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Question Bank


*1. Explain the way of viewing the world in terms of agents, communities,methods and

***2. What is object oriented programming?How it is different from procedure
oriented programming?
*3.Write a short note
s on method binding,overriding and exceptions.

***4. a) Write about Abstraction Mechanisms.
b) What is the need of OOP paradigm? ***5. a)
Write briefly about classes and instances.

b) Write a breif note on class hierarchy with an examp
le. **6.
Explain the concepts of OOPS in detail.

**7. a) Write a short notes on coping with complexity.

b) What are the unique advantages of object Oriented Programming?

*8. Write summary on OOP.


***1. Describe the genesis of java. Explai
n briefly about buzz words in Java.

**2. Explain about operators in java.

*3. a) Explain the concept of arrays in Java.

b) Write a java program to multiply two given matrices. ***4.
a) What is a Class? Explain how objects are created
using class.

b) What is the purpose of using a method? Explain how a method is declared and invoked.

** 5. a) Write about constructor and its properties? Explain how to invoke a constructor.
b) Explain about constructor overloading w
ith an example.

*6. Explain the parameter passing with an example.

***7. a) What is recursion?Write a java progarm to print the factorial of a given number using

b) List the String and StringBuffer

handling methods.
***8. List and explain the control statements used in java.


***1. Write briefly about forms of inheritance.

**2. What is Inheritance? Explain about the types of inheritance.

*3. Explain briefly about keywords supe
r and final.
*4. Explain abstract class with an example **5.a)
Explain briefily about method overriding.

b) Explain briefly about object class in detail. ***6.a)
Write the benefits of inheritance.

b) Write briefly about costs of i

**7. Give an overview of sub class, sub type and substitutability. ***8.
Describe the member access rules with examples.


**1. Explain process of creating and accessing a package.

**2.a) What is the scope of access modifie

b) Write an example java program for user defined packages.

*3. What is PATH and CLASS PATH? Explain how to import PACKAGES.
***4. Briefly explain the following: a) Interface.


Implementing Interface.


Nested Interface.


s in Interface.

**5.What is the difference between concrete and abstract classes?

**6. List the Input and Output stream Hierarchy and their purposes. ***7.a)
Prove that all the methods in interface are automatically public.

b) Prove that the fi
elds in an interface are implicitly static and final.

*8.a) Write a java program on multiple inheritance using interfaces.
b) Write a java program using StringTokenizer.


**1.a) What is an Exception? Give the classification of except
b) Explain about exception handling with an example.

*2. What is the difference between checked and unchecked exceptions in java?

***3.a) Write about thread life cycle.

b) Explain briefly about the ways of creating threads.

Write short notes on multiple catch blocks.

b) Write about the user defined Exception with an example.
**5.a) Differentiate multithreading and multitasking.

b) Give an example java program for multithreading.
*6.a) Write s
hort notes on finally block.

b) Briefly explain the following methods with an example:











***7.a) List the thread priorities with their purposes.

b) List at least two methods of ThreadGro
up and also write Thread class forms.
*8.Explain the following exceptions with an example each a) Arithmetic


NullPointer Exception.


Number format Exception.


***1.a) What is Delegation Event Model? What are its bene
b) Write about AWT class hierarchy.

*2. Explain in detail about the following Event class
a) ComponentEvent







**3. What are the methods supported by KeyListener and MouseListener Interfaces
? Explain each of
them with an example.

***4. What are the types of Layout Managers? Write a java program on Grid Layout .

*5. How do you create Button class, CheckBox and Choice? Explain the steps in detail.

**6. Write short notes on adapter classes
and inner classes.

***7. List the types of Listeners in detail.

***8. Discuss briefly about mouse events and keyboard events.


***1. a) What is an applet? How can you create an applet?
b) Write about applet life cycle.

***2. a) Give
the differences between applet and application.
b) Write about repaint() shortly.

**3. a) What is the difference between JList and JCombo box?

b) Why JList does not support scrolling? How this can be remedied?Explain with an example. **4
What are the various JFC containers? List them according to their functionality. Explain each of them
with an example.

*5.a) Write an example java program that illustrates passing parameters to applet.
b) Give the syntax for Applet tag. ***6.a) Wha
t are the limitations of AWT?
b) Describe MVC architecture.

*7. Explain the steps involved in creating JCheckBox, JRadioButton,JButton and JLabel.

**8. a) What are the differences between AWT and Swing programming?
b) Write a java progra
m on JApplet.


***1.a) What is TCP/IP? What is the difference between TCP/IP and UDP?

b) What is Socket? Which socket is used for client and server in TCP?
***2.a) What is a Cookie? Write a java program to illustrate the use of Cookie
b) What is INet address? How to create an INet address? What is its use?

*3. Write a socket program to design a client

server application that takes the password as input and
checks whether it is correct or not.The program should print the a
pproriate message.

***4.a) Write a java program that illustrates multiple clients.
b) Write a java program that illustrates Datagram.

**5. Write constructors of ServerSocket and also their purposes.
*6.a) Write a program that illustrates URL and URL C
b) Write short notes on (i) Autoboxing (ii) Enumerations

*7. How can you create a custom RMI socket factory? How can you specify the socket factory in your
application? Give an example.

*8.Briefly explain about

a) Annotations

b) G