Spec Sheet for “FlowPlayer Reloaded” Joomla Extension

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Spec Sheet for “FlowPlayer Reloaded” Joomla Extension
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Jeff Jiron, Zeph Fagergren
It took about 30 minutes to download and install FlowPlayer Reloaded.
This plugin brings FlowPlayer to your site. FlowPlayer is a video player with full controls and the
ability to share videos to others.
Here is the code to put Flowplayer into an article:
Download the Joomla 1.6 version.
Upload FlowPlayer using the Extension Manager in Joomla.
Go to the Plug-in Manager to access FlowPlayer.
Enable the FlowPlayer Plug-in by pressing the red button next to where FlowPlayer is listed.
Creat a new article for a video that you want to have on your site.
Enter one of the following coding into the article and replace the “path-to-your-file” part of the code with
the file path where your video file is once it has been uploaded to the FTP. Then save the article.
Create a new Menu item and select Single article for the Menu Item Type
Put the FlowPlayer Article that was made nto the Required Article on the right .
Save the Article and FlowPlayer should work on the site.