Applied Maths in an Internet start-up

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Applied Maths in an Internet start
SIAM conference February 2011
Mark Rogers, CEO Market Sentinel Ltd.
Market Sentinel

Market Sentinel was founded in 2004 in my front room,
using Skype and remote developers

We now have a real office!

100+ customers

We are privately held

We are hiring!
Social Network Analysis

Social Network Analysis is a hybrid discipline formed
from applying the maths of networks to the patterns of
human relationships.

Data was painful and expensive to acquire until the
arrival of the internet.

There is now a vast new array of data from the advent
of social networking sites.

200m+ Twitter users and 600m Facebook users offer
their everyday thoughts and their entire "social graph"
for analysis.
Example: authoritative on MHRA
MHRA: an expanded view
Hot hatchbacks
Key unsolved problems

Is (e.g.) Facebook a better place to market than
Google's paid search?

How do messages propagate in the network?

Can such propagation be modelled successfully using
Facebook's Graph API

Does it even matter? Is it better to randomly attack the
network (cf. Duncan Watts' experiments)
Natural language processing

fashioned rule
based approach:
Lots of hand
written rules
consuming and "brittle"

Statistical and machine learning methods
Promise of full automatisation
More closely mimick human language categories
Rely on complex mathematical methods
Introducing Skyttle
We are looking for talented developers
We take on interns, do knowledge transfer partnerships, and hire straight
from University
We are looking for passionate software developers who are interested in
solving complex problems using mainly open
source technologies.
Our development team would love to hear from you if either
you are a talented developer who enjoys challenges in the fields of
mathematics, network science, language processing or graph theory
you have a great taste for aesthetics and are interested in application
usability, data presentation and pleasant user experience
you are an experienced software engineer and you are looking for an
opportunity to work in a research
like environment but in the commercial
We value fast learning individuals who have programmed before and enjoy
doing it.
We mainly use Open Source frameworks from the Java ecosystem (Spring,
Hibernate) and our projects are based on distributed multi
architecture. Java programming experience is preferred.
Talk to us AT
+44 (0) 20 7793 1575
Personal @tlonuqbar
Business @marketsentinel