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Welcome to

insert property name

insert address

Information folder

This folder contains useful information which we hope will be
of help to you whilst you are on ho

Please contact the Caretaker if any of the information in this folder

is not correct in order for the errors to be rectified.

Insert property photograph


People to call if you have a P

& suggested Solutions

Emergency Services

& Fire Safety Advice

Points to

note d
uring your stay


Electricity, Gas, O
il etc (including emergency stopcocks etc)

Prior to Leaving


Important points to note for your Departure

The Environment

Beside the

Seaside, beside the S

General Information

& Contact Numbers

urrounding Area Map

We sincerely hope you enjoy your holiday in our area and you are pleased with your
choice of Holiday Accommodation.

Thank you for booking through Cornish Horizons (Holiday Cottages)

People to call if you have a problem


Problems with the standard of cleaning, if you want to arrange special or extra
cleaning or if you have not been provided with cleaning materials, dustbin bags
etc at the start of your stay

please contact

Insert name of

& contac
t telephone number



If an appliance is not working correctly, there is something which is missing or
broken or there is something wrong with the building or servic

contact the

Insert name

Caretaker &
contact telephone number(s)



Before contacting the
aretaker please note the most
commonly occurring faults in holiday homes

listed on the following page.

Possible solutions to common problems


The oven or grill not working! In the
vast majority of cases this is due to the fact that
the oven has been set to automatic or, with some ovens, that the clock has not been
set. Please consult the oven instruction booklet. Please also check that the mains
switch on the wall has not been turn
ed off.


The ‘fridge is not working at all or is not cold enough. Please check that the mains switch
on the wall has not been turned off and that the thermostatic control inside the ‘fridge
has not been set to off or to a setting which is too low.
If the ‘fridge is cold at the back
but not cold enough at the front this could be because there is too much food in there to

allow the cold air to circulate.

Electric Night Storage Heaters

If this property has storage heaters and these are not working i
nitially or the heat is
being lost too quickly. Please see general advice under “HEATING” later on in this

Washing Machine Door will not open

Usually this is because there is a time delay on the machine

check the washing
machine instruction bo
ok. Leave at least 5 minutes before attempting to open the
washing machine. Do not force the handle. If the door still will not open call the
caretaker. PLEASE NOTE


Water heater


The immersion
heater is not working initially or hot water is running out quickly. Check
to see that the water heater(s) is turned on; if there are two switches one of these may
be off peak which means it will only heat the water over night, in which case the other
ch will need to be turned on if there is no or insufficient hot water. You may find that
instead of a second switch there is a ‘boost’ d
ial which, if turned, will heat

the water for
an extra hour.

Loss of Electricity Supply

Loss of all supply


Please che
ck that the main earth trip breaker has not been activated
(its location should be listed under “SERVICES” later in this manual.) NB
. T
his can cut
out for something as simple as a light bulb failing. If the trip is still on it is likely that there

is a p
roblem with the electricity company’s supply either due to a general power cut, a
local supply fault or just possibly a failure in the electricity company fuse. You could
confirm whether there is a general power cut or a local supply fault by enquiring at

adjacent property. The helpline for the local electricity company (Western Power) is
0800 365 900

you will need to
give the postcode (see front of this information folder
or your direction pack).

Loss of part supply


Please check the main fuse boa
rd to see that an individual circuit
breaker has not been tripped (its location should be listed under “SERVICES” later in this

NB this can cut out for something as simple as a light bulb failing. If this
property has an older fuse board with f
uses you will need to contact the caretaker.

Possible solutions to common problems, cont.

Water Supply

A discolouration in the water is usually due to a change in pressure or a leak on the
mains water supply nearby. The discoloured water should be re
ported to South West
Water on 0800 169 1144

you will need to
give the postcode (see front of
information folder or your direction pack). Assuming they are already aware of the
problem they will usually be able to tell you how long it is likely to l
ast. They will also
usually advise you to run the supply for an hour or until the water runs clear. If the
property is on a water meter they should tell you that they will credit the owners
account for the run
off water used.

Cloudy or milky looking water

is usually because air has got into the system and, in that
case, is safe to drink.

TV not working

Check that it is plugged in and switched on at the wall, the aerial lead is plugged in at
both ends, and that the
dvd or
video player (if provided) is plug
ged in and switched on
both at the wall and on the player.

Emergency Services



999 or 112


845 2777444




01841 532373

Padstow area

for other areas

y Yell.com


0845 4647 (24hr. helpline)


01841 520647

Padstow area

for other areas try Yell.com


01841 532346

Padstow area

for other areas try Yell.com

If the surgery is closed you will be directed to the appropriate

means of contacting a doctor out of
hours, either by direct transfer or by answerphone message. You must listen to the whole
message, as there may be different telephone numbers to ring at different times of the day. The
out of hours service is for cond
itions which cannot wait until the surgery opens the next morning.
Make the call from a telephone which is able to receive incoming calls, since in most cases the
doctor will need to telephone the patient back. If you call on behalf of someone else, ensu
re that
you have full personal details of the patient. Patients may be given an appointment at one of the
out of hours surgeries. Note that these are by appointment only; that if patients arrive without an

appointment they will be asked to telephone for
an appointment, before they can be seen. Usually
the centres are not continuously manned.

Emergency Services

Your postal address is:

[Insert address]

Directions to give doctor, emergency services, etc.:

[Insert directions]

The nearest public telepho
ne box is:

[Insert directions to nearest telephone box even if there is a telephone in the property]

The nearest Casualty units are:

Minor Injuries

Call before going to find out opening times

Bodmin Hospital

01208 251577

Camborne and Redruth Ho

01209 881650

Edward Hain Hospital, St Ives

01736 576107

Falmouth Hospital

01326 434739

Fowey Hospital

01726 832241

Helston Hospital

01326 435815

Launceston Hospital

01566 765653

Liskeard Hospital

01579 335278

Newquay Hospital

01637 893623

St Austell Hospital

01726 291199

St Barnabas Hospital, Saltash

01752 857407

St Mary's Hospital, Isles of Scilly

01720 422392

Stratton Hospital, Bude

01288 287713

Accident & Emergency

Royal Cornwall Hospital, Treliske, Truro 0187
2 250000

As you may be unfamiliar with your holiday property the risk of fire could be increased.

Know Your Holiday Home

Familiarise yourself with the property layout especially the location of exits,
windows and keys.

Make sur
e you know where the Fire Extinguisher and Fire Blanket are located.

Make sure you know where emergency lighting (usually a torch) is located.

Test smoke detectors on arrival by depressing the test button.

Be Prepared

Discuss what you would do in the even
t of a fire. Plan escape routes and keep all
exits clear.

Make sure all your party knows what to do in a fire situation and how to escape

Agree in advance where you will meet if you have to exit the property due to a fire.

Take Care in the Kitche

Not all cookers are the same, be aware that the cooker may heat faster or slower
than your own.

If deep frying do not fill the pan more than a third full of oil. If the oil starts to


the heat
. Do not put food in

leave to cool. Mak
e sure food
you put in to fry is dry.

Never leave saucepans on the heat unattended.

Do not allow electrical flexes to go near the cooker tops.

Keep toasters away from electrical flexes, curtains and combustibles.

Avoid unnecessary risks

Portable heaters s
hould be positioned safely, preferably against a wall facing into
the room, and at least 3ft from furniture. Do not use portable heaters to dry
clothes or towels.

‘Open’ fires should be protected by a fireguard at all times.

Do not smoke or use candles i
n the property.

Any Problems

Contact the Owner / Caretaker

Insert name and contact telephone numbers


If you think something is unsafe
do not use it and
please inform
the Owner /
Caretaker [
Delete as applicable

Electrical a
nd gas appliances must be used in accordance with instructions. If
possible, please inspect appliances (eg. vacuum cleaner flex) before use in case of
damage by previous occupants.

Check for areas specifically unsafe for small children, eg. ponds, rail
ings around
balconies or terraces, household products, ant poison, etc.

Fire Safety Procedure

Points to Note During Your Stay


Padstow area

for other areas visit
Cornwall Cou
nty Council website

adapt the following as necessary

Rubbish is collected on
, often very early in the morning. North Cornwall
District Council will only collect from the kerb;
this is where you will need to place the
rubbish. We suggest you

leave the dustbins out there on Monday night

(leaving bags is
not a good idea as they get ripped apart by foxes, seagulls, etc.)

If you have not been left a supply of dustbin bags contact the housekeeper. (Do not use
recycling bags for ordinary rubbish

as the dustmen will not take them.) Somebody else
will have to put out your rubbish next week so please make sure that it is all securely
bagged up. It is particularly important that
absolutely all rubbish in wheelie bins is bagged

otherwise the

dustmen will not take it


they do not have bin lifts on their refuse


Bank Holidays

Weeks with a Bank Holiday Monday

no change to rubbish
ion arrangements.

Collection point for this property is

Insert collection point

The disposa
l of refuse during the holiday season is a major headache for property
owners, caretakers and housekeepers. We would be extremely grateful if you can limit
the amount of rubbish generated and please make sure you do not miss BIN DAY

Padstow ar

for other areas visit
Cornwall County Council

Collections are fortnightly starting at 7.00 a.m. The dates for your area should be
shown on a calendar on the wall. Your recycling round is Padstow Blue Zone.

Blue bag

Newspapers & Magazines

Catalogues & brochures

Junk mail & stationery


Wrapping paper & wall paper

Brown envelopes

Plastic wrappings

Clear bag

Drinks & food cans (please

Aerosol cans

Plastic milk bottles (wash &

Foil (put in carrier bag first)


Paint tins

Plastic pots, trays & bottle tops

Other plastic bottles

Plastic packets (e.g. crisp & tea)

Plastic bags, film & wrappings

Red bag

Clothes & accessories

Household textiles


Torn & dirty clothing & odd shoes

Rags and damp i

In supermarket carrier bags

Glass bottles & jars (remove
tops & lids)


Any other type of glass


Cardboard boxes & packets

Brown envelopes

Cardboard food packets and

Please flatten them

do not put in the
recycling ba


Drinks or milk cartons

Otherwise the nearest bottle bank together with aluminium, clothing and paper banks
are at Padstow next to the council offices which are just by the entrance to the car
park at the end of the Camel Trail.

as appropriate

Breakages and Faults

If you should break or damage something during your stay, please arrange for the
item to be replaced or repaired. If this is not possible please contact the
owner/caretaker and arrange to pay for the repair/replacem
ent. The nearest outlet to
obtain crockery is [
Insert outlet

If something should go wrong during your stay please inform the caretaker
IMMEDIATELY. Do not leave this until the end of your stay because there may then be
insufficient time to correct the d
efect before the next occupant arrives.

Parking, boundaries, etc

Insert information as appropriate


make sure that you lock up and make the property secure when you go out.
Keys are found [
Insert location of keys
. Please make sure yo
u put keys back where
you found them on departure.


If housekeeper prepared to offer this service

If you would like any cleaning carried out during your stay please contact


Please do not take linen, bedding or towels ou
t of the


Ants are occasionally a problem at certain times of the year. You may find ant poison
kept in a cupboard in the house (probably under the kitchen sink) and you are free to
use this as required. Please take care when using near fo
od and read instructions
carefully. Please clean away surplus poison before you leave to prevent it being a
danger to the occupants who follow you. If you cannot find ant poison and you would

like it provided please call
the Owner/ Caretaker [
Delete as a


After spending a relaxing day on the beach, please check your feet before entering
your accommodation just in case you have tar on your feet.


As mentioned in your booking conditions, dogs should not be allowed in bedrooms or
on the f
urniture. Please do not leave your dog unattended in your accommodation at
any time.
Delete if not applicable


The following is an inventory of the equipment which should be found at the house as
a minimum. Please tell the

owner/caretaker if you find any item is missing.

Per Person


Cereal or


large and

Egg cup


Teacup and saucer


large and

Wine glass


table and


dessert and tea


table and

Per Property


if smoking

Baking tray or tin

Basic clothes drying

line or rack

Biscuit or cake tin or
storage container

Bread board or
chopping board

Bread bin/Storage

Bread knife



Butter dish

iere or coffee

Casserole dish with lid

Carving knife and fork

Cleaning agents
including washing up

appropriate to
equipment supplied

Clothes pegs

at least


Condiment set

Corkscrew and bottle

Cutlery box or drawer

sh cleaning cloths

Door mat at exterior


Dustpan and brush

Fish slice

Floor cloth and/or mop

Frying pan


Ice making tray

Iron and ironing board



Kitchen scissors


Measuring jug

Milk jug

Mixing bowl

and small

Oven cloth or mitts

Oven roasting tray

Pie dish

Potato masher

Potato peeler


medium, small with

Two additional large
saucepans if 8 or more


Serving dishes x 4 (to
include salad bowl

vegetable d


Spare light bulbs (at
least one for each type

Sugar basin

Table cloth (or one
place mat per person)

Table spoon (


Tea towels with hooks,
rail or suckers

Tin opener

Toast rack



Vacuum cleaner

Vegetable knife

Washing up bowl with
brush or sponge

Water jug


Wooden / plastic
mixing spoon


Water Main

Stopcock located [
Insert location


Mains switchboards and earth trip breaker located [
Insert location


off valve located [
ert location

Delete if not applicable


Tank located [
Insert location
] [
Delete if not applicable

Please note

if the gauge registers less than 30% please inform the [owner /

Delete as applicable


storage tank located [
Insert locat
] [
Delete if not applicable

Septic Tank

It is important that no unsuitable chemicals are used. Please check the
instructions on the product you are using. Never put disposable nappies, sanitary
towels, etc. down the toilet.

Delete if not applicable

Heating and Hot W

Several different types of heating are described

delete the ones which do not apply
and adapt the ones which do.

Gas [
] Central Heating

The radiators and hot water tank
delete ‘tank’ if the boiler
is a Combi
are heated b
y gas


boiler which is located
Insert location
. The
programmer is
Insert location

Generally, the water will be programmed to come on twice
per day and this
should, in most circumstances, be perfectly adequate. If however, extra hot wa
ter is
needed and the boiler is not due to come on just press the ‘change’

button and the boiler will come on and heat the water without you having
to change the programme.

Combi boiler
] If the hot water tap runs cold it could be t
hat it has not been turned on
sufficiently or the boiler may need relighting.

To re
light the boiler [
Insert instructions
]. [
See also instructions on inside of flap on

The central heating should (hopefully!) not be required in the summer. If,
heating is required for a short time just

set the programmer to
‘cont’ and the heating
will run continuously until you turn it off. PLEASE REMEMBER TO TURN IT OFF.

During the winter you will probably find that the heating has been set to come on

twice and this should usually be perfectly adequate. If, however, you find it is cold
during the day just press the ‘change’
advance/ override?]

button next to the slide
control and the heating will come on. If the weather is very cold you may find it
necessary to leave the slide control on ‘once’

all day

There is a thermostat
Insert location
. The temperatures are shown in Centigrade
and a setting of 20

should be adequate at most times. Each radiator also has
individual thermostat so that you can vary the temperature from room to room.

If temperatures are show

in Fahrenheit
] 50˚F is equal to 10˚C, 60˚F is equal to
15˚C and 70˚F is equal to 21˚

The radiators have thermostatic valves which means that you can control the

heating in each room. So if you find some areas of the house are not warm enough it
would be better to turn up the thermostats on the radiators in those areas rather
than turn up the heating in general.

Please do not leave the heating on if it is not necessary.

There is an immersion heater for the hot water tank. The switch is
Insert location
should never be necessary to use the immersion heater unless the boil
er has broken
down. If you do feel the need to use it PLEASE REMEMBER TO TURN IT OFF.

Additional heating

Insert information as necessary, eg. gas fire in lounge
, heated towel rail in bathroom

Electric towel rail

Can become very hot so please take
care with young children. Do
not put more than two layers of towels/clothing on the rails.

Electric Fan Heater

The Electric Fan Heater is [
Insert location
]. The heater sometimes overheats and cuts

out. If this should happen please press the re
set butt
on which is [
Insert location

Convector Heater

There is also a portable convector heater which is
Insert location

Open fire

Please use the fire guard at all times.

Wood burning / Multifuel stove

There are vents which control the burn and these a
Insert location
Always use
the tool

provided or a heat proof cloth / glove to handle the controls.

You can buy logs from
Insert location

Gas fires/heaters

To light the gas fire / heater
Insert instructions
]. If you have any problems or can
find operating instructions, please contact the caretaker.

Electric radiators

To turn on the heaters

[Insert instructions
]. If you have any problems or cannot find
operating instructions, please contact the caretaker.

Hot Water

Hot water heated by
electric immersion

The hot water tank is located [
Insert location
] and is heated by electric immersion.

The switch is located [
Insert location

There are two switches labelled ‘Sink’ and ‘Bath’. Turn on ‘Sink’ for a small amo
nt of
hot water, ‘Bath’
for more hot water.
Please do not leave both switches on as the

water may overheat and scald. It is safe to leave them on for a short time to speed
up the heating process.

Hot water heated by off peak electricity


The hot water tank is located

] and is heated by

electric immersion. The switch
es are [
Insert location
There is a timer on the immersion which is run off the off
supply so
that the water heats at night. However, if you run out of hot water in the day ther
e is
a boost dial.

There are two switches for hot water, labelled
‘Emergency Hot’ and ‘Economy Hot’
You should find the
‘Economy Hot’

switch turned on when you arrive and for most of
the time you will find that the water heated by this switch should be pe
adequate for your needs. If, however, you find that you are running out of hot water
then switch on the

‘Emergency Hot’

switch for a short period but YOU MUST

since the water could over heat and become dangerous
after a tim



The shower runs from the domestic hot water system and is
thermostatically controlled.

The mains switch for the electric shower is [
Insert location

The shower runs off mixer taps on the bath. If a hot or cold tap is turned on
elsewhere in

the property this could affect the temperature of the shower water.


Night Storage Radiators

The night storage heaters use off
peak electricity, heat up
overnight and give out their heat during the day. Therefore, they will not give out any
eat when you first turn them on. You can vary the temperature and the time of day
the heat is given out by the dials on the top of the heaters. Generally, the Input dial
controls the amount of heat stored and the Output dial controls the amount of heat
iven out during the day. By way of example: during mild weather you would
probably not need to set the heaters on full, so turn the Input dial to, say, 4. If you
want just background heat throughout the day set the Output dial to, say, 3.
However, if you
are out all day and want to conserve the heat throughout the day
until your return set the Output dial to 1 and then turn it up on your return. BUT

otherwise the heater will give o
ut all its heat in the morning and there will be
none left to boost the heating during the evening of the following day.

Please also note that on some heaters the Output dial is called Auto and the Input dial
is called Room Temperature. Some heaters have

instructions for use under the flap
over the controls section.

Please do not put anything at all on top of the heaters.


The shower runs from the domestic hot water system and is
thermostatically controlled. The mains switch for the electric sho
wer is just below the
electricity meters on the right hand side

marked ‘shower’. The meters are at high
level in the lobby between the kitchen and the bathroom.


By both storage radiators and electric fire in the lounge.

The bathroom and th
e utility room have an electric fan heater which sometimes
overheats and cuts out. If this happens you should press the re
set button.

There is also a portable convector heater located in the utility room.

By both storage radiators and convector heaters

and the open fire in the sittingroom.
The bathroom has an electric fan heater. This type of heater can sometimes
overheat and cuts out. If this happens you should press the re
set button.

The instructions for the use of the heaters are in this informat
ion folder

replace them after use. Please do not put anything at all on top of the heaters.

By oil filled electric radiators. There is a switch in the back porch labelled MAINS
HEATING. Turn this on to turn on the heating. Each radiator also h
as an individual
switch so that you can have heating on in some rooms and not others. In addition,
there is a thermostat in the inner hallway which will turn off the radiators once a
certain heat has been reached and each radiator also has individual ther
mostat so that

you can vary the temperature from room to room.

Additional information which you may feel is appropriate

It is important that the vent [
Insert location
] is not blocked when the gas fire is in use.

Laundry facilities

The washing machine is

Insert location

The tumble drier is [
Insert location
Delete if not applicable

Iron and ironing board are[
Insert location

Spin drier is [
Insert location
Delete if not applicable

Washing line is [
Insert location

Airer is [
Insert location

On your Departure
Important points to Note

We hope you have an enjoyable holiday and would be grateful if you would take a few
moments to read below a few points we wish to bring to your attention.

Your accommodation should be left clea
n and tidy. Please don’t forget to wash
the grill pan, barbecue and coffeemaker

thank you.

Please turn down the linen on the beds used. [
delete if no linen provided

All appliances should be switched off on departure. If possible, please turn off
erator and freezer [
delete ‘freezer’ if not applicable
] early in the day of
your departure and also please leave door[s] open.

Please also turn off the heating and hot water systems. [
Adapt this request as
necessary, eg. ‘Use the switch on the hot water

programmer in the airing
cupboard to turn it off; do not turn off the main switch as this disrupts the

Please clear out grate if you used the fire. [
Delete if no fire

On the changeover day the property should be vacated by “the latest departure
ime” (detailed in the information sheet that came with your directions).

If you have brought a dog, please check the garden and clear up any
‘accidents’. [
Delete if no pets at this property

Please close all the windows and lock all external doors and the


The keys should be returned to where you collected them.

Please deliver a cheque for the cost of your telephone calls to Cornish Horizons
at the end of your stay when you drop off the keys.
Delete if not applicable

Do please complete the Corni
sh Horizons questionnaire and return it to them.

The Environment

Cornwall has hundreds of thousands of visitors every year and this inevitably affects
our environment. So that Cornwall may continue to give pleasure to us all for
years to come we would ask our visitors:

...to use water wisely

In spite of some of the highest charges in the country South
West Water often has difficulty maintaining supplies in the summer months.

...to be aware of the effect of walking, climbing, etc. in open spaces. Hundreds of feet
tramping across the dunes, cliffs or moorland can often cause extremely damaging

...to return crabs, shrimps and fish back to the rock pool you found them i

...to 'poop scoop' after your dog.