How to install a Virtuemart Template? (Joomla! 1.7 or higher & VM 2.0.x)

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How to install a Virtuemart Template?
(Joomla! 1.7 or higher & VM 2.0.x)

System Requirements!
1. Preparing the Installation!
2. Installing the Template!
3. Configuring the Yagendoo Joomla! Template!
4. Configuring the Yagendoo VirtueMart Theme!
5. FAQ!
System Requirements
PHP Version
Minimum requirement PHP5! The primary development platform for all Joomla!
templates by Yagendoo is PHP version 5 or higher. If you use PHP4, this won't
be a problem, as your web host usually allows you to update the PHP version
to PHP5.
To ensure that the visitors of your website will see your template correctly,
their browsers have to support JavaScript, which usually is the case. If
JavaScript is disabled, certain components of the template (e.g. the drop-down
menu or the slideshow) will not work properly.
Installing and configuring the Yagendoo Virtuemart template is very easy. In
the following, you will learn how to install and configure the template.
© 2012 Yagendoo Media GmbH
1. Preparing the Installation
Unpack the archive called "unzip_" locally on your computer. It contains
another archive which is named accordingly to the Joomla! versions, a
license.txt and a documentation.txt. You may not unpack, change or rename
the template archive!
2. Installing the Template
2.1 Logging on to the Admin Area
L o g - o n t o t h e A d m i n a r e a o f y o u r J o o m l a! i n s t a l l a t i o n. N o r m a l l y, y o u
c a n a c c e s s t h i s a r e a b y c a l l i n g u p t h e f o l l o w i n g a d d r e s s i n y o u r w e b
h t t p://w w w.y o u r d o m a i n.t l d/a d m i n i s t r a t o r/
© 2 0 1 2 Y a g e n d o o M e d i a G m b H

2.2 The Joomla Installer
Now launch the Joomla installer by clicking on
"Extensions » Install/

2.3 Uploading the Template
In the selection field "Upload Package File", select the respective
template archive and upload it by clicking on the "Upload File &
Install" button.
© 2012 Yagendoo Media GmbH

2.4 Successful Installation
Having uploaded the template, the following message will appear:
The Joomla! template has successfully been installed and can now be
3. C o n fi g u r i n g t h e Y a g e n d o o J o o m l a! T e m p l a t e

3.1 The Template Manager
Use the navigation item
"Extensions » Template Manager"
to get to an
overview on all templates you have installed.
© 2012 Yagendoo Media GmbH

3.2 Selecting the Template
Select the new Yagendoo template and define it as the default template
by clicking on the "Star" button. From now on, the new layout is applied
automatically and ready to be used.

3.3 Using the Template Parameters
By clicking on the template name or selecting a template and clicking on
"Edit" in the Template Overview screen, you open the Template
Parameters screen. Here, you can further adjust and customize the
template. The tooltips of the parameter names explain the parameters.
On the screen, you can find all settings the template you have purchased
supports, e.g. a drop-down list of all color themes available for changing
the overall appearance of the layout.
© 2012 Yagendoo Media GmbH
© 2012 Yagendoo Media GmbH
4. Configuring the Yagendoo VirtueMart Theme

4.1 The VirtueMart Component
Open the VirtueMart component via the navigation item

"Components » VirtueMart"

4.2 Selecting the Theme
Use the items
"Tools » Control Panel » Configuration"
to navigate to
the VirtueMart configuration.
© 2012 Yagendoo Media GmbH
Click the tab "Template" and verify that "default" is selected in all the
marked fields. Don't forget to deactivate the usage of the Virtuemart CSS
at the bottom.
© 2012 Yagendoo Media GmbH

4.3 Settings of the Individual Categories
You get about the above mentioned control panel or via the
navigation items
"Products » Product categories"
directly to the
settings which influence the layout of the individual categories
© 2012 Yagendoo Media GmbH
Click on one of the created categories to get to the settings:
In the input field "Default Number of Products per Row", you define
whether the products in a selected category will be output as a list or as
a grid view with x products per line.
© 2012 Yagendoo Media GmbH
5. FAQ

5.1 How can I find out which module items are
B y c o m p l e t i n g t h e c u r r e n t U R L (
w w w.y o u r d o m a i n.t l d/i n d e x.p h p
) w i t h
t h e f o l l o w i n g c h a r a c t e r s, J o o m l a! w i l l a u t o m a t i c a l l y s h o w t h e m o d u l e
i t e m s:
© 2012 Yagendoo Media GmbH
You will find an overview on all available items in the respective
demo installation of the template you have purchased.

5.2 What is a "Module Suffix"?
You will find module suffixes in the parameter list of a Joomla! modul e.
Using the appropriate input filed, you can assign respective CSS classes
to a module and thus allow free rein to your creativity. The class you
enter will be attached to the original class right away and you will be able
to format the respective module individually.

5.3 What's the use of "Additional Tags"?
The Yagendoo template parameters offer two input fields, "Additional
HEAD-Tags" and "Additional BODY-Tags". Here you can enter customized
code for the head area (head tags) or the end of the body area (body
tags). In particular, this is interesting for Google Analytics or similar
© 2 0 1 2 Y a g e n d o o M e d i a G m b H

5.4 Do you have fixed positions for certain
T h e Y a g e n d o o J o o m l a! t e m p l a t e s h a v e r e s e r v e d c e r t a i n p o s i t i o n s f o r
c e r t a i n m o d u l e s. T h e y s h o u l d b e fi l l e d w i t h t h e r e s p e c t i v e m o d u l e s t o
e n s u r e t h a t t h e y a p p e a r a n d w o r k c o r r e c t l y.

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Congratulations! You have successfully installed and set up your Joomla!
template. Enjoy working with it!
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