UNIT 5 WORKBOOK pages 42-43

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UNIT 5 WORKBOOK pages 42

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r exercise
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1. Is …… being served

2. had finished

3. is believed

4. ought to be given

5. will have / get …….. checked

6. were being shown

7. has changed

8. should have been told


1. what has he been told about the course

2. the questionnaires are being completed by the second group now.

3. By 9’00 last night, he had been taken to hospital.

4. it is believed that robots are more efficien
t than humans / Robots are believed to be more efficient than humans.

5. It is known that loud music is bad for your ears / Loud music is known to be bad for your ears.

6. Henry is going to be lent the money / The money is going to be lent to Henry.


We don’t have to paint the house this winter.

2. They must have sold the last newspaper to that man.

3. Joe is going to give us a tour of the castle.

4. when will they announce the voting results?

5. Have you / they told Renee the news?


1. is being inte
rviewed at the moment.

2. is broadcast every Sunday at 1’00

3. all the tickets had been sold.

4. will be released in May.

5. can be opened with a special key.


1. I’ll have / get them made shorter.

2. He had / got it washed.

3. Let’s have / get it delive

4. We had / got them packed by professionals.

5. Where did you have / get it made?

6. You should have / get it framed.


1. is considered

2. represents

3. cannot be defined

4. became

5. was organized

6. meets

7. should not be treated

8. are accused /

have been accused


1. it is said that the Beatles are the best band of all time.

2. The workers were very angry because their salaries hadn’t been given to them

3. They might have solved the problem by now.

4. that film wasn’t being shown last week.

The writer has had her books published.

6. Was an experiment done (by the scientist) last night?