Unit 2 Robots

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Unit 2 Robots

The First Period Reading

Teaching goals

1. Target language


fiction, cartoon, desire, satisfaction, absent, alarm, alarmed, smooth,
embarrass, sympathy, elegant, pile, scan, fingernail, absurd, haircut,
accompany, curtain, cushion
, carpet, paint, awful

affair, firm, firmly,
declare, victory, envy, marriage, test out, ring up, turn around, leave alone


1. She felt embarrassed and quickly told him to go.

2. Claire thought it was ridiculous to be offered sympathy by a robot.


By the amused and surprised look on her face, Claire knew that Gladys
thought she was having an affair.

2. Ability goals: Help students to learn about robots and science fiction.

3. Learning ability goals

Enable students to realize science fiction refle
cts scientific thought; a
fiction of things
come based on things

Teaching important points

Teach students to enjoy science fiction. Enable students to grasp what
Tony did to help Claire and how her emotion developed during Tony’s
stay at her h
ouse. Help students to sum up characteristics of science

Teaching difficult points

How Claire’s emotion developed during Tony’s stay at her house.

Teaching methods

Discussing, explaining, reading and practicing

Teaching aids

The multimedia comput

Teaching procedures & ways

Step I Warming up

Deal with Warming up. Present photos of different kinds of robots. Then
ask them to say something about his or her favorite robot.

T: Good morning /afternoon, class!

Ss: Good morning/ afternoon, Mr. /Ms…

: In this class we are going to learn about robots. Who would like to tell
me what a robot is?

S1:A robot is a machine.

T: What kind of machine?

S2: A robot is a kind of machine that can do a variety of often complex
human tasks.

T: How can a robot perform

human tasks?

S3: A robot is controlled by a computer.

T: You are right. Then we can give the definition of a robot like this: A
robot is a machine designed to do jobs that are usually performed by
humans. Robots are programmed and controlled by a computer
. Now look
at some pictures. Divide them into different types and decide your
favorite one.

Step II Pre

Ask students to discuss the questions in pre
reading in groups. Students
are encouraged to speak out their opinion freely
, no matter what it is.
Teacher should encourage students to use their imagination.

Step III Reading

Deal with the reading part.


Ask the students to scan the text and find out what Tony looks like.

T: Ok. I’m glad you had a heated discussion. Now

I’d like you to meet

a robot that looks exactly like a human being. He is a character in
the science fiction Satisfaction Guaranteed by Isaac Asimov. Please read
the text and find the answers to the following questions.

Show the following questions

on the PowerPoint.

1. What did Tony look like?

2. What did Tony do to make Claire and her home elegant?

Several minutes later check the answers with the whole class.

Suggested answer:

1. He was tall and handsome although his facial expressions never
ed. His hair was smooth and black and his voice was deep.

2. Tony gave Claire a new haircut and changed the makeup she wore. He
also suggested Claire buy new curtains, cushions, a carpet and paint for
the house and new dresses for herself. He made improvem
ents on the
house so that the house looked very elegant.

Careful reading

Comprehending questions on Page 12

Ask students to read the text carefully and then discuss the
comprehending questions on Page 12 in groups.

T: Now let’s read the text carefully and

then do the comprehending
exercises on Page 12.

Several minutes later check the answers with the whole class.

Suggested answers:

1.1. He opened the curtains so that the other women

Claire‘s guests
could see them.

1.2 He had prevented Claire from harming h
erself through her own sense
of failure.

1.3 Because the company (designers) cannot have women falling in love
with machines.

1.4 Various answers can be accepted.

1.5 When she first saw the robot, she felt alarmed. Tony didn’t look like a
machine at all.

She felt embarrassed when Tony asked her whether she needed help

Claire thought it was ridiculous to be offered sympathy by a robot.

She was amazed by the fingernails and the softness and warmth of
his skin.

She screamed, pushed him away and ran
to her room for the rest of
the day.

What a sweet victory to be envied by those women. She might not as
beautiful as them, but none of them had such a handsome lover. Then
she remembered

Tony was just a machine. She cried all night.






Tall, handsome,
black hair, deep

Facial expressions never changed


Clever enough to
solve all kinds of

Cannot think for itself



Never experienced such feelings
as embarrassment, alarm, anger,
ppiness or envy

Claire’s emotion development

After dealing with the comprehending exercises, ask students to work
together to find how Claire’s emotion developed.

Suggested answer:

At first refused to have Tony at her house
accept him
trust him

roud of him
love him
sad to remember he was just a machine

T: From her emotion development, we can see Tony was designed as a Mr.
Perfect. He is designed not to harm Claire or allow her to be harmed. This
is one of Isaac’s three laws for robots. Later

in this unit we will learn
more about his three laws.

Characteristics of science fiction

T: As you know, the story was written in 1951. With the development of
science, some of the functions performed by Tony have come true. From
this story we can draw a

Science fiction is often based on scientific principles and technology.

Science fiction may make predictions about life in the future.

Please remember these are some characteristics of science fiction. If you
are interested, you may write short

science fictions in your spare time.


During this procedure Teacher will play the tape recording for students.
Students will underline the difficult sentences. After listening to the tape,
Teacher will explain the text and deal with language p

T: Now we will deal with some difficult language focuses. Now I will
play the recording of the text for you. Please make a mark where you
have difficulties.

After listening to the recording, explain the difficult sentences to students.
Before exp
laining the difficult points, students are asked to refer to the
notes to the text on Page88

T: Do you have any difficulties with the text

S1:Could you please explain the sentence to us

She felt embarrassed and
quickly told him to go. T: Because Tony


t look like a machine at all,
when Tony offered to help her get dressed, she was embarrassed, perhaps
shy to get a


help her dressing.

S2: How to understand this sentence: Claire thought it was ridiculous to
be offered sympathy by a robot.

T: In

spite of the fact that Tony looked so human, he was just a machine.
So Claire thought it was foolish that Tony offered her sympathy. Do you
have any other questions?

Ss: No.

T: Maybe someday we will have robots that have feelings and can also
think for th
emselves. Please remember science fiction reflects scientific
thought; things
come based on things
hand. Ok, that

s all for today.

t forget to surf the internet to learn more about the great writer and
his stories. Of course you will learn more a
bout robots.

Step IV Homework:

Remember the characteristics of science fiction.

Surf the internet to learn more about robots and science fiction.

Surf the internet to learn about Isaac Asimov.