Entrepreneurship at MTSU


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Entrepreneurship at MTSU

What Is an Entrepreneur?

French: taker of risks and rewards

What Do Entrepreneurs Do?

Mass produce the cars you drive (Henry Ford)

Engineer the computers you use (Bill Gates)

Reengineer the computers you use (Steve Jobs)

Redefine women in production (Oprah Winfrey)

Entrepreneurship at MTSU

What Can an Entrepreneur Major Do After

Business analyst, account executive, reports
analyst, branch manager, financial analyst, new
business line development, benefits manager, and

Particularly useful for small business management

Why wait until graduation? Many students
already own their own businesses, and are paying
their way through school with them!

Entrepreneurship at MTSU

Courses Offered

Traditional Business Core

Accounting, Economics, Finance, Statistics,
Management, Marketing, MIS, Business Law,
Operations Management, Business Communication,
Strategic Management

Entrepreneurship Focus Courses

Introduction to Business, Entrepreneurship, Small
Business Management, Marketing Research, Business
Plan Development, Small Business Internship

Entrepreneurship at MTSU

Opportunities to Be a Part of a Community!

Spring 2013 Thistle Farms Project

Annual Study Abroad in Argentina


Project in Bangladesh