Staying Current to Improve Your Business

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Staying Current to Improve Your Business

You know how quickly the Internet changes, especially with regular search engine updates and new
social platforms popping up all over the web. The key to being a successful online entrepreneur is to stay
with all these changes, and this edition of the newsletter is dedicated to helping you do just
that. Check out these resources to stay on top of your game:

How to add the Pinterest button to your website with tips for making the most of this popular
l network

What’s included in Google’s recent Penguin update and what it means for your online business

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Han Butler
, VP of Operations

How to Add the Pinterest Button to Your Website

As the newest social network, Pinterest can create interest in your products and drive a lot of traffic to
your site. The image
sharing social site has passed 10 million us
ers in only 9 months, making it one of
the fastest growing sites ever. Recently added support in the Builder helps you take advantage of this
new social platform and appeal to more customers.

The new Builder support for Pinterest now lets you include the
“Pin” button on individual product pages
in addition to the Facebook Like, Google Plus, and Twitter buttons. The Pin button allows visitors to
share product images on their Pinterest accounts, meaning most of their followers will see the image.
The image i
s linked to the product page, so as more Pinterest users see and share the image, more
traffic is likely to come your way.

To add the Pin button to product pages, follow these easy steps:

1. Click on the More menu under the Site heading in the left navig
ation bar.

2. On the Site More page, click the Options selection. This will take you to Site Options.

3. Click the Product tab on the right to access Product Options.

4. Lastly, turn on the Pinterest social media button by clicking the On/Off button.

Tip: How to Make the Most of the Pinterest Button

Keep in mind that since Pinterest is a photo
sharing site, your product images should be outstanding.
Poor images don’t get shared. High
quality images get shared pretty frequently. Images that convey a
ifestyle or evoke powerful emotional responses can go viral. If you can, try to include several high
quality photos for each product that can easily be shared on Pinterest.

Stay Up
Date on Google Updates

The most recent changes to the Google algorithm

came under the name “The Google Penguin Update”.
There were a few major changes to the Google algorithm here that affected a lot of websites. The major
changes you need to know about are:

Lowering Keyword Densities

Removing Internal Duplicate Content

ing a Natural Link Profile

Lowering Keyword Densities

One of the larger changes made by Penguin was making the Google Algorithm really dig into keyword
densities, which stems from the webspam tactic of keyword stuffing. Instead of having a general
ent of keeping the keyword densities lower than a certain level, each niche and keyword group
has different limits and standards. Google will never post what your niche’s optimum keyword
percentages are, so try looking at high
ranking opponents’ keyword de
nsities and try to use about the
same on your site. Also use semantic variations of keywords. Overall, many sites have been penalized for
overuse of keywords, all types of keyword stuffing, and too much focus on keywords instead of user
experience. So in d
esigning your copy, focus less on keywords and more on quality. You can compare
your keyword densities afterwards with those high
ranking competitors.

Removing Internal Duplicate Content

With the Penguin update’s focus on higher quality content, more and

more sites are being punished for
repeated text within pages of their site. So how do you check yours? Take pieces of each section of
content on your page and Google it in quotes to see where Google has found that same content on the
web. If you have inte
rnal duplicate content, you’ll see your own site’s pages repeated in the results. If
you have duplicate content elsewhere online, you’ll see other sites showing up that share your content.
Either way, if you find duplicate content, then rewriting is always

the best way out.

Having a Natural Link Profile

The major change with Penguin that made a lot of SEOs angry at Google was the change in anchor
focus. Google has now punished sites that have link profiles with too many keywords as the clickable
. If most of your links are keywords, then it is no longer natural
looking and your site may be
penalized. So how do you get a natural link profile? Focus more on natural links. So instead of making
keywords your clickable text of the link, use your URL, c
ompany name, and non
keyword text such as
“click here”, “my site”, and whatever else you would normally do to share a link with someone online. it
is important to realize that making these natural links does not eliminate the need for keyword links, but
kes the link profile of the site acceptably natural.

Google Changes

Whether the Penguin update

affected your site or not, the best thing you can do to keep good search
rankings is focusing on high
quality, useful, unique content. Google’s number one priority will always be
providing the most relevant resources to searchers. If you are always strivi
ng to make your site the best
resource it can be, you should be fine.