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At Equilibrium, we’re confident we can provide you with the best IT solutions and services for your specific requirements, because we hire only the best. Whether you’re looking for a cloud expert, staffing advice or 24x7 monitoring for your systems, EQ has got you covered. Check out some employee testimonials below and browse our website to learn even more!

Equilibrium can help. We have experience helping clients select software packages for
their specific business requirements. We can help with

ERP, or enterprise resource planning software

Used to collect, store and manage data for various business activities

CRM, or customer relationship management systems

Used to keep track of and manage your interactions with current and future customers

LOB, or line of business products

Computer applications that are vital to your particular


Choosing the right ERP is essential as your business improves performance and acquires
more modern information technology

When guided by the right consulting team, selecting and implementing a new ERP
system becomes much easier. Equilibrium can help you choose the ERP vendor and
software that will work best with and for your company. From analyzing expected ROI, to
educating your team members in the best ERP practices, EQ can help.

businesses fail to realize that in the event of a disaster their primary office space is often
unavailable. Nearby street construction errors can render offices inaccessible for days, and
even when redundant IT systems are brought online as part of a robust disaster recovery plan,
they are often found to be useless when key employees are not provided with a desk, phone,
computer and Internet access from which to resume business operations

Many businesses assume that in the event of a disaster their staff can work effectively from
home. In reality, a true business disaster often requires that key employees meet together,
often for long hours, in order to form and execute a plan of action to restore business

Like most businesses, you probably have a
backup and disaster recovery solution in place to
protect your business from a disaster. However...

Do you have a 7X24X365 Service Level
Agreement (SLA) contract in place to ensure that
you have access to a work area from which you
can lead the recovery effort with or without
your key employees?

Avoid the chaos by partnering up with Equilibrium. A
planned move can make the difference
between being fully operational and productive on
the first day or not being fully operational or
productive right away

If your in
house IT staff doesn’t have the bandwidth,
skills, resources or manpower to facilitate a smooth
move, our experienced project managers can help
you plan and execute every step of the move.

Our project manager will

Manage all elements of the office relocation relevant to the computing and
infrastructure environment.

a detailed project plan to determine the milestones, timeline, task assignments
and overall flow of the project

Work with clients, moving companies, telecommunication providers and any other
3rd party vendors to coordinate the scheduling and successful completion of moving