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The Grays Anatomy

By Rachel Russell (neé Armstrong)

Publication date due November 2000 by Serpents Tail

Contact Anna or Ruthie at Serpents Tail on +44 02 7354 1949 for a sample in the
collection of
best new

writers in "The Shock of The New"


"A bright and unquestionably

satire on mass media, sex, morality and


fiction with a twist


On Rune 66 with its 3 moons, there is no beginning or end to existence. Grays do not die but are
reincarnated into a new role within the culture. The
average 'colleague' believes that it
is immortal


All this changes when a passing time
spill brings this extra

into contact with
humans. As the strange forces of the cosmic entity wreak havoc on the ecosystem of Rune 66
and susceptible individuals are manipulated by the
human space
, it is almost
impossible to be sure what being a 'Gray' really means any more.

The Grays would perhaps have remained oblivious to the dramatic effect that the ultimate
supreme human being, the 'Simbeing' has on their existence if it
were not to the discovery of a
strange diary. Only the disturbed behaviour of an experimental biologist The Chronicler, betrays
that something rather sinister and unusual is happening in the metropolis. When the puritanical
Star Commander, self
appointed g
uardian of the psychic purity of the species, investigates
further, a disturbing series of bizarre abductions is revealed.

Fact or fiction? The Star Commander has the unenviable task of

the contents of the
diary. For a culture that has no secre
ts and accepts that the psychic body is superior to the
physical one, the peculiar habits of humans is a fascinating culture shock.

In each encounter, The Chronicler is faced with the successive examination of mutants that
they are

ded from natural humans. In the eternal corridors of the time
spill, trans
humans, post
humans, robots and cyborgs are waiting to make contact with the curious Gray.

This is a wildly oscillating, engrossing exploration of future human bodies in a time of

contact, of extra
ordinary space travel and in a climate of suppressed terror.

This seductive meeting of the two species explores what happens when alien cultures collide.