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The Concept
The Finishing School on Environmental Management is to provide
students/ young teaching professionals connect between "Theory" and
"Practice". Filling of the "gaps", “updating” and providing a rounded
exposure is the idea.
Who should attend?
The School is open for both students as well as young teaching
professionals. We will limit the School however to only 40 participants.
What is the Eligibility Requirement?
Students who have completed undergraduate programme in engineering,
with specific interest in teaching environmental management subjects and
allied areas. Young teachers from Engineering Colleges and Polytechnic
Colleges who are interested in the update and a lateral exposure to
current topics in environmental management A selection criteria will be
used to ensure that participants are at comparative levels of exposure
and experience. The maximum number of participants in restricted to 40.
June 28 to July 09, 2010.
NITTTR, Chennai. The School will be conducted in partnership with other
leading Institutions.
The School uses a blended learning methodology. It uses elements such
as lectures, case studies, discussion sessions, role playing interactives,
audio-visuals, multimedia tools etc. Each lecture presentation will have a
key discusser so as to guide the discussions. Dr S. Mohan will be the
principal mentor and faculty. In addition there will be faculty and resource
persons from NITTTR, IIT Madras, Environmental Consultancy
organizations, Govt. departments and Environmental regulators. Lectures
will cover essentials of modern environmental management strategies and
tools with case studies. The participants will go through various exercises.
Exercises will include making PowerPoint presentations, doing a document
review, using Internet effectively. There will also be an Environmental
Quiz. There will be sessions on the last day dedicated to career planning –
both in research as well as in the professional practice. Here, there will be
opportunities to meet with potential job providers. A session on “Meet
who made it” will be inspirational to connect participants with achievers in
India’s environmental management.
Please write to
Dr. S. Mohan, Director, NITTTR, Chennai. Email:

Dr. G. Janardhanan, CEM, NITTTR, Chennai. Email: