Business Circle: Useful Social Networking

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Business Circle

Useful Social Networking

Charles Brexel

Project Definition

Business Circle

Social Networking Application for Businesses

Increasing Productivity and company feel

Profiles for each employee

Information Portal (Intranet)

Application Platform for Extendability




LAMP Server (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

Ubuntu based

Development in Eclipse

PHPEclipse Plugin from EasyEclipse


Main Platform

User Management


Custom Fields

Wiki Pages for Departments

Messages (Inbox)

Plugin/Application API

Customize the Business Circle for Individual

Initial Goals

Create User Profile

Send Messages between Users

Find and Retrieve Files on File Server

Wiki for individual departments

Configurable options

API Platform

Problems Encountered

Database Interaction during Integration

Had to adopt Zend Framework in order to
continue development

Framework that has database interaction
layer already established.

Revised in specs documents

Configurable fields

More careful database design

Currently Implementing and will finish

Integration of Third Party Wiki

Integrating Log on system.



Business Circle

Useful Social Networking

Charles Brexel