Growth by discovery, acquisition and development


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Growth by discovery, acquisition
and development
Gary Stafford, Managing Director
Sydney Mining Club – 7 November 2013

 PanAust formed in 1995 as a minerals
 Late 1990’s cyclical commodity downturn
led to a strategy shift to acquire a pre-
development stage mining asset
 2001 agreement to acquire Lao
registered Phu Bia Mining Limited
 Heap Leach Gold Operation commenced
in 2005 but the real opportunity lay in the
larger Phu Kham Copper-Gold Operation
which was brought into production in
 Phu Kham production to steadily
increase to a peak of around 90,000tpa
From junior explorer to mid-tier miner
 2005: First gold pour at the Phu Kham Heap
Leach Gold Operation
 2006: Completion of equity and debt package
for funding of development of Phu Kham
 2008: First sales of copper-gold concentrate
from Phu Kham
 Late 2008: Phu Kham was cash flow positive
despite the slump in copper prices due to the
 2009: Recapitalised after the GFC

2010: Decision to build Ban Houayxai for
average annual production of 100,000oz gold
and 700,000oz silver

PanAust timeline
 2010: Phu Kham production rose to 67,800t
copper and 58,000oz gold
 Acquired a majority interest in the Inca de Oro
Project in Chile
 2012: First gold-silver bar poured at Ban
 Completed the US$95m Phu Kham expansion
 2013: Completed the US$30m Phu Kham
Increased Recovery Project
 Announced the acquisition of Frieda River
PanAust timeline continued
 Good operating environment, stable
 GoL owns 10% of Phu Bia Mining Ltd,
PanAust’s Lao-registered entity
 To date, PanAust has invested
approximately US$1.2 billion in Laos
 In 2012, PanAust’s economic contributions
accounted for:
 More than 7% of the nation’s GDP; and
 Over 30% of total Lao exports
Contribution to the Lao economy
 Phu Kham and Ban Houayxai providing
strong cash flow to support dividends and
 Phu Kham process plant upgrade;
Increased Recovery Project 2013
 Production to progressively lift to annual
output to peak levels of 90,000 tonnes per
annum in 2018 and 2019
 Production outlook for 2013 to 2015
 62,000t to 65,000t copper for 2013; rising
to between 65,000t and 70,000t in 2014
and more than 70,000t in 2015
Production and growth
 Mineral Exploration and Production
Agreement covers an area of over
 Phu Kham region: trend of copper-
gold and gold-silver mineralisation
extending from Phu Kham for a
distance of over 13km
 Potential to augment Phu Kham mill
feed and extend mine life
 Phonsavan Copper-Gold Project:
stand alone project or low capital
trucking option for processing at Phu
Pre-development opportunities in Laos

 Pre-feasibility study nearing completion
Development options:
 Stand-alone open-pit and flotation
processing operation
 Alternative low capital cost
development scenario to transport high-
grade open-pit mineralisation for
processing at Phu Kham
Phonsavan Copper-Gold Project, Laos
Data shown on a 100% equity basis.
 Joint Venture with Codelco
(PanAust 60.45%)
 Feasibility Study underway:
scheduled for completion in mid-
 Potential to establish a second
business stream in Chile
 Carmen copper-gold deposit
(PanAust 100%): potential
satellite open-pit to augment Inca
de Oro feed

Inca de Oro Copper-Gold Project, Chile

 PanAust has entered into a share sale and purchase agreement with
Glencore Xstrata plc to acquire its shares in Xstrata Frieda River Ltd
 Initial Frieda River Project ownership will be PanAust 80%, Highlands
20%; the PNG Government has an option to acquire up to 30% of Frieda
 Initial cash consideration of US$75M in two tranches: US$25 million upon
transaction close; and US$50 million on 31 December 2015
 On successful completion of a project development a 2% NSR royalty
becomes payable that will not exceed US$50 million in aggregate
 The acquisition fits well with PanAust’s corporate strategy; entry into a
world class copper-gold deposit that provides the basis for long-term
sustainable growth of the business

Frieda River Project, PNG
Project location
Source: Glencore Xstrata
 To date, four copper-gold deposits and several prospects have been
identified along a approximately 10 km trend
 Project focused on the large Horse-Ivaal-Tukai (HIT) copper-gold deposit
 Project terrain similar to that at PanAust’s Phu Kham operation in Laos
 Previous feasibility study work by XFRL focused on a large scale
 PanAust will evaluate a mid-sized development option that utilises existing
logistical routes and minimises infrastructure requirements; expected to
result in a competitive capital intensity and manageable risk profile

Feasibility study based on the HIT copper-gold deposit is expected to be
complete by mid-2015

About Frieda River
Terrain is similar to Laos
Main camp
Drill camp
HIT Deposit
 Scoping study completed on a smaller circa 24 million tonne per annum
conventional open pit and flotation operation
 Assumed mill feed of 430 million tonnes grading 0.54% copper and 0.3g/t
gold; average annual production (100% basis) of over 100,000 tonnes of
copper and 160,000 ounces of gold in concentrate at competitive cash
cost of approx. $US1.25/lb (after gold credits) over an 18 year mine life.
 Low strip ratio - less than 0.6:1 including pre-strip
 Sepik River will the main artery for the supply of materials and export of
copper-gold concentrate
 Development capital estimated in range of US$1.5 billion to US$1.8 billion
(100% basis, 2013 dollars) which would equate to a competitive capital
intensity of less than US$13,00/t of annual copper equivalent production.
Frieda River Development Concept
Industry positioning
Independent and listed copper companies (below Freeport) ranked by 2013 forecast
attributable copper equivalent production

Source: Company guidance, PanAust estimates. Copper equivalent calculation based on 25/10/2013 close prices: US$3.23/lb Cu, US$1,350/oz Au, US$23/oz Ag, US$9/lb Mo, US$0.86/lb Zn, US$6.52/lb Ni, and US$0.97/lb Pb.
OZ Minerals
Copper Equivalent Production (kt)
Five-year plan
Status Quo
(incl Pinto Valley
 PanAust’s commitment to sustainable
development is a key consideration in the
way the Company undertakes its business
 Performance has been recognised
 Strong emphasis on delivering sustainable
benefits to the communities within the
vicinity of its operations
 Further information on PanAust’s
sustainability programs and credentials,
including the latest Sustainability Report,
can be viewed at the Company’s website
Strong commitment to sustainable development
Around 50% of food requirements for the Phu Kham
camp are sourced locally
PanAust’s community development programs have a
strong focus on education
 CDF comprises 67 small-scale projects in 30
rural communities directly and indirectly
affected by PanAust’s activities
 Local ownership of development priorities
 Funding and support for education, healthcare,
agriculture, infrastructure and small business
 Aim to build long-term capacity in communities
through economic development, rather than
economic dependency
 Asian Development Bank partnership will see
11 towns throughout Laos be supplied with
potable water and sanitation
Community Development Fund
Community members doing a ‘show of hands’ during a
workshop to choose community development projects
Villagers rank development priorities during a community
development workshop

 Commitment to our employees’ health and
safety “Zero Harm” safety objectives
 Promote an internal culture of
environmental and social awareness
 Treating employees with consistency and
 Environmental performance that reflects
the expectations of the communities and
international standards
 Integrity in all of our dealings with
employees, communities, government,
suppliers and shareholders
 Excellence in communication necessitates
Values – Respect & Integrity
 Competitive copper and gold producer
with strong cash flow to support growth
 Organic growth provided by capital
efficient brownfield opportunities and
pre-development opportunities in Laos,
Chile and PNG
 Proven track record of discovery and
resource growth
 Proven track record as a successful
developer of operations
PanAust: the story so far…..
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