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BBS (Bulletin Board Service) е системата за разпространение на
технологични оферти(предлагане) и технологични заявки(търсене) на
мрежата Enterprise Europe Network. Чрез технологи
чния бюлетин можете
да намерите нови разработени технологии, необходими за разрешаване
на конкретни проблеми на вашето производство, както и да влезете в
контакт с фирми от страните, включени в мрежата, които търсят или
предлагат определена нова технология

За да получите координати на фирмата, подала офертата, е нужно да
попълните приложения
формуляр за проявен интерес

и да го изпратите



с: 032 90898
, 908999.

1. 11 GB 39n3 3L53 TR

A market leading UK manufacturing company is seeking manufacturing agreements
and commercial collaboration with companies offering innovative ballistic sheet
materials for incorporation into a bullet / blast p
roof door system for mass production.
The company offers both modern production facilities and strong commercial support
in the UK and Ireland and is hoping to extend its market reach into Europe.

2. 11 GB 77dz 3L6A TR

A UK SME specialising in the design
and manufacture of energy efficient lighting
systems is looking for novel LED or other new technologies to broaden its product
range.The technology should be at a stage of development where it can be easily
developed for deployment. The company is seeking
a commercial partnering,
manufacturing or licensing agreement.

3. 11 FR 33j7 3KXJ TO




A French SME proposes functional (hybrid) inorganic nanoparticles for top coating
applications. The patented technology allows to synthesize and commercialize
nanodispersions for top
coating applications. The nanodispersions are
delivered in the desired aqueous or organic medium, therefore easy to integrate into
clients_ existing formulations. Industrial partners are sought for technical co
operation, manufactur
ing or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

4. 11 GB 42O0 3L6Q TO

A leading research group at a UK University offers expertise and facilities for
research on the effect of food/food components on cognitive performance,
appetite/satiety, weight
control, glycaemic response and health, stress & wellbeing.
The University seeks collaborative research partners/funding and/or consultancy
opportunities (technical cooperation etc) from businesses or academia working in the
area of food and drink, nutrit
ion, health and wellbeing and/or consumer products

5. 11 GB 42O1 3L75 TR

A UK based SME active in the security sector is interested in technical cooperation
with materials manufacturers to develop and/or incorporate intelligent impact
materials in applications such as helmets and limb protectors.

6. 11 GB 77dz 3L79 TO

A UK company manufactures early warning surface radar tracking and surveillance
systems effectively used at major airports and in other wide area situations. It is
ng for partners in France, Italy and Germany for technical cooperation and
adaptation to local markets as well as exploring joint venture possibilities.

7. 11 US 87GA 3L7L TR

A large US company is looking for proposals for natural bitter ingredients that
quenching effects to beverages. Ingredients of interest include both those
already extracted as well as those contained in raw materials. Proposers are
anticipated to provide samples upon request. They are interested in licensing,
material s
upply and development contract.

8. 09 ES 28G2 3DDT TO

Two Spanish research institutes have developed a procedure for the preparation of
immobilized biocatalysts very useful for the carbohydrates transformation. The
invention comprises the immobilization o
f a fungal fructosyltransferase (preferably of
the genus Aspergillus) by entrapment in calcium alginate gel, followed by a drying
process. They called it _DALGEEs_ (Dried alginate
entrapped enzymes) to the
obtained biocatalysts.They are looking for technol
ogy license and/or collaborative

9. 11 RU 86FG 3KP3 TO

A Russian SME from Moscow, in a consortium with an institute of the Russian
Academy of Science, developed lubricants with regenerative effect and a technology
of their application, allowing t
o exploit any mechanical components without wear,
thus avoiding preventive dismantling
assemblage of the equipment.The company
seeks partners for technical cooperation and for commercial agreements with
technical assistance.

10. 11 RU 86FG 3KUW TO

An R&D
Institute from Moscow developed an ion
plasma coating installation with two
sources of plasma: plasma arc
driven accelerator (PAA) and helicon plasma source
(HPS). Coating materials are formed in the PAA and transferred in the form of
charged component. Th
e helicon source activates the process on the substrate's
surface. Thus, high
performance coatings are obtained. The institute seeks partners
for further development, testing new application and adaptation to specific needs.

11. 11 RU 86FG 3KUV TO

A Russi
an SME from Tomsk developed an operational environment (OE) with pre
installed set of services, intended for electric motors_ and robotics complexes_
manipulation. The proposed OE is an open tool to create user_s own applications
and functions, resulting i
n quick and simple _intellect_ development for control
systems. Partners are sought for joint development of new applications and devices
based on proposed OE, OE testing, co
production, engineering by commercial

12. 11 RU 86FG 3KUU TO

A Russia
n SME designed a spark plug for internal combustion engines. The
structural features of the proposed solution and the new operating principle provide
for a more complete fuel combustion and longer operation life, fuel saving and
reduction of toxic exhausts
. Partners are sought for joint development of individual
spark plugs for different types of engines. SME is also interested in a joint venture
with European partners, license agreement.

13. 11 FR 32j2 3KNZ TO

A French SME has developed a wooden overpack
system with good properties that
can be used for food. The company is looking for an industrial partner with a
commercial network and with performing plastics packaging manufacturing
equipment to cooperate under a license agreement.

14. 10 ES 28G2 3HSJ T

A Spanish public research organisation has developed a cell therapy to prevent and
treat ischemia, acute failure or transplant rejection, particularly in kidney. The
advantage of this therapy, based on the modification of cells of the mononuclear
te system to over
express neutrophil gelatinase
associated lipocalin, is the
combined effect of reducing inflammation and promoting regeneration in the
damaged tissue. A patent license and collaboration for development are sought.

15. 11 RU 86FG 3KUH TR


Russian company from Tomsk specializing in the medical instrument engineering
developed a technology of a non
invasive glucometer for individual use

the device
for measuring the glucose concentration in the human blood with a spectroscopic
method. For i
mplementing this device, the company needs a pulsed laser source with
intensity short pulse emission. The company seeks technical cooperation or a
commercial agreement with technical assistance.

16. 11 FR 38m9 3KUS TO

A French company specialized in

healthcare products has developed a range of
cosmetics which use the minerals from the sea to revitalize and energize the skin.
They include sea mud, algae such as Almaria, sea lettuce, Spirulina and Aloe Vera,
with a thalassotherapy effect. The French co
mpany is looking for commercial
agreements with technical assistance.

17. 11 RU 86FG 3KUG TO

A Russian SME from Tomsk has developed a technology for predicting and
evaluating the individual risk of multifactorial diseases, cardiovascular disease (CVD)
particular. An algorithm of genomic diagnostics of hereditary susceptibility to CVD
is also developed. The resulting product is a biochip genetic test with a unique set of
genetic markers. The organization seeks partners for joint R&D, clinical trials,
tification and adaptation to new applications.

18. 11 TR 99PD 3KUP TR

A Turkish SME, experienced in robotics systems and solutions, is looking for a
cutting process, which will be used for cutting acrylic fibres that are squeezed
between rollers during fi
bre production. The company is interested in commercial
agreement with technical assistance and licensing opportunities with companies
having expertise in cutting technologies and that has already developed a cutting
process that can be used for this purpo

19. 11 RU 86FG 3KUE TO

A small company from Saint
Petersburg, Russia, has developed several versions of
an innovative product

modules that can effectively solve the customer
specific problems of improving the quality of indoor air in a natural

way, without
chemical methods.The company is looking for partners to adapt the design to specific
needs and expand the scope of application.

20. 11 RU 86FG 3KUD TO

A Russian innovative SME developed a technology for production of sugar syrups
and beverag
es from enriched fruit and vegetable raw materials. The products
obtained with the new technology are rich in vitamins and minerals and have an
extended shelf
life without artificial preservatives. The company seeks partners for
technical cooperation, prob
ably under a joint application to bilateral calls (RF

21. 11 RU 86FG 3KUC TO

A company from Kazan, Russia, developed a method and a device for operational
control of the sound speed, gas pressure and temperature directly in the annular
space of oil wells with registration of measurement results. Sound speed data
measured with the proposed technology allow a more accurate echo
gauging of the
level of liquid in an oil well basing on the actual pressure and temperature
parameters.The compan
y is looking for technical cooperation and/or licensing

22. 11 TR 99PB 3KUF TO

A Turkish company has developed a new product which ensures simple, cheap,
effective and multi
functional biopsy based on a compact needle and a smart syringe.
By me
ans of the system both tru
cut and aspiration biopsy can be applied at the
same time. The company is looking for partners interested in licensing and technical
cooperation agreements.

23. 11 TR 99PD 3KUA TO

A Turkish company, active in insulation sector,
has developed a coating that provides
high thermal and sound insulation together with fire resistance, low cost and high
durability. The company is looking for signing commercial agreements with technical
assistance with potential partners in Europe. Moreo
ver, the company is open for
technical cooperation opportunities for further development of the product.

24. 11 FR 34K2 3KEI TO

A French engineering company designs and develops industrial equipment for
processing food products. The SME has patented new e
quipment to quickly chill
poultry from 40°C down to 4°C in only 30 minutes per kilogram of meat. Moreover
this chilling system is energy
effective and ensures low water consumption in the
process lines combined with a high level of sanitary safety. Manufac
turers of
agrofood processing equipment are sought for a Licence agreement and know

25. 11 ES 24D8 3KU1 TR

A Spanish company dedicated to aluminium tube production is looking for an
automatic system able to detect flaws during all the manufa
cturing process
comprising extrusion, cutting, inner coating, printing, cup screwing and sealant
application. Currently this process is made manually and causes big losses. A
prompter detection would entail not only substantial material savings, but also h
quality of the product. The company is looking for commercial agreements with
technical assistance.

26. 11 TR 99PB 3KAW TR

A Turkish company experienced in producing brass fittings is looking for a hot press
forging machinery technology. The request
ed machinery will be employed in brass
fittings producing process. The company is interested in a commercial agreement
with technical assistance. Requested technology is expected to be fully developed.

27. 10 RU 86FG 3K0P TO

A small company from Saint
ersburg, Russia, with a strong RTD capacity in the
field of medical X
ray diagnostics, developed a portable X
examination complex
intended for stomatology and maxillofacial surgery diagnostics in nonstationary
conditions (field and domestic conditions). Th
e device is very handy, energy
and low
dose. The company looks for partners for joint testing of new applications,
cooperation in the commercialization of the project.

28. 11 RO 74DN 3KHX TO

A Romanian private researcher has designed an alpine skii
ng simulator, which can
be adapted for either beginners interested in learning carving techniques or for
advanced alpine
carving skiers. The reasearcher wants to share the execution and
assembly plans with a partner who would be willing to produce and furt
her develop
the simulator.

29. 11 RO 74DN 3KE2 TO

A Romanian inventor developed a transportation technology, called ARED, based on
an innovatory pedaling system which can be used to transport both people and
merchandise. In addition to being more eco
ndly and economical than motorized
vehicles, this human
powered vehicle distinguishes itself from other mainstream
pedaling vehicles through improved comfort, speed, and safety. The inventor is
interested in a partnership that will allow for the large scal
e production of the

30. 11 RO 74DN 3KHZ TO

A Romanian private researcher has designed a snowboarding simulator, which can
be adapted for either beginners or experienced snowboarders interested in learning
the carving technique or perfecting it
. The researcher wants to share the execution
and assembly plans with a partner who would be willing to produce and further
develop the simulator.

31. 11 ES 24D8 3KTL TO

A Spanish company has patented a very thin thermal isolation for buildings that
cts the infrared radiations avoiding the heat to enter to the interior in summer and
its exit in winter. This new technology safes energy costs, is easy to assembly and
works as an acoustic and steam barrier. The company is interested in signing

agreements with companies that would like to adapt this technology to
other industrial sectors such as maritime, packaging, automobile, etc.

32. 11 ES 24D8 3KTE TR

A Spanish company is looking for a technology able to separate glass sheets of
c panels from the rest of the components with the aim of recovering the
glass itself and the metals comprised between the sheets constituting the panel. The
company is interested in signing a license or making up partnership for joint
exploitation of suita
ble technologies in the Spanish and Portuguese territory.

33. 11 ES 28G2 3KSZ TO

A public research organisation and a university from Spain have developed triazolyl
aminocyclitol derivatives that act as pharmacological chaperones of the

enzyme, restoring its activity at micro and nanomolar
concentrations. These compounds may have application as drugs in the treatment of
Gaucher disease.Partners from the pharmaceutical industry are sought for the
development and commercialization of the t
echnology under a patent licence.

34. 11 ES 27F3 3KTB TO

An Andalusian company having 25 years of experience in masterbatches
manufacture has developed a method to add new additives to polylactic acid for
improving its mechanical properties. The best adva
ntages are the reduction of costs
and that the process is suitable for a wide range of new carachteristics.The company
seeks to transfer the technology through entering into license agreement.

35. 11 RU 86FG 3KT4 TO

A Russian SME is developing a state
the art equipment for PCR _ laboratories,
which provides the procedures of sample preparation and analysis in a single circuit
(single device). Partners are sought for further joint development of the equipment,
as well as for clinical trials, certificatio
n and joint production.

36. 11 RU 86FG 3KT3 TO

A Russian SME offers a technology for industrial waste
free processing of
substandard or overage reinforced concrete structures (RCS). The use of electric
spark as an operating tool, instead of mechanical too
ls and machinery, allows
obtaining intact armature, embedded fittings and macadam of different fractions for
further construction application. Partners are sought for testing of new applications,
technology adaptation for new materials, equipment certifica
tion and co

37. 10 ES 24E1 3H8T TO

A Spanish company located in the North of Spain, with microbiological and
fermentation expertise, is looking for companies interested in compounds for
research and/or preclinical and clinical development with

diverse applications for
medicine, cosmetics, agriculture, biodiesel, nutraceuticals etc...Joint further
development and joint venture agreements are offered.

38. 11 NL 60AH 3KQ6 TO

A Dutch SME offers expertise and cutting
edge technology to quantitative
ly evaluate
bone and cartilage in fundamental, pre
clinical and clinical research. The company_s
technology platform holds high
resolution imaging modalities like microCT (in vitro
and in vivo) and nanoCT, finite element modeling, mechanical testing facili
ties, and
bioreactor design and manufacturing. The company is looking for partners for joint
R&D projects, technological consultancy and contract research.

39. 10 NL 60AH 3J75 TO

A Dutch company has developed a process for the large scale manufacturing of

natural fibre thermoplastic composites. They produce a wide range of bamboo fibre
reinforced compounds. With their expertise the company is looking for partners to
investigate applications of bamboo fibre for composites with thermosetting resins as
material. The company is interested in license agreements, technical
collaboration and/or joint ventures.

40. 11 NL 60AH 3KSY TR

A small Dutch professional car adaptation company enables a large group of people
with a physical limitation to drive independ
ently by the application of their high quality,
innovative car adaptation products. The company searches for technological support
on modifying the upcoming application of electric power steering.

41. 11 FR 33k1 3KII TO

A French SME is specialized in coat
ing deposition for high temperature and extreme
environments. The French SME has an unique expertise and proprietary process
allows the growth of micrometer thin layers as well as millimeter thick bulk
materials.Based on its unique HTCVD (high temperature
chemical vapor deposition)
technology, the company is able to provide coatings.Materials on demand are
produced to companies using high
temperature processes.Different kind of
agreements are sought.

42. 11 HR 89GQ 3KZJ TO

Croatian SME is interested in pro
duction of different parts of wind energy systems
made of composite materials, especially wind turbine blades and cabins. SME has
great experience in design and production of advanced composite material
structures. In addition, they have sufficient facilit
ies, human and technical resources.
The region has great potential for wind energy exploitation. Company seeks a partner
with experience for possible technical cooperation and manufacturing agreement.

43. 11 HR 89GQ 3KZM TO

Croatian boat builder offers co
mplete technology for manufacturing unsinkable fibre
reinforced polyester powerboats. Distinctive design of V shaped hull together with
configuration of multiple buoyancy chambers makes it stable and fast even in rough
water. It_s also economical, easy to
operate and control, provides soft and dry ride,
with high loading capacity and high temperature and osmosis resistance. Boat builder
seeks partners interested in commercial agreement with technical assistance.

44. 11 HR 89GQ 3KVO TO

A Croatian company sp
ecialized in engineering and manufacturing offers tailor
services in production and implementation of a wide variety of hoisting cranes. The
offered service includes the whole engineering process from the innovative design up
to the actual crane imple
mentation. The company is looking for partners in other
sectors for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

45. 11 HR 89GQ 3KZO TO

A Croatian SME has developed an on
board cargo loading and damage control
software to meet various international re
quirements to ships and owners (SOLAS,
MARPOL, OPA 90, etc.) for calculation of intact and damage stability and longitudinal
strength. Modular design and interface enable the rapid development of tailor made
extensions and modules or customization of the s
oftware to specific needs. Company
seeks partners for joint venture or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

46. 11 HR 89GQ 3KVN TO

A small company from Croatia developed an innovative process based on
organizational IT tool which enables straig
htforward overview of work organization
and associated processes together with monitoring of project activities realization.
The company is offering licensing and technical consultancy.

47. 11 HR 89GQ 3KVX TO

A small Croatian company developed and patente
d highly innovative plastic seal.
Seal prevents any unauthorized handling and misuse without causing destruction
and visible damages on the seal. It is integral and parti
colored, and contains laser
printed barcode together with serial number and logo. The

company seeks industrial
partners for commercialization of the innovation or joint venture.

48. 11 HR 89GQ 3KOR TO

A small Croatian company in cooperation with Croatian university has developed a
highly sophisticated vane machine. Advantages over convent
ional vane machines
are 80
100% more power in comparison with competitor identical size machines, less
working oil needed and 100% longer lifetime with low maintenance costs. The
company seeks industrial partners for commercialization of the innovation in
the field
of hydrogen fuel cells or as compressor for air pre
compression in internal
combustion engine.

49. 11 HR 89GQ 3KZL TO

Croatian medical and research center has developed innovative set of processes and
procedures for more precise diagnostic of va
rious health problems, optimization of
athlete performances and rehabilitation therapy. This service results with shorter
rehabilitation, improved patient_s quality of life and decreased overall costs. It may
be used in medical, rehabilitation and sport ce
nters. Company looks for technical
cooperation or joint venture agreement for further development and implementation.

50. 11 HR 89GQ 3KVW TO

Croatian SME offers solutions in airborne hyperspectral remote sensing data
acquisition and information products f
or a wide range of applications. The company
uses latest technology and local expertise in delivering integrated products, custom
algorithms and modeling tools. The company offers custom solutions in new
applications of remote spectroscopy, advanced imagin
g techniques, environmental
monitoring and mapping, through commercial agreement with tech. assistance or
technical cooperation.

51. 11 HR 89GQ 3KOQ TO

A Croatian innovator has developed innovative and improved design of guiding
rollers for sliding gates.

This design enables easy, silent, precise and long
guiding of sliding constructions in all environmental conditions without damaging the
guide beam and with reduced resistance. Partner is sought for possible licensing or
commercial agreement with
technical assistance.

52. 11 HR 89GQ 3KVM TO

Croatian innovator has developed and patented high pressure gas turbine power
plant. Invention provides increased efficiency of the gas
turbine plant by replacing the
compressor with a high
pressure recip
rocating (piston) air compressor. Inventor
is seeking partners interested in licensing the technology.

53. 11 HR 89GQ 3KZQ TO

Small Croatian company has patented market
proven fish trap with folding
capabilities. Trap's unique and highly innovative abilit
y is to fold up in different
shapes and take 20 times less space than conventional trap. Its entrance, which
defines targeted catch (fish or shellfish) and holds it inside trap, is flexible thus
allowing usage in various conditions. Company seeks partners
for joint venture or
licensing agreement.

54. 11 HR 89GQ 3KVS TO

Croatian SME has developed embedded web server technology for remote
monitoring and management via the Internet based on low
cost 8 & 32
microcontrollers. This technology enables measuri
ng, storing and displaying recorded
data in intuitive way using web as a platform with no need for installation of additional
software. Beside Ethernet this system has support for remote access through GPRS
network. Company is interested in all forms of te
chnical cooperation.

55. 11 HR 89GQ 3KVU TO

A Croatian company has developed brand new eco
friendly magnetic system for
using classic venetian blinds and pleated materials between two insulating window or
door panes. Main advantages of the system are sign
ificant price reduction in relation
to existing systems, reduced technical complexity and added flexibility. The company
seeks potential partner interested in license agreement or classic commercial
agreement with technical assistance.

56. 11 HR 89GQ 3KVY


A small Croatian company has developed a set of innovative educational materials
that enable children learning important, basic mathematical concepts with ease, joy
and through play. Due to various levels, they are suitable for pre
school and school
ildren, as well as for children with learning and other specific difficulties (dyslexia,
ADHD, etc.). The company is looking for the industrial partner who would be
interested in commercialization of the invention or in joint further development.

57. 11 H

Croatian company active in software development for mobile platforms has
developed customizable tourist navigator application with full OS integration.
Application is currently available for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and
berry platform. The company is looking for partners interested in technical
cooperation with adaptation, or possible commercial agreement with technical

58. 11 SE 672F 3KU2 TO

A Swedish SME has developed a new, unique method for separation of
magnetic and non
magnetic blanks. The solution manages flat material, such as
steel, copper, aluminium, plastic. The product can be used in several different
industry segments to improve production efficiency, output and reliability, in other
words it

can be used in a mixed material production environment. The company is
looking for license agreement, technical cooperation or a commercial agreement with
technical assistance.

59. 11 SE 672F 3KV0 TO

A Swedish SME offers a high speed technology for effic
ient drying of free
bulk materials, grain, powder, wood chip and other granules including pharmaceutical
dittos.The simple, environmentally friendly and innovative drying concept provides a
result with good quality, increases productivity for the u
ser and can provide significant
and energy savings.The company seeks licences, joint venture or technical
cooperation agreements with partners within the fields mentioned.

60. 11 TR 99PD 3KSW TO

A Turkish SME, deeply experienced in vision systems, ha
s developed a new method
for determining the surface shape of transparent objects by using laser surface
heating and thermal imaging. This method is used in quality inspection of plastic
objects as well as of transparent glasses within continuous productio
n lines. The
company is offering commercial agreement with technical assistance.

61. 11 ES 24D8 3KSV TR

A Spanish company from the field of construction materials is looking for innovative
technologies with isolating, waterproofing and transpiration prope
rties. These can be
either final products or raw materials to be incorporated in the companys own range
of products. The company is looking for manufacturing agreement.

62. 11 ES 28G2 3KCN TO

A Spanish research institution has developed a method to functi
onalize polystyrene
surfaces in a controlled way. First, a chlorosulfonation of polymer surface is carried
out followed by a reaction with bifunctional molecules. Surface can be functionalized
with a wide range of groups. These substrates are suitable for
diagnostic essays like
ELISA or DNA chips. Industrial Partners interested in a license agreement for the
exploitation of the technology are sought.

63. 11 ES 24D8 3KSS TR

A Spanish company is looking for new industrial telemanagement systems for public
ghting, solar fields, building integral management, watering systems, sewage
treatment plants' control, etc. The integral dashboard will be used especially by town
hall staff with the aim of achieving better control of this kind of installations and cost
ffectiveness. The company is looking for a commercial agreement with technical

64. 11 RU 86FG 3KSN TO

A Russian SME from St. Petersburg has developed a complex of mechatronic and
robotic research setups that are prototypes of real technical sy
stems, and a number
of universal control approaches for various classes of dynamical systems. These
setups allow to reduce the costs of automatic control system design for real technical
plants: vessels and submarines, aircrafts, mechatronic systems. The c
ompany seeks
partners to adapt the technology to new applications or a license agreement.

65. 11 RU 86FG 3KSM TO

A group of Saint Petersburg universities and companies developed a concept and a
model of the closed system "nature
tehnogenics" for controlli
ng the processes
between the natural and tehnogenic environments.In order to solve the problems of
such level, they need industrial partners interested in efficient step
step reduction
of pollution from one company, several companies, for trans
border c

66. 11 RU 86FG 3KSL TO

A Russian SME, jointly with a leading R&D centre from Obninsk, Kaluga region,
developed a technology and manufactured a prototype of a glass
melting apparatus
for cost
effective platinum
free production of glass
fiber. The dev
elopers seek
partners for license agreements and commercial agreements with technical

67. 11 RU 86FG 3KSK TO

A Russian SME, jointly with a leading R&D centre from Obninsk, Kaluga region,
developed a technology for laying the strengthening 2D a
nd 3D nanocomposite
coatings over cutting tools. The coating increases the tool service life by 2
5 times.
The developers seek partners for license agreements and commercial agreements
with technical assistance.

68. 11 SE 67CC 3KSP TO

A small company in S
outh East Sweden has developed a parking lighting device for
trailers. The main advantages of the device is that it prevents traffic accidents and
reduces the risk for trailer damages. There is furthermore a legal requirement to
install this type of device

in several European countries. The targeted partners are
companies that are interested in commercial and/or technical partnerships.

69. 11 ES 28G2 3KSJ TO

A Spanish public research organisation and a Hospital have developed a small size
multielectrode de
vice for recording bioelectric signals of patients (brain activity)
without using conductive gel. Collaboration for further development and patent
licence are sought.

70. 11 FR 32j2 3KKZ TO

A French SME manufactures a liquid level sensor specifically desi
gned for
aggressive liquids, such as oil, gasoline or medical liquids, for cryogenics such as
liquid nitrogen and for extreme environments, such as explosive area. The company
is looking for industrial partners interested in technical cooperation (testing
of new
applications and adaptation to specific needs).

71. 11 FR 32j2 3KPY TO

A French SME has developed a patented product ideal for use in cashless systems
and to provide a simple control of admittance. The machine is used to manage
admittance in self s
ervice. Currently used in school cafeterias, the equipment can be
used in the corrections and healthcare industries. The company is looking for
cooperation with partners able to provide their catering software and complete their
offer with its product, inc
luding maintenance on site.

72. 11 RU 86FG 3KS8 TO

An entrepreneur from Moscow specialised in the field of business process
automation developed a cost
effective and easy to implement technology of people
flows identification and estimation at a given ter
ritory. The technology can be used for
automation of marketing research process, estimation of number of contacts in the
outdoor advertising, detection of road capacity on
line and for identification of
throngs. The developer seeks partners for licensing a
greement or joint venture.

73. 11 RU 86FG 3KS7 TR

A Russian SME is looking for a partner with competencies in the field of development
of laser processing plants. The company proposes collaboration in a project on
development of new technologies for laser

processing of details and metal works,
allowing the laser beam to perform precision manufacturing operations for
strengthening the surface of the metal. The company foresees technical cooperation
and joint applications to bilateral calls (RF
EU countries)

74. 11 ES 28G2 3KRV TO

A public research organisation and a university from Spain have found that the
protein Dlk
1 inhibits angiogenesis and may be applicable to the control of tumor
growth. By over
expression of Dlk
1, they have succeeded in inhibitin
g angiogenesis
in Matrigel assays and aorta explants. Companies to exploit the use of this protein
under a patent licence are sought for.

75. 11 ES 28F9 3KR4 TO

A Spanish enterprise has developed a technology that includes in a virtualized
environment: A
digital switchbox VoIP/PSTN (hybrid) based on Asterisk Standard
(Supporting POTS, ISDN, PRI and VoIP), Windows Terminal Server, File Server and
a wide range of additional software: CRM, E
Mail, Fax Server...The technology is
offered as a full featured syst
em that includes the server by itself, network clients and
VoIP telephones, avoiding extra costs. The company seeks commercial or technical

76. 11 RO 662B 3KRW TR

A small Romanian company is searching for technology and equipment for pellets
oduction from vine ropes. The company seeks commercial agreement with
technical assistance.

77. 11 RU 86FG 3KGJ TO

A small Russian enterprise from Chelyabinsk developed a new anti
icing lubricant

an efficient and enduring ice protector for electrical in
stallations that improves their
service life and reliability. The substance can also be used for protecting antennas,
refrigerators, in the aviation. The SME seeks partners for a manufacturing
agreement and/or commercial agreement for supply of small batc
hes of the product.

78. 11 SI 68CO 3KQK TO

A Slovene micro company active in the field of wood processing and production of
wooden product developed a new form of children's play garden. It is intended for
children playing in the years from two to six yea
rs. It stimulates physical skills
development. The company is looking for commercial agreement with joint further

79. 11 RU 86FG 3KQZ TO

Innovative SME from Yekaterinburg, Russia offers an innovative packing for
multicomponent drinks comprisi
ng a container installed in the bottleneck. The
container allows the user to mix the drink components instantly just by clicking on the
cap. This design allows preserving the taste and useful properties and ensures a
long storage of the drink without synth
etic additives or preservatives.The company
seeks industrial partners for joint venture agreements and further development of the

80. 11 ES 28G2 3KQ1 TO

A public research organisation and university from Spain, and a Swedish researcher
have design
ed an equipment to obtain in one step, dry particles of active compounds
from complex mixtures. Functional properties are preserved by extraction with
subcritical water, and use of supercritical CO2 and N2. No further drying is required,
thus reducing cost
s and operational issues. Manufacturers of extraction equipments
or companies producing or using natural compounds are sought as patent licensees.

81. 11 ES 252K 3KQS TR

A large Spanish food manufacturer is looking for a technology to sterilize dry food
roducts (inclusions) and dose aseptically in a fresh dairy product (neutral pH, non
acidic). The main objective is to avoid contamination of the fresh dairy product.
Partial solution (either sterilization or dosification) can be proposed. They are looking
for technical cooperation, manufacturing or commercial agreement with technical

82. 11 ES 28G2 3KQM TO

Spanish company has patented a spectrophotometry method to measure total
antioxidant capacity in biological samples and the contribution of
uric acid to this
capacity. This allows avoiding interferences due to altered levels of uric acid in
different health conditions, oxidative stress or physical exercise. Only commercial
reagents and enzymes are required. Industrial companies for developing
exploiting a kit based on this method under a patent licence are sought for.

83. 11 CZ 0746 3L3O TO

A small Czech company has developed and patented a smart and highly efficiency
air cleaner based on the principle of a photo
catalytic effect with wate
r suspensions
of the photocatalytic titanium dioxide and inorganic binders. The photocatalytic
coating activated by ultraviolet radiation dissociates organic microparticles of
carcinogens, viral and bacteria molecules. The company is interested in license
agreement and technical assistance.

84. 11 RU 86FG 3KPX TO

A Russian SME designed a disposable capsule for painless bile sampling.
Autonomous capsule is made of medical plastics and provides a safe and painless
alternative to duodenal probe. The patient s
wallows the capsule as a usual medicine
and, on the average, in a day the capsule leaves the organism in a natural way,
taking away the portion of bile necessary for the analysis. Partners are sought for
further joint development, testing of new applicatio
ns, license agreement.

85. 11 PL 61AJ 3L46 TO

A Polish Academy has developed a cassette pontoon bridge. The pontoon cassette
bridge is composed of single repetitive buoyant segments, called cassettes, in which
the pontoon filled with pressured air is an e
lement assuring displacement. The main
advantage of the proposed solution is regulated load
bearing capacity. The Academy
is looking for technical co
operation, joint further development and and financial

86. 11 RU 86FG 3KPW TO

A Russian SME fr
om Tomsk designed a portable device for individual non
blood glucose measurement. The optical method of blood testing, realised in the
proposed device, simplifies the blood test procedure: a patient just needs to place a
finger on the device_s pan
el or place a sensor on the earlap. In a few seconds, the
patient will get the full information about the glucose level in blood. Partners are
sought for further joint development, testing of new applications, license agreement.

87. 11 CZ 0746 3KQO TO

zech research institute aimed at the experimental and numerical research of
fatigue damage of materials offers specific know
how and expertise to industry
companies producing structural parts for non
harmonic load application (railway,
automobile industry,

etc.). The institute is interested in commercial agreement with
technical assistance in the optimization of fatigue lives of dynamically loaded
structures, multi
axial fatigue, estimating of fatigue lives of machine parts.

88. 11 TR 99PB 3KQF TR

A Turkis
h company is looking for a technology providing contactless polyethylene film
welding to be used in packaging processes. Preferably, technology shall be already
in market. Company is looking for a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

89. 11 EE
21B9 3L5E TO

An Estonian SMEs is developing a platform for rapid tests of various infections. The
SME is now looking for complementary technologies from the medical device industry
for developing applications and products based on the novel technology plat
The main competitive advantage of the platform is that it can be used at home and at
doctors' practices without any supervision. The results are quick, discrete, accurate,
preventive and cost
effective. Joint further development is sought.

90. 11 TR


A Turkish company developed an innovative steel door production technology
providing tailor
made door production that can be used in manufacturing doors
according to special needs. Company seeks industrial partners that will be served
with ta
made doors production after signing a manufacturing agreement.

91. 11 CZ 0744 3L5U TO

The researchers at a Czech University have developed and successfully tested
pressure distribution measurement device. It is currently used for biomechanical
es: pressure distribution between the sole of the foot. They would like to find
industrial partner for manufacturing and/or research institute for joint further
development of industrial applications. Type of collaboration sought: license
agreement, joint
further development and/or testing new applications.

92. 11 TR 99PB 3KQD TO

A Turkish company has developed an innovative printed circuit board producing
technology providing production in 24 hours that can be used in fast small and
medium volume producti
on. Company seeks industrial partners that will be served
with tailor
made, fast printed circuit board production after signing a manufacturing

93. 11 RO 74DQ 3KQ7 TO

A Romanian SME has developed a CMS platform

web based, developed from over
7 years. It's a very modern solution for companies and organizations that are
interested in an information management solution. Any information portal or website
can contain a strong administration using this solution. Commercial and technical
agreements a
re sought.

94. 11 CZ 0744 3L5V TR

The researchers at the Czech University are looking for a manufacturer of conductive
ink for their R&D project. They would like to replace currently used matrix_arranged
miniaturized pressure sensors by conductive ink. Pa
rtner is sought for Commercial
Agreement with Technical Assistance.

95. 11 PL 61AJ 3KE1 TO

A Polish compamy has developed senses examination platform which is a portable
device used for performing screening tests of hearing, vision and speech in children,

young people and people with special educational needs. It allows for detecting a
number of dysfunctions related to hearing, vision and speech. Such disorders, unless
detected early, have all the potential of disturbing harmonious development of the
. The company is looking for technical cooperation and joint further development

96. 11 PL 62AQ 3KY5 TO

Research institute from north
east Poland developed modern wind turbine that can
be used in electronic industry and increase energy efficiency of wind
energy and
convert it into electricity. The aim of the present invention is to create more efficient
wind turbine that could be used at lower wind speeds and large, urban
areas.Developers are interested in establishing research _ development cooperation,
n which the partner will provide finance support for further researches.

97. 11 ES 27F3 3L6J TR

An andalusian technology center specialised in management of projects and their
introduction to public R+D+i support programs,answers the technological and
ustrial needs of the plastic sector by means of their own resources and through
collaboration with Universities, other technological centres and government bodies is
very interested in fostering the European Cluster cooperation outside Europe.The
y Centre is looking for partners or consortia to join to the call.

98. 11 ES 27F3 3L6I TR

An andalusian aeronautical association specialised in act as framework of the
"cluster" Andalusian sector and providing support to the subsidiary companies of the
ctor and the relationship withs other institutions, associations and foundations is
very interested in fostering the European Cluster cooperation outside Europe.The
association is looking for partners or consortia to join to the call to increase the
ational competitiveness of the participants clusters.

99. 11 ES 27F3 3L6E TR

An Andalusian Association of Promoters and Producers of Renewable Energy works
as a negotiator/speaker with the Autonomic, Central and Local Administration. Its
main objective is

to represent, coordinate and defend the common professional,
economic and business interests of its members. This association is aimed at
fostering the European Cluster cooperation outside Europe. The association is
looking for partners or consortia to jo
in to the call to increase of the international

100. 11 PL 63AY 3L63 TR

A Polish SME company from the service sector is looking for new technologies for
trenchless pipe
laying. The company specializes in laying pipelines in difficult terr
The sought technology should be available for demonstraction/using. The company
is seeking technical cooperation or commercial agreement with technical advice.

101. 11 IT 52T4 3L52 TR

An Italian company located in the Italian fashion district of Biel
la is looking for a
partner (SME) located in the eligible area of France and Belgium in order to develop
an Industrial R&D project proposal under the FP7

(http://crosstexnet.eu). The main focus of the research proposal would be th
e study
of pre
treatme (nts), with the aim of improving natural dye and assess the possibility
to improve natural dyeing processes on natural fibers.

102. 11 ES 24E1 3L1B TR

A Spanish energy agency is going to submit a project to integrate actual and fut
energy efficiency technologies and renewable energy sources in singular facilities
dedicated to training and technological activities.This entity is looking for
National/Regional energy agency leader in biomass/geothermal for the development
of integra
ted energy efficiency and renewable energy sources facilities dedicated to
training and technological activities in the scope of new building construction.

103. 11 ES 24E1 3KYI TR

A Spanish energy agency is submitting a proposal to provide support in the
development of Micro
Local Energy Action Plans in which specific measurements will
focus on the particularity of specific rural areas. These actions will assist
municipalities for their future adhesion to the Covenant of Mayors. The lead partner is

for energy agencies, association of municipalities (less than 20000
inhabitants) and development agencies. Please see comments box for additional

104. 11 LV 58AD 3L5Q TO

Latvian research institute has developed a new binary spray rigid foam
(PUR) systems (A and B components), which are applicable for insulation of roofs,
overheads and other surfaces. The polyol systems are produced from vegetable oil
polyols and additives. The storage life for components is up to 6 months. The in
is looking for technical cooperation or/and commercial agreement with technical

105. 11 TR 98OF 3KYC TR

A Turkish University is preparing a proposal for the ICT PSP Call 5 and is looking for
libraries, universities, research institutes
, government agencies, organizations, which
have the type of rare books and works, and capable of processing them according to
the international rules and standards.The purpose of the project is to create open
access digital library with historical, cultur
al, social etc resources that reflect
influences and exchanges between European and Near Eastern countries.

106. 11 PL 61AJ 3KYE TR

A Polish SME is looking for an innovative technology concerning the production of
finedimension vibropress concrete element
s like concrete cube, curbs and palisade.
It should enhance the quality, durability and reliability of those products. The
company is expecting the license agreement, commercial agreement with technical
assistance and technical consultancy.

107. 11 PL 63
AU 3L62 TO

A small Polish company has developed special compositions of microorganism_s
strains useful at sewage treatment plants, composts and landfills. The
microorganisms are mutually reinforcing, replacing rotting, eliminating mold, initiating
or stabi
lizing the fermentation processes, accelerating mineralization in the process
of composting. Company is looking for partner interested in introducing of the
technology and research influence of the technology into improvement of wastewater


11 CZ 0746 3L5X TO

A small Czech company has developed and patented a low cost manufacturing
process of TiO2 nanoparticles based on a modification of crystalline anatase. These
particles can be used in the production of photocatalytic products (sunsc
photocatalytic coatings, etc.). The company is interested in license agreement with
technical cooperation.

109. 11 CH 84FB 3L69 TO

A Swiss company developed a modular sand barrier for flood damage and erosion
protection, spate irrigation, dam reinf
orcement and other. Compared to traditional
systems the barrier is quickly deployable and has more damming potential with fewer
filling material. It can be seen as an evolved & saving manpower sandbag based
system. They look for companies active in the fie
ld of civil engineering, infrastructure
protection, oil/gas extraction or industrial fabric for various types of co

110. 11 PL 61AJ 3L2G TO

A Polish acadamy has developed energy
absorbing panel increasing passive safety
of road users.The energy

absorbing panel is composed of a thin
walled shell (metal
or composite)filled with foam or foams.Tests showed that panels have a very good
ability to absorb energy during the impact of a vehicle against a barrier.Panels are
characterized by simple structu
re, easiness in production and low price.The academy
is looking for technical co
operation, joint further development and financial resource

111. 11 PL 63BC 3KQB TR

A Polish fast developing company which specializes in manufacturing floorball
equipment is

looking for a quality carpenter_s machine for cutting boards. The
company wishes to improve its products quality and speed up the production
process. The company is looking for a commercial agreement with technical

112. 11 NO 79EL 3KY7 TO

orwegian SME has developed a technology to improve HVAC system efficiency.
The energy carrier within the majority of HVAC systems is water. However, its
inherent properties and consistently variable quality present a major operational
issue. The instant wa
ter enters a HVAC system it causes corrosion, scaling, bacterial
contamination and fouling. This has a huge impact on energy consumption The
company is looking for international partners for a commercial agreement with
technical assistance.

113. 11 AT 010
8 3L5W TO

A private Austrian inventor has developed a system which allows an Enduro
motorcycle's seat height to be increased to more than 1.000mm. The technology
enables the rider to adopt a more comfortable position during the ride and allows a
move away
from basic motorcycle construction options. The patent owner is
searching for an investment partner interested in patenting the technology
internationally or a licencee interested in using the technology.

114. 11 AT 0108 3L5P TO

An Austrian R & D company
has developed an innovative protein production
technology which enables the speedy production of high quality secreted proteins
with enhanced yields and purities for pharmaceutical companies and other protein
manufacturers. The company seeks a partner in t
he aforementioned fields for the
purpose of a manufacturing or licensing agreement or for joint research and

115. 11 US 87GA 3L4Y TR

A large US company is looking for expertise to understand interactions of
microorganisms and antimicrobial ac
tives. The goal is to understand the use of
Quaternary Ammonium Compounds and Biguanides to improve their use for
antimicrobial cleaning products. They are interested in short term consulting.

116. 11 GB 46P4 3L1T TO

Scottish company has developed two pat
ents related to fishing gear which allows a
more environmentally way of catching and transporting crustacean species.
Advantages over current fishing gear is that it allows the release of crustaceans
under medium size back into the water unharmed.The trans
portation of the
crustaceans in a controlled oxygenated environment ensures a higher quality end
product. The company is looking for partners interested in further commercial or
research development.

117. 11 GB 41n7 3L4T TO

A UK SME offers computer
drug design performed by pharmaceutical industry
experts to groups in drug discovery who lack expertise and/or access to computer
technologies. The service takes advantage of the strengths of various cutting edge
methods and software. Customised projects a
re offered on very flexible terms.
SME_s and academic organisations are offered commercial agreements with
technical assistance.

118. 11 GB 41n7 3L5Z TO

A UK company offers a precision rapid
response sampling oxygen analyser designed
for outstanding perfo
rmance in tough situations. Based around their advanced long
life zirconia sensor technology the new instrument delivers fast warm
up and rapid
response times (>4s for 90% change). Packaged in an IP65 enclosure and with a
wide choice of sampling options, t
he robust unit can be located in almost any
industrial situation. The company is seeking additional partners for technical
collaboration etc.

119. 11 SE 67CM 3KZK TR

A SME from northern Sweden is looking for suppliers of dyeing pigments and
processes appl
icable for cellulose based materials such as jute.

120. 11 SE 67CJ 3KSE TO

A Swedish SME in the renewable energy sector has developed a forced
air furnace
system for residential heating and usage in e.g. garage, workshops and greenhouse.
The furnace opera
tes together with a pellet burner. The furnace operates at high
efficiency and requires little space. The burner keeps a steady temperature, is easy
to install and maintain. Partners are sought for commercial agreements, marketing,
installation on site and

technical consultancy.

121. 11 SE 67CJ 3KTP TO

A Swedish electro
engineering company in cooperation with developers of a Dutch
university is marketing a sulphur plasma lamp that generates solar simulated light.
This light source can be suitable in all a
pplications where natural light is desired. This
could be climate chambers, material testing, high bay areas, wave length research,
photovoltaic testing. The lamp is not in a mass production stage yet. The company is
looking for new markets and buyers for
the full spectrum plasma lamps.

122. 11 SE 67BY 3L3I TO

A Swedish University spin
off has developed a substance made of colloidal silver, a
nanoproduct for antibacterial surface treatment. One key application is within
sustainable construction, where orga
nic fouling may cause large damages on
buildings and construction elements, on materials of concrete, brick, wood, metal,
plastics, etc. They are looking for industrial partners for licensing agreements and
adoption of the technology to match application s
pecific requirements.

123. 11 SE 67CG 3KRE TO

An SME from Northern Sweden has developed a system that combines laser and/or
vision systems with software algorithms in order to monitor, measure and control
everything thansported with a conveyor belt, inclu
ding control of the belt
functionality.Production problems originating from a conveyor belt are costing billions
for the industry, and this can be avoided.The company wants to find partners that
work with consultancy in production planning, projecting new
industries or

124. 11 SE 67CG 3KRF TR

An SME from Northern Sweden is developing touch
free systems for monitoring and
logging machines, items and products for optimising production information and
logistic control of process and production p
erfomance in heavy industries.The
company is looking for state
art technology in RFID applications and products
with regard to range, energy consumption, durability and cost.The company wants to
find partners to develop specific applications in heav
y industrial applications.

125. 11 SE 67CG 3KLV TO

An SME from Northern Sweden has developed a technology for mixing recycled
rubber into a variety of other materials. A patented binder acts in molecular level to
bind and lock the new material into ecolog
ical and environmentally friendly products.
Flooring products is one large area, as well as for example injection moulded
products.The company wants to find partners interested in licensing the technology,
form joint ventures or in financing the developmen
t of new production

126. 11 PT 65BN 3KPR TO

A Portuguese University developed a new system for power transmission. It can be
applied in bicycles, similar vehicles or machines that are powered by movement
conversion, with an efficiency increase relatively
to the conventional means.The
University is looking for companies that produce bicycles for a licensing and/ or
commercial agreement.

127. 11 PT 65BN 3KRI TO

A Portuguese company, that provides global digital solutions for laboratories, has
developed a so
ftware solution that covers every functional phase in a laboratory_s
workflow.This is a LIMS software (Laboratory Information Management System or
Laboratory Integration Management Solution) that includes intuitive features and
functionalities that allow r
eal time entry of all data in a laboratory, connecting the
existing processes through workflow mechanisms and enabling a digital environment.

128. 11 LU 70DB 3KZP TO

A company from Luxembourg develops and manufactures manure recycling systems,
y suitable for large farming installations. These innovative systems convert
animal manure into heat, electricity, clean water and solid organic fertilizer. The
Luxembourg company is looking for partners ready to integrate this technology in
their product

129. 11 LU 70DB 3KPC TO

An IT company from Luxembourg has developed an innovative server monitoring
solution, specially designed for SMEs. This system can be implemented in minutes
by a non
expert user, is very cost
effective, transparent and
particularly intuitive. This
monitoring system works in a Microsoft (other operating systems will follow soon)
Windows environment and does neither require additional hardware nor to modify the
IT infrastructure. Commercial agreement with technical assista
nce is sought.

130. 11 LU 70DB 3L55 TO

A Luxembourg company active in the field of wasterwater treatment has developed a
new system for the treatment of digestate resulting from biogas production. This
system contributes to the protection of natural water

resources and generates cost
savings regarding fresh water expenses and wastewater disposal fees. By means of
this system, the fluids from the digestate can be re
used or directly discharged. The
company is looking for commercial agreement with technical

131. 11 LU 70DB 3L56 TO

A Luxembourg company active in the field of wasterwater treatment has developed a
new system for the treatment of produced water resulting from oil extraction. This
systems allows to remove free oil, suspended solids an
d dissolved hydrocarbons for
further processing. The cleaned water can be re
used for infiltration to deliver crude
or directly discharged. The company is looking for commercial cooperation with
technical assistance.

132. 11 IT 56Z4 3L4V TO

An Italian com
pany has developed a cooling system that eliminates the use of
conventional refrigeration cycles. The system does not require the presence of
electricity and this makes it extremely versatile, autonomous and even for different
areas of application. Company

is looking for industrial partners interested in licensing

133. 11 IT 56Z4 3L5C TO

An University Spin off company has developed a new technology for producing
drinkable water from undrinkable waters, with elevated salt concentration, or pollut
waters with the sole use of solar energy.The solar still can be easily moved and
located in any territory subject only to the presence of the sun with a contained cost
of installation. This company is already adapting the system in new plants around the

world and it is interested to establish new technical and commercial agreements.

134. 11 IL 80EP 3KV7 TO

An Israeli entrepreneur, an expert for waste management, is interested in transferring
the knowhow for production of low speed size reduction machine
s for incinerating
and recycling and connected planning for handling a multitude of used but also new
materials, as well as for saving transport cost.

An excellent opportunity of
cooperation for producers of new recycling processes or suppliers of compact
conveyors, separators, briquetting machines etc. Licensing partners are sought.

135. 11 HR 89GJ 3L0F TO

A Croatian company has developed high end, fully functional Call & Dispatch System
solution. It is adaptable to fit the needs of specific client f
ocused on effective and
prompt communication and transfer of information. Scalability and modularity are
main advantages of the solution. SME is looking for emergency and various security
organizations that need reliable cost effective communication system
s. Commercial
agreement with technical consultancy is sought.

136. 11 FR 33j6 3KSU TO

The European Organization for Nuclear Research developed & patented a high
performance Gas Electron Multiplier (GEM). In combination with appropriate
converting material
s it allows the detection of ionizing radiation such as charged
particles, photons, X
rays and neutrons, in gas detectors. This GEM detector is
useful in many sectors such as medical (imaging, radiation treatment), material (X
ray detection), homeland secu
rity.Industrial partners are sought for licence

137. 11 FR 32j0 3L37 TO

A small French engineering company, patented a new emergency switch, with
optimization of manufacturing costs. It permits to cope with the drawback of the other
switches (
pull or push
turn type). Such a switch will find its application in many
technical fields, such as, and non
restrictively, on industrial chains and devices,
tools, and supply circuits, etc.The company is looking for industrial partner
to manuf
acture the range of emergency switches.

138. 11 FR 38m7 3KRO TO

A French research center specialized in dermatology and cosmetic has developed
expertise and methods that allow it to answer to all kind in claims substantation in this
fields. It has gathere
d representative panels of volunteers with identified and
controlled skin types, and a large equipment are also available to perform in vivo
studies under the control of a dermatologist.Technological cooperation and
subcontractor agreements are sought. Eur
opean partners will be appreciated.

139. 11 FI 30I2 3L4I TO

A Finnish company has developed a proprietary technology to detect brain natriuretic
peptide (BNP and proBNP) in patient samples to help in diagnosis, prognosis and
screening of potential heart f
ailure patients. Technology is not affected by
modifications occurring in BNP and therefore SES
technology based assays
give consistent results with all forms of BNP reducing the risk of misdiagnosis.
Company is looking for diagnostic or healthcare com
panies interested in licensing the

140. 11 FI 30I1 3L1P TO

A Finnish research center has developed a single
step method for producing
transparent see
through windows and areas on printable materials (like envelopes
and packages) based on starc
based formulation and a hot
press process. The
method provides many advantages over conventional multi
step process of cutting
and assembling of different pieces. The company is looking for industrial partners
interested in further development and techno
logy implementation through licensing.

141. 11 FI 30I1 3KK1 TO

A Finnish University has developed an analysis and control system for CNC
(computer and numerical calculation) rough turning. The system measures real time
signals from the turning process and

eliminates fault
cutting conditions during cutting
if needed. The adaptive system optimizes quality, efficiency and safety of rough
turning by controlling the cutting speed and/or feed rate automatically. The university
is looking for industrial partners
for further development and commercialization.

142. 11 ES 23D2 3KQJ TO

A Spanish university has developed a novel, active, effective and long
term stable
catalytic system for decomposing nitrous oxide to harmless products (oxygen and
nitrogen). It is usef
ul for complex waste gases coming from industries, combustion
plants or vehicles exhaust gases (petroleum or diesel engines). The system is fully
developed and successfully tested in a nitric acid plant. The university is looking for
companies interested i
n acquiring this technology for its commercial exploitation.

143. 11 ES 23D2 3KUX TO

A Spanish research group has a wide experience with domotics technology
developments. Researchers have developed new technologies applied to home. The
main objective is t
o integrate the management of all electronic devices at home. The
research group is specializing in offering domotics solutions to persons with reduced
mobility, for example elderly, children or handicapped people. Researchers are
looking for partners to a
pply the developed systems or joint further developments.

144. 11 ES 23D2 3KV3 TO

A Spanish University has synthesised a noble metal
free catalyst for nitrogen oxides
(NOx) storage and reduction (NSR catalyst). The catalyst developed consists of a
doped mixed oxide with perovskite structure. Its major application is the
removal of NOx gas in oxygen
enriched streams such us the exhaust gases emitted
by diesel engines. The University is looking for automotive industries interested in
licensing the tec
hnology or in collaboration for carrying out the scaling
up process.

145. 11 ES 24D4 3KXY TR

A Spanish University is looking for partners for a joint research project which
objective is the creation of a new standard modelling language and a methodology t
unify the design, the integration and the simulation of advanced nanoelectric
components and infrastructures. The University is looking for companies and
research centres working in IT and nanotechnologies for technical co

146. 11 ES 27F4 3KR

A Spanish public research organisation has patented a lightweight and small size
portable thermal bath. It enables an uniform liquid heating, keeping a constant
temperature along its entire extension, and maintaining the liquid static, without
nces or movements. It is particularly suitable for experimentation. Industrial
Partners interested in reaching a license agreement for the exploitation of the
technology are sought.

147. 11 ES 27F4 3KS9 TO

An Andalusian SME has developed different highly
innovative products based only
on natural organic and inorganic components with a strictly defined composition.
Developed and designed for the use in municipal or industrial wastewater treatment
plants using activated sludge systems without anaerobic diges
ters. The products
substantially reduce sludge production and stabilize the biological treatment process.

148. 11 ES 27F4 3KRQ TO

A Spanish public research organisation has developed a snack with a high content in
fibre, micronutrients (Fe and Zn) and ess
ential aminoacids (lysine and methionine)
using a mixture of whole grain flours from corn or rice, and wild Vicia and Lathyrus
legumes. The snack has good organoleptic properties and is suitable for celiacs.
Food companies to develop and commercialize the
snack under a patent licence are
sought for.

149. 11 ES 27F4 3KR7 TR

A Spanish Technological Center is looking for a technology for getting nano
organoclay sepiolite. They would carry out the preparation of organoclay
nanocomposites adding sepiolite

to certain plastics to improve their characteristics.
The Center is also interested in acquire the transfer of knowledge for developing the
technology for getting nano
sized sepiolite. They are looking for a Manufacturing

150. 11 ES 27F4 3KTI

A Spanish public research organisation has patented a method for O
sulphating of
glycosaminoglycan and oligosaccharide precursors of heparin analogues. It is faster
(reaction times are reduced from days to only minutes), more efficient (higher than
yields), simpler (less by
products are generated, making purification easier) and
cheaper (lower reagent quantity is required) than current methods. Industrial partners
interested in a patent license to exploit the technology are sought.

151. 11 ES 27F4 3

A Spanish public research organisation has patented compounds derived from the
phenolic natural products Tyrosol and Hydroxytyrosol. These compounds have
surfactant properties similar to other commercial non
ionic surfactants, and higher

capacities than many commercial antioxidants (E307, E310, E320 or
E321). Therefore, they could be useful to develop cosmetic, food, agrochemical,
personal care and pharmaceutical products. Partners interested in a patent license
agreement are sought.

. 11 ES 27F4 3KU7 TO

An andalusian research group has patented a family of type sp2 iminosugars
selectively inhibiting neutral alpha
glycosidases of the endoplasmic reticulum. These
amphiphilic iminosugars bear strong potential for therapies targeted at di
abetes, viral
infections, and specially, cancer, since our researchers have shown that in breast
cancer cell lines these compounds inhibit proliferation and are not cytotoxic. The
research group is interested in reaching a Licence agreement.

153. 11 ES 27

An Andalusian SME offers effective and high
quality wastewater solutions adapted to
the polluting load of different types of wastewater effluents. The system deals with
problems generated by agroindustrial effluents and other human activities. T
company is looking for several types of collaborations.

154. 11 ES 27F4 3KV9 TO

An Andalusian research group has developed a novel composter which enables the
commercial value of the dead fish to be realized in situ at the aquaculture production
lations. Its main advantages are that the compost obtained does not smell, the
plant is autonomous and it is made suitable for working in isolated areas. The group
is interested in achieving a licence agreement or a Technical cooperation agreement.

155. 1
1 ES 27F4 3KVA TO

An Andalusian research group has designed a new device to obtain samples of
planktonic organisms at any depth in the ocean. It is designed to be used
simultaneously with samplings of water performed with an oceanographic rosette. Its
ntages include low manufacturing and handling costs, and the device is much
simpler to use than other existing and complicated mechanical devices. The group is
interested in achieving a licence agreement or a Technical cooperation agreement.

156. 11 ES 27
F4 3KV2 TO

A Spanish SME has developed a smartbuoy to be used in a network of underwater
sensors. This innovation consists of a fixed environmental monitoring system and
independent support. The computer performs the acquisition and transfer of
al parameters of the underwater environment for indefinite periods of
time allowing two
way communications in real time. They are seeking partners for
licensing agreement, technical cooperation and/or commercial agreements.

157. 11 ES 27F4 3KXM TO

A group

of Spanish engineers have designed an innovative electrification system
allowing urban tram
ways to get rid of the unsafe and unsightly catenary. Advantages
over other catenaryless solutions, such as third rail and battery power systems,
include simplicit
y, safety and cheaper cost of ownership. Licensing Agreement is
being offered to the transportation industry/research firms for further development
and manufacturing.

158. 11 ES 27F4 3KVB TO

A group of Spanish Researchers have developed a methodology for
manufacturing of three
dimensional acoustic lens capable of focusing the sound at
one point. The process, from two
dimensional lenses and by inverse design
optimization step, allows getting lens with higher flexibility and efficiency than existing
. Lens obtained has applications in medical (non
incision surgery, ultrasound,
physiotherapy) and environmental acoustics. Patent licensing and collaboration
agreements are sought.

159. 11 ES 27F4 3L03 TO

An Andalusian research group has developed a metho
d for manufacturing
nanoneedles that contain specific nanofeatures localized in samples of different
materials. The method has a wide range of applications, including the preparation of
samples for analysis by scanning
transmission electron microscopy, sca
nning optical
microscopy, electron tomography and atom probe microscopy, and the study of
physical properties of selected nanomotifs. The research group is looking for a
license agreement.

160. 11 ES 27F4 3L1M TO

A Spanish public research organization has

developed a new method to tag objects
that consists in applying on them one or more nanometer
thick and invisible layers by
plasma polymerization.Any kind of pattern even highly complex, can be recorded in
these layers, by laser or other techniques, allow
ing its recognition, control and
tracking. Industrial partners interested in a patent license for the exploitation of the
technology are being sought.

161. 11 ES 27F4 3KU6 TO

An Andalusian Research Institute has developed a non
invasive method for
is, classification and/or response to treatment of inflammatory or autoimmune
diseases. This method is aimed at potential patients with different clinical
manifestations (especially systemic lupus erythematosus) through the use of Acyl
Coenzyme A synthetas
e long
chain (ACSLs) as biomarkers. Industrial partners
interested in a licensing agreement to exploit this technology are being sought.

162. 11 ES 27F4 3L5J TO

An Andalusian SME with 25 years experience in the field of ICT has developed an
innovative rem
ote control system for the integral management of renewable energy
systems. This tool is a hardware and open source software solution for the
appropriate capture and processing of data throughout the lifecycle of a renewable
energy installation. They are i
nterested in technical cooperation and commercial
agreement with technical assistance.

163. 11 ES 28G3 3KQC TR

A spanish company working in the field of biodiesel production from jatropha seeds is
looking for a shelling (peeling) machine for jatropha seed
s. The company is looking
for Commercial Agreement with Technical Assistance and licence agreement.

164. 11 DE 1380 3L3V TO

A German Research Institute has developed a flexible continuous conveyor, a so
called FlexConveyor showing the future of plug
lay conveyor technology. The
system works without master computer or any other central infrastructure system and
is applicable in transport technology, process control, logistics and automation. Main
advantages of this development are a high level of flexi
bility with high throughput and
less costs. The institute seeks a license agreement or a technical cooperation.

165. 11 DE 1380 3L2T TO

A large German Research Institute has developed an electronic drawbar for
agricultural machines (e.g. tractors) effecti
ng a duplication of work in simple time. The
effective use of autonomous machines like this could create a financial advantage
especially in countries with large agricultural areas. This technology is applicable
especially in forest shaft and agriculture o
r in car industry. The institute is seeking
either a license agreement or a technical cooperation.

166. 11 CY 0641 3L4L TO

A high
tech SME established in Nicosia, Cyprus is offering variety of Augmented
Reality (AR) solutions and products for many purpose
s such as, marketing and
product promotion, events, presentations, museums, education and custom solutions
based on the customer needs. Augmented reality and interactive solutions are
impressive new technologies taking advantage of the _WOW_ factor, can at
many people and give a new dimension for creativity. The Cypriot SME is open to
any type of collaboration.

167. 11 BE 0213 3KSX TR

A multinational active in the consumer goods sector looks for automated ways of
detecting and measuring online and off

line 3D defects in 3D packaging production
lines. The company will favour partners with existing technologies but is nevertheless
open to partnerships with limited development work.

168. 11 BE 0213 3KZV TO

A Brussels
based company, active in the fields o
r M2M railways telematics, fleet
management software and supply chain, has developed an extensive fleet
management solution composed of locomotive and wagon GPS telematics coupled
with an advanced Railway fleet Management application as well as mobile phon
clients. The solution enables to automate railway operations and maintenance
processes and represents high productivity gains for customers. Different kinds of
collaborations are sought.

169. 11 BE 0213 3L1O TR

A Brussels
based company specialized in th
e manufacturing and trading of dairy
products is urgently looking for a subcontractor in Germany, France, Italy, Spain or
the Netherlands in order to produce a yogurt. The potential partner should have a
FFS (Form _ Fill _ Seal) production line and be able

to pastorise the product.
Experience with drinkable yogurt is requested. Manufacturing agreement is sought.

170. 11 KR 9A9E 3L42 TO

A Korean company has developed a Cu
Ribbon applied with a flux. TECHNOLOGY
is a manufacturing process to enable simplifyin
g the solar
module assembly.
TECHNOLOGY gets rid of a coating process, and shortens assembly cycle time. The
company is looking for industrial partners to technical cooperation, joint
ventures,manufacturing agreement, commercial agreement with technic
al assistance,
and financial resources.

171. 11 KR 9A9E 3L4G TO

A Korean SME has developed a new producing device of light oil. TECHNOLOGY is
a reclamation manufacturing method, converting into diesel oil package waste such
as foil, synthetic resins such
as polyvinyl chloride, etc. It improves product yield of
75% to 120% and provides pyrolysis of wastes at low temperature. The company is
seeking industrial partners to license agreement, technical cooperation,
manufacturing agreement, commercial agreement
with technical assitance, and
financial resources.

172. 11 KR 9A9E 3L43 TO

A Korean SME has developed a sun light tracker which can be installed in water
environment. TECHNOLOGY is a solar energy tracking device floating in accordance
with the altitude of

Sun. TECHNOLOGY increase a 140% of energy generation rate,
compared with ground
fixed type. The company is looking for industries involved in
manufacturing a photovoltaic tracker system. Partners interested in license
agreement or joint venture are sought

173. 11 KR 9A9E 3L4B TO

A Korean company has developed a heat pump technology which applies to typical
drying machine. TECHNOLOGY is a heat pump equipped with drying machine in
sealed typed air circulation to enable it a faster drying. It improves dryin
g efficiency
by 30% compared with existing heat pump, and 50% fossil energy used drying
machine. The company is looking for the overseas business partners for license
agreement and investment.

174. 11 KR 9A9E 3L45 TO

A Korean SME has developed a new manuf
acturing method of siliconwafer slicing for
high efficient solar cell. TECHNOLOGY is a manufacturing process to produce
siliconwafer using conventional production line. TECHNOLOGY increases in
conversion efficiency over 50%. The company is looking fo
r the dynamic business
partners among the solar sell makers and particularly ultra
high efficiency solar cell
for license agreement.

175. 11 KR 9A9E 3L4C TO

A Korean company has developed a new coating method of vehicle surface that
reduces air frictional

resistance by forming concavo
convex shape on the external
surface. TECHNOLOG is able to improve fuel efficiency. The company is looking for
the dynamic business partners among paint and automobile manufacturer, transport
industry, and distribution indust
ry for license agreement.

176. 11 KR 9A9E 3L4E TO

A Korean company has developed a vertical axis wind turbine for wind power
generation. INNOVATION is a wind generator operating at low wind speed, so as to
utilize both drag force and lift force simultaneo
usly for a rotation. INNOVATION
operates at low wind speed therefore benefits high generation efficiency.The
company is interested in scientific technical cooperation and commercial agreement
with technical assistance.Partners interested in testing of new
application, quality
control are sought

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