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Collection lair


The project
Collection lair

allows its users to compose, upload and download unlimited
number of files. The website is simple to use even for naive users. It’s main

aim is to provide an
based client applicatio
n for sharing of files among the departments of the company. An
based solution becomes feasible when the departments of the company are distributed in
such a way that connecting them using a dedicated local area network becomes difficult.

on lair

uses the java server pages version 1.0; it is the server side component which
provides web applications and is a technology invented by Sun micro systems. JSP uses java as the
scripting language. The features of java like multi threading, structure
d exception handling, high
scalability and remote invocation make JSP a powerful tool for developing the application. It can be
implemented in multi
tiered web sites or any other enterprise applications, where scalability,
maintainability and portability a
re important.

One of most important features of java is that java is platform independent. Since it was
released, java has been marked as “write once, run anywhere” .JSP’s allow the users to create their
own utility or business logic classes in java and c
all them easily from within their JSP/HTML pages.
It is like JDBC API runs on a windows machine or on a UNIX machine, which can access any
vendor’s relational database that has a JDBC driver.

Collection lair

uses Oracle 9i as the back
end RDBMS. Oracle
9i is actually a fully internet
supported database system. Oracle 9i perfectly handles the ACID(Atomicity Consistency Isolation
Durability ) properties of transaction .A transaction is the execution of a unit of work that accesses
one or more shared resour
ces, usually databases. A unit of work is a set of activity that relates to
each other and must be completed together. The ACID properties are nothing but atomic, consistent,
isolated and durable properties.


The main problem with the
existing system is that we can upload the files or download the files
only to a certain limit. So there comes a need to develop a system that allows us to transfer unlimited
number of files. Secondly, we need a website that is user friendly, i.e. all the a
pplications must be
easily followed even by naïve users.


The proposed system overcomes the drawbacks of the existing system. It allows us to
upload/download any number of files without any restriction on the file size. It also supports se
mails spontaneously. The proposed system contains all the features such as Inbox, Compose,
Address Book, New user registration. It can be used in the internet and even LAN. As each
individual user is provided a unique userid and password, the securit
y problems can be overcome.


Front End Tool


HTML, Java Server Pages (JSP) and Java Servlets

Back End Tool


Oracle 9i


Operating System


Windows 2000



Oracle 9i








Pentium III



105 keys

Hardware Interfaces

Keyboard , Mouse

Monitor, Printer