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Joomla fact sheet  Open Source Solutions

Joomla Content Management System

What is Joomla?
Joomla is a free open source content management system that allows you to
build websites and other online applications using a web browser and a
connection to the Internet.

The name of Joomla comes from Swahili word jumla means as a whole. The
first release of Joomla (version 1.0) was on September 2005

Where can I download it?
You can download it from
(approx 2MB). Or you can try
an online demo at
(username: admin, password: admin).

To run Joomla you need a web server (Apache), PHP, and 1 MySQL database.
Hosting companies provide an environment to use Joomla for as little as £4 a

What is the main functionality?
Joomla allows you to build and manage websites using the Joomla CMS, a web
browser with a connection to the Internet and with little IT knowledge.

If youve used a word processor such as Microsoft Word youll be comfortable
managing your web content with Joomla. Youll also be able to add images, files
for download and streaming media such as videos and mp3s using Joomlas
WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor (see image below).

Joomla fact sheet  Open Source Solutions

Managing content

There are hundreds of add-ons for Joomla developed by 1000s of developers
located around the world. Including:

· E-commerce
· Image and multimedia galleries
· Business directories
· Email newsletters
· Calendars
· Blogging
· Form builders
· Document management
· Forums
· Directory services
· Data collection and reporting tools
· Banner advertising systems
· Subscription services

More add-ons can be found at

If the functionality you want is not there you can employ an IT company to build
you an add-on.
Joomla fact sheet  Open Source Solutions

Joomla site design
The look and feel of a Joomla site is done through a HTML and CSS template.
Youll need web design skills to create your own template.

Alternatively, there are 100s of free templates available for you to download and
modify, see

Or you can employ a web design company to build you a unique template.

What support is available?
There many IT companies locally and nationally that will be able to support you
with your Joomla site.

Lots of free support can be found online through forums and documentation.

Official Joomla forum -

Official help guides -

Joomla book -

More information on Joomla and latest releases and templates at -

B2B Centre help
For free help with hosting and Joomla support contact the B2B Centre on 02476
574384 or request help from a consultant

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