Custom Plastic Tubing


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The flex hose offers more flexibility, durability and shock resistance to an irrigation system than standard PVC pipe can provide. The Algae Resistant heavy-duty pipe can also be used for risers or swing joints and the heavy wall thickness makes tight bends possible without kinking.

Custom Plastic Tubing

Excalibur Extrusions offers nearly 40 years of experience in custom plastic extrusions. With
pride, we provide our customers


Prompt Quotes

Contact us by phone, FAX, or email with your custom plastic needs. A
member of our sales team will respond promptly with a firm quote.

Competitive Pricing

Our expert material selection, tooling design, extrusion and process
control combi
ne to provide you the most economical shapes and highest
quality custom plastic extrusions possible.

Quality Products

Many of our customers have switched to us, not because we were closer
or less expensive, but because they discovered an Excalibur custom
astic extrusion was the best on the market.

Technical Assistance

From concept drawing or mock
up, through plastic extrusion tooling
design, to completed product assembly, we provide CAD, CAM,
material selection, color selection, prototyp
es and short runs of your custom plastic extrusions.

Excellent Service & Knowledgeable Staff

The helpful staff at Excalibur Extrusions will make sure that your
custom plastic extrusion is handled professionally from start to finish.
Our technical and enginee
ring staff combines decades of custom plastic
extrusion experience, Once designed, our production staff takes your
custom plastic extrusion from idea to reality. Excalibur Extrusions
prides itself on personal contact and the sales and customer service staf
will do what it takes to provide the best possible business experience to
you…the Excalibur Extrusions customer.

Plastic Tubing Specialists for 40 Years

Since 1970, Excalibur has manufactured plastic pipe and

plastic tubing for irrigation, vacuum
tubing for central vacuum systems and plastic cores used in various medical applications or in
products such as brushes and film. Proudly based in the USA, we strive for higher standards of
quality control and custome
r care by continually re
evaluating and improving all of our
processes. And to fill your order fast and efficiently, Excalibur maintains an extensive
inventory. We know that just
time delivery is critical to the success of our customers, no
matter what
the industry.

For four decades. we've been satisfying the needs of all types of plastic

pipe customers. Let our
experience work for you. Call our HotLine at 800
6804 for a quote!

Custom Plastic Extrusion


The process of making a plastic extrusion to unique customer
specifications. Once the specifications are established the process start
s with blending the
proper plastic materials, heating that blend of plastic and extruding it through a die and cooled
after former to achieve the desired size. It is then cut to length and packaged to customer

Plastic Pipe


Systems utilizin
g plastic pipe are a sustainable and environmentally responsible
choice that will serve generations to come. They are energy efficient during manufacturing and
provide peak protection from contamination during service. Strong, durable, light
weight and
xible, these piping systems require significantly less energy to fabricate, transport and install
than metal or concrete alternatives. With superior resistance to corrosion and abrasion, plastic
piping systems also supply long service life, excellent joint

performance and offer leak free
all adding up to exceptional value.

Plastic Tube


Plastic tubing is a very broad term encompassing the wide spectrum of rigid to
flexible, heavy to thin wall, transparent to opaque, cut
length or spooled varie
ties of poly
tube. Plastic tubes are used to convey fluids or gases or as structural components. Plastic tubing
manufacturers utilize numerous plastic compounds in their product lines, colored or clear plastic
tubing, all kinds of poly tubing, PVC tubing (
also known as vinyl tubing), and square plastic
tubing. Suppliers of plastic tubing serve needs ranging from medical tubing to plastic pipe and

Plastic Pipe Manufacturing


The process of making p
lastic pipe. The process starts with
blending the proper plastic materials, heating that blend of plastic and extruding it through a die
and cooled after former to achieve the desired size. It is then cut to length and packaged to
customer specifications.

Vacuum Tube


Rigid PVC pipe or tubing used for central vacuum systems where the vacuum
unit is mounted for example in the garage and the Vacuum Tubing runs through the attic (or
basement) and walls to outlets strategically located through the area to be v

Central Vacuum Tubing

is used with all residential Central Vacuum Systems (CVS). The
Tube is set up in all the room walls and all lead back to the main
Vacuum System centralized in one

area of the house.

The 2" PVC central vac tubing is different in size and de
sign from
plumbing grade tubing, what is called Drain, Waste Vent tube
(DWV). Central vacuum tubing is 2" OD and is manufactured with a
completely smooth interior to prevent the tube system from catching
small dirt particles and precipitating a clog. Centr
al Vacuum
manufacturers and industry professionals do not recommend the use
of DWV for central vacuums for many reasons.

Maybe money is not the issue and you still think that using plumbing
pipe for your central vacuum is a good idea. Before you start the CVS
project you might ask another group of folks

your local code
inspectors. Some local code inspectors that once ignor
ed the materials
used in CV Systems now know to look for the ASTM F2158 standard
that is marked on them (only CVS tube is marked with F2158, not
water pipe). If you're using the wrong materials, or materials without
the correct ASTM markings you may be req
uired to pull all of the
unmarked pipe and fittings out and start all over again. Excalibur’s
Vacuum Tube is made of Hi
Impact materials and exceeds the standard for Crush Test ratings.

Water Conditioning

Excalibur Brine Wells are extruded from Super High Impact Styrene
and are slotted approximately 1 1/4”
on center around Brine Well tube.

Water Conditioning Accessories

3/8” White Brine Well Tube Available In Any Cut Length Or
Bulk 20'

13/16" Grey Brine Well Tube Available In Any Length Or Bulk

3/4" CL 125 White PVC x 10' Available In Any Cut Length Or

20' 3/4" CL 200 White PVC x 10' Available In Any Cut
Length Or Bulk 20'

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