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html5 css3
html5 css3
technical consultation
Facebook Application
Facebook Application
Kiosk software
html5 css3
technical consultation
Kiosk software
Mobile Application
responsive web design
Agility CMS
creative consultation
creative consultation
In all cases we stress to our clients
that we are working with them.
The systems, sites, and software
we build each day are already com-
plicated enough so we strive to
make the experience of working
with Brushfire North easy and fun
for the client.
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How We Work
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Brushfire North Inc. is a development and IT services
agency located in Liberty Village, Toronto.

We blend strategy, production and creativity to
provide unique interactive experiences that can be
delivered over the internet or through internal
networks to end users. We focus on three main
areas of service:

We offer strategic services such as application plan-
ning and project management; affording decision
makers practical, expert advice to help facilitate the
analysis and production of their projects.

We offer the highest quality software development
services for all our clients. We leverage a variety of
technologies to build robust applications tailored to
our client’s specific needs.
On any given week we can be working on up to a half
dozen different projects ranging from websites,
client / server applications, to interactive touch-
screen kiosks or mobile apps.
We offer ongoing support services ranging from
hosting, to application monitoring and maintenance,
to training services.
Thank you Mike and your
team at Brushfire North for
making me look good! The
firm is very proud of its
new image and website. I
have to admit that I was
skeptical at first that you
would be able to develop the
content for our website and
brochure that would meet
our needs, but you did and
exceeded our expectations
in the process. We’ve
received a lot of compli-
ments about our new logo
and marketing material and
recommend your services
every chance that we get!
Annie Taillon-Bell, CA, CEPA
Senior Manager, Assurance & Business Advisory
Clark & Horner LLP
Brushfire North takes a pragmatic approach to
software development and supportive services.
We understand how businesses both large and
small work and we have a lot of experience
working with both. We can easily work from
spec sheets, graphic source files, Interactive
Architectures and wireframes if they are
provided to us. We can also help our clients
develop these blueprints
and aid them in understand-
ing how systems and
processes tie into each other.
If we are working with a company who already
has product roadmaps and designs created then
we can take a production role-building out the
product to meet the exact specifications set out
by the client. We can make ourselves available
for periodic (weekly / monthly / quarterly) status
meetings and product review sessions and can
work with the client during the testing and UAT
phases to quickly turn around fixes and address
bugs or issues that can arise during or after
In all cases we stress to our clients that we are
working with them. The systems, sites, and soft-
ware we build each day are already complicated
enough so we strive to make the experience of
working with Brushfire North easy and fun for
the client.
In a short period of time Brushfire North has shown us that they are able to
deliver high quality projects on-time and within our budget. A key element
that is refreshing about Brushfire North is in their ideation process. They are
highly innovative and responsive to questions. There has been cases where we
have received responses from Mike within 2 minutes, late on a Sunday night.
Raja Shankar.
Director, Digital Marketing, International Banking
Brushfire North’s work
ranges from websites to
software application pro-
gramming to supportive
and strategic services.
Currently we dabble in the
following areas.
HTML 5 / CSS 3 design and production
Agility CMS driven websites
Facebook web apps
Relational databases
Windows Phone 7 development
Interactive touch screens and kiosks
Bespoke Websites and microsites
Creative and technical consultation
Strategy and supportive services
Hosting and host management
Disparate system integration
Desktop applications
Enterprise grade client / server applications
Currently we enjoy
working with the
following products
and technologies to
build our solutions.
Microsoft Visual Studio and the .NET Framework
Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Server Management Studio
Visual Studio Team Foundation Server
Debugging / Analysis tools
Microsoft Office API’s
Google Maps API
Facebook Open Graph API
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Agility CMS
We work with a variety of products and prefer to build our own solutions rather than
utilize 3rd party components and / or services unless there is a solid business case to
be made for them. We always strive to use the right tool for the job.
Grant Wilson has been working professionally as a
systems architect and software developer for more
than a decade. Previous to starting a successful
sole-proprietorship, Grant was the CIO of a leading
Toronto marketing agency, directing development
of several enterprise level software products.
Grant has been programming in various evolving
languages since early grade school, and has post-
secondary education in software development as
well as numerous Microsoft certifications.
Grant Wilson and Michael McKinnon are the two
partners that run Brushfire North. Between them
they share over twenty five years of experience in
many areas of IT services and have the expertise
and knowledge to help your company plan,
execute, and support a project of any size.
Michael McKinnon is a professional software devel-
oper and systems architect who has over a decade
of professional experience in many areas of web
programming and marketing. During his time as a
programmer and architect he has worked on many
large brands and initiatives for clients in retail,
wholesale, automotive, law, banking, healthcare,
manufacturing, and travel sectors. He has been
formally educated in both programming and busi-
ness management fields at multiple post-secondary
institutions in Ontario.
Michael is also an accomplished salesman who has
worked in various sales positions in and outside of
the IT services industry.
Grant Wilson
Michael McKinnon
Canadian Export Consulting Services
Canadian Opera Company
Chambers Food Service
Chapman’s Ice Cream
Clark & Horner
Delvinia Interactive
Dotfusion Interactive
Heenan Blaikie LLP
Hilite Fine Foods
M33 Inc. / Koda
Maple Leaf Digital Lounge
Microcel Corporation
Monster Media
North Of 41
Sandbox Communications
Softchoice Corporation
University Health Network
Zync Creative Agency
Chapman’s Ice Cream
The North Face
Boston Museum of Fine Art
Toronto General Hospital
BMO MoneyLogic
Funny Money
Les Stroud
Brushfire North has
quite a bit of experience
working with different
brands and companies
Scotiabank Campaign Manager
CMS driven website built in .NET 3.5 that
allows Scotiabank to create and run mul-
tiple campaigns, calculators, and micro-
sites in a secured environment to over 20
different countries in multiple languages.
AccessPrivacyHB Private Sector Source
Online tool enabling Chief Privacy Officers
and individuals with privacy compliance
roles to easily search Canadian private
sector privacy resources.
Distributed desktop solution and central
website data store utilizing Microsoft
The Scotiabank Campaign Manager is a
CMS driven website built in .NET 3.5 that
allows Scotiabank to create and run mul-
tiple campaigns, calculators, and micro-
sites in a secured environment to over 20
different countries in multiple languages.
The Scotiabank Campaign Manager (or
SBCM) was developed earlier this year
with Brushfire North and Scotiabank’s
international digi-
tal marketing team
and in the past
eight months has
hosted over a half
dozen campaigns
in over 20 coun-
The SBCM runs on
the Agility CMS and
allows a user to
create a campaign
with country or
language specific
content that can be delivered as a web-
site, Facebook app, mobile device app, or
internet connected desktop application.
A CMS admin can tie any campaign to spe-
cific lists for storage of user content (aka
registrations, subscriptions, etc.) and can
also call upon specific customization lists
or utilize rich text areas and custom built
modules to create a functional site
requiring little or no custom code.
Brushfire North worked with Scotiabank
to build modules that can handle user
registrations for contests, submission of
credit or bank card information, calcula-
tors, and
social plugins like Tell-A-Friend mod-
ules and social media sharers. In addi-
tion the CSS and markup was created in
such a way that all campaigns created
through the SBCM utilize a responsive
style and adapt to viewing on typical
computers, tablets, and mobile devices.
Brushfire North continues to work
closely with Scotia-
bank International
to support and
create content for
their various proj-
ects and initiatives
and as of the time
of this writing is
actively working on
a half dozen proj-
ects that utilize the
Scotiabank has
quickly become one
of our largest and most active clients
and the unique relationship we have
with them has allowed us to stretch our
wings especially in responsive and
mobile development and really provide a
unique platform that gives them a real
competitive advantage over the other
international banks.
Brushfire North also maintains a sup-
portive role with Scotiabank and the
SBCM by providing both hosting solu-
tions and an ongoing support and main-
tenance contract. Brushfire North and
the hosting environment have under-
gone and passed security audits to
achieve this status.
Scotiabank Campaign Manager
System allows for easy roll out of customized
content to over 20 countries and multiple
languages. Each country in the SBCM is treated
as a separate language to allow for easy content
duplication across multiple countries and
Application development provided by Brushfire
North as well as support and hosting.
Pre-built modules for registrations, surveys,
social media sharing and calculators can be
integrated into different campaigns.
Solution Highlights:
Solution Highlights:
AccessPrivacyHB Private Sector Source
The Private Sector Source is designed to be an online tool
enabling Chief Privacy Officers and individuals with privacy
compliance roles to easily search Canadian private sector
privacy resources. The Private Sector Source was designed
by Heenan Blaikie’s national Privacy and Information Man-
agement Law Group and the privacy professionals at
Planning of the site started back in July of 2010, with prin-
ciple development commencing in September of 2010 and
continuing throughout the fall and winter months. The site
launched March 8, 2011 and can be viewed at

The main purpose of the site is to provide a paid
subscription-based service where users can subscribe and
easily locate relevant findings, orders, case law, and
resources. Subscriptions can be purchased for individuals,
or in groups of three or seven users. Volume subscriptions
for schools or libraries are also available for offline pur-

The site currently hosts a database of hundreds of custom
written case summaries (edited by Heenan Blaikie and
AccessPrivacy staff) along with external links and docu-
ments relating to Canadian private sector privacy compli-
ance. To facilitate indexing and searching on a database of
this size, Brushfire North and AccessPrivacy staff integrated
a Google Mini search appliance into the website and config-
ured it to crawl specific types of content both in the Access-
Privacy website and in external websites produced by other
agencies and the Canadian government. The result is an
amazing ability to index and search large volumes of infor-
mation both quickly and easily. With the custom enhance-
ments made to the search results, users are able to get very
granular in the refinement of their searches to ensure they
obtain the most relevant information available.
The site also features a publicly accessible section where
users can read news, register online for free or paid events
and conferences, sign up for mailing lists or learn more
about the AccessPrivacy team.
The site leverages the Agility Content Management System
to provide a robust and scalable back end that allows non-
technical users to easily update and add new site content as
well as manage user subscriptions and registrations.
Integration with 3rd party
systems for e-commerce
transactions, mailing list
management (via Constant
Contact API), Google
Search appliance (Google
Provided on-site training
and training documentation
for 10 staff members includ-
ing lawyers, paralegals,
associates and partners.
Integration of a console app
that runs off the server and
coordinates automated mail
outs to clients with lapsing
subscriptions to remind
them to re-subscribe.
Highly customized input
forms in Agility to allow
quick additions of legal
documents and summaries.
Includes auto-complete
fields, keyword matching,
integrated search.
Custom reports built that
can be accessed through
the Agility CMS interface for
system admins to calculate
revenue, subscription
statuses, etc.
Integration of intelligent
URL routing to allow for
extension-less URL’s
throughout the site.
LEARNStyle is a company that provides
training to special needs students on
the technology and programs available
to aid them (“Assistive Technology”).
School boards have a budgeted amount
of money they can spend on student
training, and will often purchase 2 hours
of training per special needs student.
LEARNStyle’s innovative approach is
rather than training each student one on
one, they tutor in small groups (typically
2 or 3). This then provides 3 students
with a total of 6 hours of grouped train-
ing each, as opposed to 2 hours of single
training each.
This also introduces a host of complexi-
ties in scheduling and management.
One student will not always be with the
same two students for each of their
three training sessions, so all appoint-
ments must be meticulously tracked to
ensure the student gets their allotted
training time. This had previously been
handled through distributing Outlook
Tasks to the corresponding consultants.
If one training consultant had to take
over for another, they were left with
limited information on how the sessions
had gone, how the student reacted,
student strengths or weaknesses, which
left a bit of a disconnect with what was
often an already frustrated student.

Tablet PCs were purchased for the train-
ing consultants to enable teacher /
school signatures to be captured digi-
tally, so some method was required to
get collect and process these signa-
tures, which was made more compli-
cated because consultants rarely had
access to the internet while training in
After reviewing the requirements and
interviewing staff members we decided
that the best way to accommodate the
various issues was to build a distributed
desktop solution utilizing Microsoft
A central website and data store was
created, as well as a distributed desktop
application and local cache of necessary

As administrators received claims from
school boards, they would enter and
allocate these claims to their various
consultants (geographical defaults
could be leveraged).

When consultants would log into the
desktop application, it would download
and sync the necessary data that they
needed. They were presented with a
school-filtered list of all of their target
students, with each one showing the
percentage of training received. Sched-
uling and grouping was done through a
familiar drag-and-drop interface. As the
consultants are scheduling their
appointments, a calendar view of their
existing schedule is used, which also
brings in and displays all appointments
from their personal Outlook calendar.
When an appointment is scheduled, it is
automatically pushed and color coded
back into their outlook calendar, so the
existing Outlook alert / reminder mecha-
nism can be leveraged.
The local data syncing ensured that
even with no internet connection, the
consultant still had full access to
student information, course informa-
tion, school contacts as well as notes
and history from other consultants who
had worked with the target students.

Solution Highlights:
Integration with 3rd party software
such as Microsoft Office and Google
Maps API.
Provided training for all staff using the
We continue to host and support the
centralized server application as well
as the distributed applications.
Multiple properties that live on the
web and off tie into the same system.
Highly sensitive student information
is protected in a secured database
When the appointment was finished, the
sign off form was integrated right into
the existing application. All session info
previously entered was brought up, and
the teacher would sign off right in the
application. This was cached onto the
local system, and automatically
uploaded to the server once an internet
connection became available.

The solution offers several key benefits
for administrators as well. Since the
data sync is two-way, pushing informa-
tion back up to the server, administra-
tors are now able to instantly see prog-
ress, status and key information on all of
the various claims and consultants as it
happens. Now, without relying on
phone calls, emails or any other typical
communication methods the staff has as
close to “real time” view of their entire
system as possible.

Apart from the primary consultant func-
tionality, all invoicing, both from consul-
tants to LEARNstyle, and from LEARN-
style to the school board, are automati-
cally generated from the system based
on the information entered. Various
analysis reports were created, available
both through the desktop application
for administrators, as well as through
the central website so that school board
officials could sign in and also see
updates on progress and status.

Instead of using a combination of Excel,
Outlook, Word and various other pro-
grams, LEARNstyle was presented with
a single cohesive program that handled
all of their business needs easily and
quickly, streamlining their processes
and allowing admin to focus on their
business itself, rather than how they
could bend existing programs to fit their
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