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What’s New in Fireware XTM v11.7.4

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New & Updated Features in Fireware XTM & WSM v11.7.4

DHCP Options

DHCP option 66 (TFTP Server Name) support

DHCP options on VLAN, Link Aggregation, and Bridge interfaces

3G/4G modem failover

Added support for Sierra Wireless AirCard 313U

Added support for Verizon Wireless LTI USB551L

Support 3G/4G modems on XTM 330 and 5 Series devices


now uses anti
spam technology from Commtouch


Mobile VPN with SSL

OVPN profile for mobile devices

WatchGuard AP

Changed Channel HT mode to 20Mhz


Session timeout and idle timeout enhancement for hotspot
external guest authentication

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DHCP Options

DHCP options are now

configurable for VLAN, Link

Aggregation, and Bridge

interface types.

DHCP options now include

support for TFTP Server Name

(Option 66).

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3G/4G Modem Failover

XTM 330 and 5 Series devices now support 3G/4G modem failover.

Added support for additional 3G/4G USB modems:

Sierra Wireless AirCard 313U

Verizon Wireless LTE USB551L

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spamBlocker Now Uses

In Fireware XTM 11.7.4, spamBlocker uses Commtouch for email content

Most existing spamBlocker configuration settings do not change.

Spam threshold settings no longer appear in Policy Manager or the Web UI.

Settings for Proactive Patterns, Virus Outbreak Detection, and Bulk apply only to
Fireware XTM OS versions that use Commtouch.

In WSM 11.7.4, Policy Manager cannot configure the spam threshold
settings for devices that use Mailshell.

WSM 11.7.4 can manage devices that use Fireware XTM OS versions that use
Mailshell, but cannot configure spam threshold settings.

To configure the spam threshold settings, you must use WSM v11.7.2, v11.7.3, or
the Fireware XTM Web UI.

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Mobile VPN with SSL

OVPN Client Profile

The Mobile VPN with SSL

download page now provides

a Mobile VPN with SSL client

profile as a .ovpn file.

Use this file to enable

a Mobile VPN with SSL

connection from any

SSL VPN client that supports

.ovpn configuration files.

Android OpenVPN Connect

iOS OpenVPN Connect

Other OpenVPN applications

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Access Point Default Radio Settings

In the Gateway Wireless Controller, the default access point radio setting for
Channel HT Mode has been changed from 20/40 MHz to 20 MHz.

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Session & Idle Timeout for Hotspot External Authentication

When you configure the web server for hotspot external guest
authentication, you can specify the session timeout and idle timeout values
for user hotspot sessions.

Specify the values for the session timeout (
) and idle
timeout (
) parameters in the access decision URL.




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