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Excelsis was founded in 2005 by. Frederick J.

Hass, M.D.
for the purpose of producing and marketing a cologne
made from the original formula of Pope Pius IX (1792
1878). He called it

The Pope’s Cologne

The historical background of

The Pope’s Cologne

the immediate attention of the news media, with major
stories appearing in The San Francisco Chronicle, The New
York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The London Daily

and even was featured on the national
television show “CBS Sunday Morning” with Bill Geist

Soon people from around the world were purchasing
enjoying this fresh, new fragrance from the past

In his research on The Pope’s Cologne, Dr. Hass became fascinated with
the history and art of perfumery and the wondrous fragrances of real
essential oils. He began to make fragrances of his own. “I began to dream

fragrances.” This led to his creation of new and unique fragrances of his

research led him to sampling perfumes at the counters of Nordstrom,
Macy’s and Sephora.

“What I came to realize very quickly is that all of
these expensive, famous

brand perfumes smelled the same because they
all share the same synthetic bases. At the same time I found that my own

fragrances, using real essential oils, were better, more pleasing, more
complex, more interesting and clearly distinct from one another

Thus was born the

new Excelsis






colognes. Each original, each different, each
a tribute

to the mysterious art of perfumery... And at the center of each,
real essential oils

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Created by Excelsis to celebrate the
Petrine succession of Jorge Mario Bergoglio
as Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis, Pontifex
Maximus, 266th Pontiff of the Roman
Catholic Church. Francis is an engaging, fresh
fragrance with a citrusy top note of bergamot
and a soft, woody drydown of sandalwood .
Smooth and soothing, A grand aftershave.



The marriage of linden blossom from
Benedict's native Germany with frankincense from the
Holy Land and bergamot from Italy creates a subtle
fragrance, befitting a man of finely cultivated tastes.
Barely perceptible is a nuance of citrus, and as it
evolves, a discrete hint of musk. The overall impression
is one of understated elegance. A slightly astringent
and balsamic quality makes it a soothing and
refreshing aftershave.

Free Shipping to USA customers!

For International orders a 20% surcharge will

be added to cover shipping costs.



soft and
ethereal with with a
gentle opening ripple
of cool lavender and a
lingering, powdery
undertone of freshly
ironed linen.



Vetiver is distilled from
the root of a grass that grows
in tropical climates. The
complex aroma of vetiver
smells hayfield green, fresh,
earthy and slightly woody. Our
formulation includes pink
grapafruit to create a cooling,
refreshing effect

and a slightly musky, mossy
fragrance that persists through
the day.

Loma Alta


by both ladies and
gentlemen, this
beguiling fragrance
is reminiscent of
high mountain
meadows with a
dewy top note of
first light and a
lingering dryout of



clearly for
a sophisticated
lady, a
playful, bright
and rather
alluring offering
suitable for day
or evening wear.


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