15. Partial List of Courses and Specialization Areas

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15. Partial
Courses and Specialization Areas

The following is a partial course list, clustered i
concentrations. With the adviser’s
approval, students may take courses from different concentration areas

(including 600

to specialize in the major area, which is typically the research area.

Required Courses

ECE 576: Information Engineering

ENGR 798: Seminar

ENGR 799: Doctoral Dissertation

Specialization 1: Information Mana

CIS 556: Database Systems

CIS 562: Web Info
rmation Systems

CIS 564/IMSE 570: Principles of Organizational Information Systems

CIS 568/ECE 537: Data Mining

634: The Semantic Web

CIS 635/ECE 677: Multi
media Data Management

CIS 637: Informa
tion Retrieval

: Advanced Database Systems

CIS 65
8: Topics in Database Systems

IMSE 5585: Electronic Commerce

IMSE 5715: Modeling of Integrated Information Systems

IMSE 610: Special Topics in Enterprise Information Systems

Specialization 2: Software Engineering

CIS 553:

Software Engineering

CIS 556: Database Systems

CIS 565: Software Quality Assurance

CIS 577: Software User Interface Design

CIS 676: Software Architecture, Design and Analysis


ECE 535
/CIS 535
Mobile Devices and Ubiquitous Computing Systems

ECE 537: Data Mining

ECE 574: Advanced Software Techniques in Engineering Applications

Specialization 3
: Computer Networks and


CIS 527: Computer Networks

CIS 537: Advanced Computer Networks

CIS 544: Computer and Network Security

CIS 57
1: Web Services: Concepts, Architectures, and Applications

CIS 5XX: Vehicular Network Security and Privacy

CIS 628:
Advanced Distributed Systems

CIS 647: Topics in Networking

CIS 676: Topics in Information Security

ECE 526: Multimedia Communication Systems

ECE 550: Communication Systems

ECE 570: Computer Networks and Distributed Systems

ECE 5701:
Wireless Communication

ECE 5702: High
Speed and Advanced Networks

ECE 650: Information Theory in Electrical Communication


670: Advanced Topics in Computer Netw
ork and Wireless Communication

Specialization 3: Intelligent Systems

CIS 568/ECE 537: Data Mining

CIS 579: Artificial Intelligence

ECE 552: Fuzzy Systems

ECE 579: Intelligent Systems

ECE 583: Neural Networks

ECE 585: Pattern Recognition

ECE 586: Digital
Image Processing

ECE 588: Applied Machine Vision

ECE 5XX: Interactive Media: Human
Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence

ECE 678: Advanced Topics in Intelligent Systems (Proposed)

ECE 679: Advanced Topics in Machine Learning (Proposed)


Nonlinear Digital Signal Processing

IMSE 538: Intelligent Manufacturing Systems

Specialization 4:
Multimedia Engineering

CIS 515: Computer Graphics

Advanced Computer Graphics

Computer Animation

CIS 571: Web Services: Concepts, Arc
hitectures, and Applications

CIS 654:
Information Visualization

ECE 525: Multimedia Data Storage and Retrieval

ECE 5251: Multimedia D
esign Tools I: Static Media

ECE 529: Introduction to Computer Music

ECE 535
/CIS 535
: Mobile

Devices and Ubiquitous Computing Systems

ECE 577: Engineering in Virtual Worlds

ECE 584: Speech Processing

ECE 5XX: Interactive Media: Human
Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence

ECE 6XX: Multimedia Design Tools II: Dynamic Media

ECE 676: Advanced Topics
in Multimedia Systems

Specialization 5
System Optimization and Decision Analysis

IMSE 505: Optimization

IMSE 506: Stochastic Models

IMSE 511: Design of Experiments

IMSE 514: Multivariate Statistics

IMSE 515: Fundamentals of Progr
am Management

IMSE 516:
Project Management and Control

IMSE 520: Production Management

IMSE 5205: Engineering Risk
Benefit Analysis

IMSE 5655: Supply Chain Management

IMSE 574: IS Based Production Planning and Control

IMSE 605: Special Topics in Optimizati

IMSE 679: Special Topics in Machine Learning

Concentration 6: Advanced Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems

ECE 554: Embedded Systems

ECE 575: Computer Architecture I

ECE 675: Computer Architecture II

ECE 5701: Introduction to Wireless Communicati

ECE 5752: Reconfigurable Computing and SOC

ECE 654: Advanced Topics in Embedded Systems

ECE 6XX: Embedded Networks

Other Graduate Courses

MATH 504: Dynamical Systems

MATH 513: Linear Algebra

MATH 514: Numerical Solutions to Partial Differential

MATH 516: Partial Differential Equations

MATH 5055: Integral Equations

MATH 592: Topology