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Presented by: Coral Tree Web Design
Course Outline

Creating a Website in Joomla!

• Introduction
o Introducing Joomla!
o Looking Back
o Understanding Web Pages
o Built-In Features and
o Elements of a Joomla!
• Joomla! Administration
o Site Administration
o The Frontend and the
o The Administration Site
o The Control Panel
o The Site Menu
o User Manager
o Media Manager
o Global Configuration
o Menus
o Content
o Components
o Extensions
o Tools
o Help
• Organising and Presenting Content
o Introduction
o Page Generation in Joomla!
o Organising Content Articles
o Creating Uncategorised
Content Articles
o Creating Sections and
o Creating Categorised Content
o The Front Page Component
o Inserting a Read More Link
• Menus and Navigation
o Introduction
o The Relationship Between
Menus and Modules
o Adding Links to the Main Menu
o Creating Additional Menus
o Changing the Order of Menus
and Menu Items
o Linking to a Component
• Installing and Managing Extensions
o Introduction
o Plug-Ins
o Components and Modules
o Module Types
o Default Site Modules
o Administrator Modules
o Core Components
o Using Modules and
o Templates
• Managing Users
o Automatic User Registration
o Registering Users Manually
• Working With Graphics
o Overview
o File Formats
o Image Size and Resolution
o Inserting an Image
o Positioning an Image
• Search Engine Optimisation
o SEO Overview
o Site Metadata Settings
o Article Metadata Settings
o Image Tags