates herding by asset
managers, with implications for asset price volatility
and the efficiency of the wider economy.
The newly created centre will focus on
understanding this behaviour better and the costs
that it imposes, analysing why inefficient outcomes
arise, the impact that they have on the economy and
how such adverse effects can be mitigated.
At a signing ceremony which took place in July at
Tanaka Business School, Sir Richard Sykes
acknowledged the generosity of Dr Woolley’s gift.
“The Finance Group within Imperial’s Business School
is rapidly being recognised as a centre of excellence
in quantitative finance and risk management,” he
said. “Paul Woolley’s magnificent gift will allow us to
bring new talent into Imperial and will cement our
reputation for deploying leading-edge techniques to
work on practical problems of concern to society as
well as business.”
The centre will operate within Tanaka Business
School’s new Risk Management Laboratory that acts
as an umbrella for all of the School’s research into
quantitative finance. The Principal of Tanaka Business
School, Professor David Begg, said: “Paul Woolley’s
contribution will extend well beyond the financial
support that he is providing. His experience in the
industry and understanding of the problems that it
faces will help shape our research. I expect the Paul
Woolley Centre to quickly become the focus of
international research in this field.”
A new Centre for Capital Market Dysfunctionality
A leading figure from the Fund Management industry has made a generous
donation of £4 million to the College’s Tanaka Business School to boost
research into financial market inefficiency and its consequences.