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Southern Methodist University

Professor David A. Willis

ME 5/7386 Convection Heat Transfer

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Additional Resources


The following textbooks and handbooks have been placed in the reserve section of the Fondren
Science Library. Although not required reading, the books were selected for their coverage of
topics that may not get sufficient d
iscussion in our textbook. Reserve books may be checked out
for 2 hour periods, but must remain in the library during the checkout time.

Burmeister, L.C.
Convective Heat Transfer
, Wiley, New York, 1983.

Chapman, A.J.,
Heat Transfer
, 2

ed., Macmillan,
New York, 1967.

Churchill, R.V. and J.W. Brown,
Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems
, 4

Hill, New York, 1987.

Incropera, F.P. and D.P. DeWitt,
Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer
, 3

ed., Wiley, New
York, 1990.

Rohsenow, W.M., J.
P. Hartnett, and E.N. Gani
Handbook of Heat Transfer Fundame
ntals, 2

ed., McGraw
Hill, New York, 1985.

Schlichting, H.
Boundary Layer Theory
, 6

ed., Springer, New York,

White, F.M.,
Viscous Fluid Flow
, 2

ed., McGraw

New York,


Another resource you may
find useful is available in electronic form through the SMU library:

Abramowitz, M. and Stegun, I.E. (Eds.),
Handbook of Mathematical Functions with Formulas,
Graphs, and Mathematical Tables
, US Dept. of Commerce, 1972.

Search Engines

SMU library also ha
s subscriptions to a couple of search tools for finding research literature.
The two that I would recommend are

Web of Science and Engineering Village 2. You may find
these search engines useful for class homework and projects, as well as your own resear
ch. To
find the journals, go to

, click on “Online Resources” and then click on “W”
or “E” to go skip to the appropriate section of the alphabetical list of resources. Both of these
search tools al
low you to search by author, keywords, titles, etc. If you find an article which
appears in a journal for which SMU does not subscribe (see Journals, below), then you may
request a photocopy through the InterLibrary Loan service


The SMU library has subscriptions to several journals which cover convection heat transfer
research. You may find these journals useful for homework, projects, or

for your own research.
If you perform a literature search on a heat transfer topic using Web of Science or Engineering
Village 2, you will find that many of the publications are found in the journals listed below. To
Southern Methodist University

Professor David A. Willis

ME 5/7386 Convection Heat Transfer

Department of Mechanical Engineering

find the journals, go to

, type in the journal name into the “Quick Search”
box, select “Journal Title” on the right, and click “Go”. The journal information will be returned
to you, including the call number, and a link to the on
e subscription if available.

Heat and Mass

und Stoffuebertragung,


International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

ional Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow

Journal of Heat Transfer

Numerical Heat Transfer A: Applications

Numerical Heat Transfer B: Fundamentals

International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat and Fluid Flow

Heat Transfer Engineering

Some of these subscr
iptions are electronic, allowing you to view the publication on
line. If you
attempt to view an on
line journal from an off
campus location, you will be asked for the bar
code number on the back of your student ID.