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A mother writes:
Hi Father Chris and youth workers,
How are you all going, good I hope? It’s Fiona*
here, David’s* mum. David was in your
program for a while and I would like to thank
you and your staff for helping David to his
feet. He loved going to the Kokoda Track in
Papua New Guinea. David is going so well
now and has picked himself up from that
terrible part of his life. We have such a close
relationship now, it’s like it should be – like
mother and son.
Father Riley, thank you from the bottom of
my heart for saving my son.
If it wasn’t for your program David would be
dead by now – thank you so much, you saved
my son. David is going so well now, he volunteers
for the Salvation Army three times a week
and guess what – he is a father now. His son
is one year old and he is so much like David,
it has seemed to pick him up so much. And I
love being a grandmother. David doesn’t want
his son to go down the same path he did, you
should see him, and he loves his son so much.
Well better go now, thanks again Father Chris
and workers, you all do such a fantastic job
and help so many kids. I have read both of
your books and they are helping so many kids.
David’s Mum.

* Real names not used
What this story shoWs
is that no child is beyond help
One of the most common – and usually rhetorical
– questions I get asked by radio commentators
is: what is wrong with our kids?
Of course, they usually have an answer ready
in their heads – that they are monsters who
need stopping. For years I have been warning
governments and peopl e that vi ol ence
perpetrated by young people will continue to
escalate until the issue is properly addressed.
And yet all too often society’s response is
demand punishment by putting more in gaol.
Research indicates that repressive punishment
methods only escalate levels of violence. Many
It is always good to hear how our kids are going, even many years after they leave us.
Youth Off The Streets

Number 1, 2010

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an ‘achieving society’ to a ‘feel good’ society.
In Seligman’s words, the changes that have
impacted negatively on our society include:
• Family, Nation and God take a back seat to self.
• Consumerism becomes a way of life,
shopping an antidote to depression.
• Leaving an unsatisfactory, but not
unbearable, marriage for the possibility of
better life after divorce becomes acceptable.
• Day care, single mothers and absent fathers
become common.
• Duty, formerly the bedrock of adult life, goes
out of fashion.
• Depression, a disorder of feeling bad, is
separated from manic depression and
labelled an illness.
• The study of self esteem becomes a field of
• Drug use goes from something only hippies
do to the common place.
• Psychotherapy becomes usual for ‘normal’
troubled kids.
young people have been abandoned and feel
no connection to the community. I keep saying,
“Children may not listen to what their parents
say, but they will do what they see their parents
doing.” And so what chance do they have with
the many poor role models they have?
We allow young girls to be sexualised in how
they dress, we decry teenage binge drinking
but allow alcohol advertising targeting young
people, our politicians yell and shout at each
other in Parliament, showing very little respect.
Adults get drunk and act violently, and the
unsavoury acts of sportsmen and celebrities
are glorified through coverage in the media.
With so few role models, it’s no wonder many of
our kids have no hope in their eyes. They have
given up.
state of the nation: There has been massive
social change over the past thirty years, change
that has created an epidemic of depression and
alienation for our youth. American Psychologist
Martin seligman says we have seen a shift from
▲ Trainee Youth Workers Tyson Birtles and Kelly Russell meet Prince William & NSW Premier Kristina Keneally.
Courtesy Benjamin Townsend Photography.
no. 1

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Number 1, 2010

Youth Off The Streets
don’t know how long it’ll take for it to sink
in, that I got to meet Prince William. I’m still
freaking out about it! I mean he’s Royalty, and
I’m from Walgett – no one famous ever comes
out here. If you want to see someone famous
you have to go to Sydney and buy a ticket for
a concert or something.
I’m just really glad that Father asked me to
come. It was an awesome opportunity.
I was real nervous before I got there, even at
the airport on the way down I was freaking out.
Once I got there I was right though, he was so
down to Earth and easy to talk to. In pictures he
looks kind of stuck up but in real life he wasn’t
at all. He was really nice.
He asked me about living in Walgett and the work
we do up here, and he asked about my kids too.
I was talking to the Premier as well, she knew
stuff about me too. I think Father must have
filled them in before we got there or something!
The BBQ was great as well. I’ve been to Sydney
lots of times but I’d never been to the Botanical
Gardens, it was such a neat view. The city, the
harbour, the Opera House and the Harbour
Bridge are all right there. It was real neat.
When I got home a lot of people asked me what
it was like. My cousins have started calling me
princess, I think I’m stuck with it now!
Kelly russell – trainee youth Worker
was on holidays at Coonabarabran when
I first found out I was going to meet Prince
William. At first I didn’t know what to say.
As daunting as it was, it was a thrill to get
the call and once I got over my nervousness
I felt excited and honoured to be given the
On the day of the BBQ I arrived with Father.
There were crowds of people lined up outside
and it seemed like everyone knew Father Chris.
People were yelling out his name and I got a bit
embarrassed at the attention. Once we got into
the BBQ I was a lot more relaxed. I got talking to
some of the other young people there about their
work in the community, it was real laid back.
Prince William arrived about 20 minutes late –
people were joking that he might not be coming.
But he really went out of his way to meet every
individual person at the event. He was so relaxed
and really down to earth. We had a bit of a yarn
and I asked him how he was enjoying his time
in Australia. He said he was really enjoying
I never thought I’d ever be in that kind of
position. As overwhelming as it all was, it
was a great experience and one that I was
honoured to be a part of.
tyson birtles – trainee youth Worker

Father Chris Riley shares a laugh with Prince William and NSW Premier Kristina Keneally.
Courtesy Benjamin Townsend Photography.
• Entertainers and sports figures command
higher salaries and more prestige than
captains of industry and politicians.
• Women’s magazines feature dieting, looking
good and sexual satisfaction more than
cooking, gardening, mothering, and being
a wife.
• Litigation by ordinary individuals becomes
• Manufactured goods become flashy & shoddy.
• Physical punishment of children becomes
unusual and illegal.
• Failing students get an ‘Incomplete’ or even
a ‘Satisfactory’ instead of an F.
And what causal factors contribute to juvenile
problem behaviour?
One of the most reliable indicators of juvenile
crime is the proportion of fatherless children.
Being fatherless:
• Increases the odds that a boy will grow up
in a neighbourhood where resources of all
kinds are in short supply, thus the normal
opportunities for success in the world will be
limited. Being fatherless is one of the most
powerful indicators that a child will be poor,
will be moved from home to home and will
therefore have more difficulty establishing
stable and positive relationships with peers.
• Growing up fatherless increases the chances
that a boy will lack a male guide, protector
and mentor. This is in itself a risk factor for
later delinquency, because boys in an
environment with many negative possibilities
require every possible counter force to keep
them from succumbing to them. Having a
father does not guarantee protection, but
it does increase the odds of success.
• Growing up without a father always leaves
the question of why: “Why don’t I have a
father?” The question often goes unanswered.
And there is always the possibility that a child
will answer that question by concluding there
is something wrong with him that he doesn’t
have a father.
About 80% of violent boys suffer father absence
as do the majority of all boys arrested for
violent crimes. Social scientists also correlate
fatherlessness with higher rates of suicide, teen
pregnancy, mental illness, substance abuse,
poverty and school failure, drop out, suspension
and expulsion.
We need to stand up for our children. Because
no child is beyond help.

Father chris riley
CEO and Founder – Youth Off The Streets
An Audience With
Prince William
Youth Off The Streets trainee youth workers Kelly Russell and Tyson Birtles, along
with Father Chris Riley, were invited to join His Royal Highness Prince William for
a BBQ lunch during the Prince’s official visit to Sydney in January. Below are Kelly and
Tyson’s thoughts on their brush with Royalty.

In January 2010, youth off the streets and citi
australia joined forces to launch the pilot of our
new Smart Money financial literacy program.
citi australia has played a crucial role in
supporti ng Youth Off The Streets wi th
researching, preparing and funding for this new
program. We are very excited about the future
of this new partnership, and in turn how it will
bring real benefit to our young people. The
program will initially be delivered within our
educational services and will help equip some
of our young people with better life skills for
their future.
citi australia is passionate about financial
literacy and how this can bring long term
benefit to support disadvantaged young people.
roy Gori, ceo of citibank australia, feels that
one of the best ways a bank can do that is
through supporting trained educators with
grass roots life education programs like Smart
Money, which will help empower our youth to
climb out of financial difficulty and suppressive
Financial management is a life skill that is learnt
either in the home, or at school. Most of the
young people we work with have been
disengaged from education and do not have
positive parental role models in their lives, so
the Smart Money program will be the first
opportunity they have to learn to be financially
The program will cover budgeting, how to get
out of debt, identifying income/job opportunities,
how to open a bank account, understanding
mobile phone plans and payments, scams and
financial dangers, a practical guide to renting,
and knowing who can help if they’re in trouble.
By teaching young people the ability to save, to
run a household budget, to understand contracts
& conditions and to avoid disreputable lenders,
the Smart Money program will give our kids a
better chance at breaking the cycle of poverty.
The program also features one-on-one sessions
focusing on the individual’s financial needs,
home situation and life goals, with a view to
creating a personal step-by-step plan to move
their life forward longer term.
Our partnership with citi australia and the
Smart Money program was announced at the
Key College graduation ceremony in December.
Youth Off The Streets is very pleased to be
associated with citi australia, and thanks them
for the key part they have played in launching
the Smart Money program. 
Youth Off The Streets

Number 1, 2010

Page 3
Corporate PartnershipsNEWS
Citi Australia supports our
young people with Financial Literacy
The Good Guys
supporT The New
Key ColleGe
Key Col l ege, Yout h Of f The St reet s
independent high school, recently moved
into its new home in Little Eveleigh Street,
Redfern. And once agai n, our great
supporters at the Good Guys alexandria
and casula came to the fore with in-kind
donations of goods for Key and our other
To mark the completion of the move, Brian
Fox, proprietor of the Alexandria store
donated items to equip the Key College
kitchen, which feeds our students every
day. In addition, ariel arpires, proprietor of
the Good Guys casula donated a plasma
television for our annual Celebration of
Youth Scholarship Dinner raffle. Ariel also
donated a dishwasher and fridge to Don
Bosco House.
Youth Off The Streets is very lucky to have
the support of The Good Guys Casula and
Alexandria. Twenty cents from every
transaction in each store is donated to
Youth Off The Streets’ Macquarie Fields
Outreach Program and Key College,
Redfern. In addition to the financial
contribution, the stores assist us with
in-kind donations of goods and both stores
have been extremely generous to our
These donations mean more funds go
directly to our young people. A big thank
you to the teams at the Good Guys casula
and alexandria.

Citi Chief Executive Roy Gori and Father Chris Riley at Key College, December 2009.

The Good Guys Alexandria proprietor Brian Fox (L)
and colleague Pranesh Singh (R) with Key College
manager Min Bonwick and student Simon Byrnes.
Page 4

Number 1, 2010

Youth Off The Streets
Youth Off The Streets partnership with nrMa
Motoring & services has grown significantly
over the past two years, branching into new
and diverse areas of support. NRMA has taken
a whole of business approach to its association
with Youth Off The Streets, involving staff,
businesses and their regional network of
service centres.
In 2009, NRMA’s support was directed to our
early-intervention community development
program at Doonsi de. In addi ti on to a
significant financial contribution, NRMA
purchased a custom-made barbecue trailer
and provided sporting equipment for the
program. And the organisation’s encouragement
of staff involvement was evidenced by the
number of NRMA staff on hand throughout the
year running barbecues or simply kicking a
football around with the young people of the area.
NRMA’s support extends beyond Doonside,
helping us more broadly across a variety of our
programs. This has included attendance at our
annual Celebration of Youth Scholarship Dinner,
providing an NRMA Travel package which
raised significant funds and advertisements and
articles in the Open Road magazine, providing
valuable exposure to 2.1million NRMA members
across NSW/ACT.
Most recently, the NRMA Safer Driver School
offered their services by providing our staff
with on-site driver training. The training was
aimed primarily at staff responsible for driving
our young people across our sites and tailored
for the rural roads we access in our Southern
Highlands programs.
“We felt very privileged at being given the
opportunity to gain a very interesting and
impressive glimpse into the Youth Off The Streets
organisation and some of the challenges it
faces,” said Mark Toole of NRMA Safer Driving,
Corporate Partners
Bring Christmas Cheer
ver Christmas we were inundated with
presents for the young people across our
services. For many of these young people,
Christmas is a difficult time of year as many
of them do not have families or loved ones to
share this occasion with.
At Youth Off The Streets, we aim to not only
help them through this challenging time, but are
committed to making Christmas special. Each
year we are thrilled with the amount of support
we receive from our corporate partners, and in
2009 we received more gifts than ever.
Thank you to all who donated gifts for our young
people and helped bring some much needed
Christmas cheer. In particular, a massive
thanks to staff at pepsico, Myer, tnt, leighton
contractors, aristocrat, booz & co., Vodafone
hutchison australia, and the australian
Federal police.
who planned and delivered the workshop along
with Tony Wroe.
“It’s an experience which we will value for
many years to come. We enjoyed the day and
are very appreciative of the participation and
input received from the participants, staff and
boys who attended from Foundation House.”
NRMA call centre staff also organised a winter
clothing drive, collecting bag loads of warm
clothes that were distributed to young people
at refuges and on the food van. NRMA also
provided rare opportunities for young people
and staff by providing concert tickets and have
called on their networks to provide discounts
for car rental and accommodation.
NRMA’s commitment to young people is
perhaps most evident through the provision
of employment opportunities to our young
people within their business. Billy, a graduate
of our Chapel School campus, continues to
make great progress in the second year of his
apprenticeship at Motorserve.
Finally, in late 2009, the NRMA’s Association of
Country Service Centres raised much needed
funds for Youth Off The Streets at their annual
conference held on the Gold Coast. Youth Off
The Streets staff member Craig Ashby spoke
to delegates at the conference and all funds
raised were directed to our Outreach Program
in Walgett, providing critical program funding.
NRMA has a strong commitment to servicing
the needs of its members and the communities
where they live and Youth Off The Streets is
proud to be supported by the organisation. 2009
proved an action-packed year and we sincerely
thank all at NRMA. Your contribution is highly
valued by Youth Off The Streets and we look
forward to continuing our partnership over the
years to come.
Corporate PartnershipsNEWS

NRMA staff help packing Christmas hampers for young people and their families.
NRMA supporting young people in 2010
Youth Off The Streets

Number 1, 2010

Page 5
Corporate PartnershipsNEWS cont.
Thanks to our corporate partners for their ongoing support:
8 Communications ◾ A & DJ Building Services ◾ Alliance Network International Pty Ltd ◾ Australian Motor Homes ◾ B Braun Australia Pty Ltd ◾ Beach Road Hotel ◾ Broxtan ◾
Commonwealth Bank of Australia ◾ Cooley Auction Services ◾ Count Charitable Foundation ◾ Energy Australia ◾ FreeHills ◾ Godfrey Hirst ◾ The Gongs Ltd ◾ Goodwin Chivas & Co ◾
Hinco Instruments Pty Ltd ◾ HSBC Australia Limited ◾ iinet ◾ John Milne No 3 Pty Ltd ◾ Le Sands Pavillion ◾ LexisNexis ◾ Macsim Fastenings Pty Ltd ◾ Mainland Civil Pty Ltd ◾
Mary Rossi Travel ◾ Meridian Hotel ◾ metcentre ◾ Moore Stephens Pty Ltd ◾ Munich Re Australasia ◾ Myer City Store ◾ Nedigi Pty Ltd ◾ Object Trading ◾ Ogilvy PR ◾
Pick Up Trucks Pictures ◾ Pierlite ◾ Premier Media Group ◾ QBE Insurance Group ◾ Reed Elsevier Ltd ◾ Rockfield Contracting ◾ Foundation ◾ Slingsby Holdings Pty Ltd ◾
St Dalfour Australia ◾ Sydney Airports ◾ The Smiths Snackfood Company Ltd ◾ Thomas Hotels ◾ Tricommercial ◾ Varso Pty Ltd ◾ Vodafone Hutchison Australia ◾ Welas Pty Ltd ◾
The Reed Group Raises
Funds for Youth Off The
The Reed Group’s 2009 golf day, held at Katoomba
Golf Course in October, raised much needed
funds and awareness for Youth Off The Streets.
With a packed course and 2GB broadcasting live
on site, the Reed Group achieved its fundraising
goal, presenting a cheque for the proceeds
to Father Chris Riley at the end of the day’s play.
The Reed Group’s support comes at a crucial
time for Youth Off The Streets and we thank
them immensely for their commitment to
supporting disadvantaged young people. We
look forward to an exciting and rewarding
partnership over the year to come.
A big thank you to all our Corporate Volunteers
who have assisted us across our services over
the past six months. From painting a refuge,
providing garden maintenance and packing
Christmas hampers – all activities provided
important contributions to our organisation.
Thank you to volunteers at Microsoft, nrMa
Motoring & services, pepsico, Morgan stanley,
cch, Moore stephens, lexisnexis, hMas
Kuttabul, hMas success, hMas Minora,
Westpac, lend lease, lion nathan, KpMG,
count Financial, leighton contractors, hunter
hall and ogilvy pr for donating your time to
help our organisation.
In December, a team from the smith’s
snackfood company visited Don Bosco House
and decorated the refuge for Christmas. The
day proved to be a fun day for all involved,
including the young people who assisted with
the decorations and joined in singing Christmas

A group from
The Smith’s
Company bring
Christmas cheer
to the residents
at Don Bosco

A team from Microsoft get their hands dirty at
Matthew Hogan College in the Southern Highlands.

Managing Director Geoff Reed presents FCR with a
cheque of funds raised from the Reed Group golf day.
Page 6

Number 1, 2010

Youth Off The Streets
seVen yoUnG people noW
haVe their proVisional
licence ...
The current 2009/10 young driver training
program – a joint initiative by Honda Australia
Roadcraft Training (HART) and Youth Off The
Streets – has achieved fantastic results so far
with six young people successfully gaining their
provisional licences.
The Young Driver Training Program started in
2007 and was designed to give young people in
Youth Off The Streets care the skills, experience
and motivation to successfully obtain their
provisional licence.
The Program is only made possible through the
ongoing and generous support of the Honda
In addition to the seven young people mentioned
above, another twelve (from the following YOTS
services: Key college, integration, scholarships
& south West sydney outreach) are currently
registered in the Program, with numbers
expected to further increase in 2010.
The success of the Program is largely due to the
exceptional team of dedicated staff at HART. In
particular Daniel McMahon and his team of
professional instructors, who go above and
beyond for our young people. The kids enjoy
their driving lessons with HART and it seems
the feelings are mutual.
“We love the kids, they’re great.” Daniel McMahon
says. “Each time I do this they seem to get better
and better. All they need is encouragement and
we’re happy to do that.”

School students across Australia are encour-
aged to enter the GetReel competition. The
nationwide drug awareness competition
developed by Youth Off The Streets with support
from sony Foundation australia is now open for
GetReel requires students to plan and produce
t hei r own drug awareness t el evi si on
commercial, aimed at people their own age. It
draws upon the students’ knowledge, creativity
and t eamwork ski l l s, as st udent s are
encouraged to develop their own ideas through
discussion, role-play, and research. The end goal
is to educate participants and inform the wider
school community across Australia of the
dangers of licit and illicit drug use.
Great prizes are on offer to successful entrants.
In 2009 The GetReel Competition received over
a thousand competition entries from through-
out Australia. Congratulations to the winning
schools in each division:
Middle division: St Thomas More Primary
School, Campbelltown
secondary division: St John’s College, Nambour
For more information, including how to enter,
simply visit the GetReel page on the
youth off the streets website at
Off The Beaten Track
In late 2009 a group of Youth Off The Streets
scholarship holders embarked on a trip to the red
centre alongside mentors from
and Youth Off The Streets staff. The purpose of
the expedition was to provide both mentors and
mentees with a physical & emotional challenge
which they could overcome together.
The seven day Larapinta Trek departed Alice
Spri ngs on September 29 and covered
approximately one hundred kilometres of
trekking through the MacDonald Ranges. The
trek included gorges, chasms, water holes,
ridgelines and mountains.
The young people and mentors had many
positive interactions throughout the trip. The
mentors were supportive of the young people,
encouraging them through difficult conditions
and challenging terrain, in addition to maintain-
ing a positive attitude.
The young trekkers unanimously reported that
they enjoyed the trek, particularly highlighting
the company of the mentors. They felt the
mentors provided them with personal support
to talk to about their individual situations and
goals. The young people also enjoyed the
opportunity to spend time with other scholar-
ship recipients as they could identify with peers
in similar situations to their own. They found
they could relate to each other’s issues such
as lack of family support, financial disadvan-
tage, living in remote communities and dealing
with traumatic backgrounds which proved very
helpful to their own personal challenges.
Also, in 2009 eleven scholarship recipients
completed their Year 12 final exams. Scholar-
ship recipients across four states all achieved
outstanding results. Of the 11, eight recipients
will be attending university in 2010, two will be
attending TAFE, and one has already begun an
Australia Day honours
Three of our inspiring
young scholarship
winners were again
recognised at the
Australia Day ceremo-
nies named the Young
Citizen of the Year in
their respective com-
munities. Congratula-
tions to emily Martin
(Cooktown, Qld), Joel harvey (Bundaberg, Qld)
& cassie healey (Nyngan, NSW) for this great
2010 Nominations Now open
Nominations for the 2010 scholarship program
are now open. Nominees can come from
anywhere in Australia and must be between the
ages of 14 and 21 years.
For more information, visit the Scholarships
page of the Youth Off The Streets website at

Scholarship holders and mentors trekking in the
Australian outback.
the staff & management of le sands pavilion,
tony stewart Mp and the major table sponsors
canterbury leagues club & bankstown sports
... and thank you

damien cooley, Krispy Kreme Mascot, icons
of sport, taFe Ultimo, Qantas Mascot staff
and Management, pepsi, smiths, agility
professional services – dave sutton, canon
australia, Virtual display Group, Will Gray &
hidden door and bronte rsl.
And a Big Thanks to the following for
their support of our Food Van service:
lahood brothers revesby, biopak bondi
Junction, Krispy Kreme Mascot, Julianos
pasta, sargents pies – William harris and
pymble catholic church – without you, this
service would not be possible.
**if you are based in sydney and would like
to donate fresh food (bread, meat, vegetables,
cakes etc) for our nightly food van service,
please contact Vanessa cali on (02) 9330 3539.
Angels BeyOnd The AByss:

“angels beyond the abyss” is a recording
by a group of Vietnam Veterans to raise
funds for Youth Off The Streets and other
worthwhile causes.
“Australia’s Vietnam War veterans know
what it is like to be disenfranchised,”
Sydney based singer/songwriter Francis
Edwards said. “We are committed to making
a difference to our fellow citizens who find
themselves in a similar place today.”
‘angels beyond the abyss’ is on sale from
youth off the streets head office, and
Australia wide through abc shops, abc
online and itunes.
cameron o’shea took fundraising to a new
level this past New Years Eve, conquering
Africa’s highest peak Mount Kilimanjaro for
Youth Off The Streets. Cameron, who had
gathered donations from family, friends and
workmates, saw the first sunrise of 2010 from
Kilimanjaro’s summit, 5895 metres above sea
level. We congratulate Cameron on this
incredible achievement and wish him continued
success as he tackles his next challenge,
climbing Russia’s Mount Elbrus, an inactive
volcano which at 5,642 metres is Europe’s
highest peak. This time he promises to plant
a Youth Off The Streets flag at the summit!

mates on a mission
yet again!
Youth Off The Streets was once again proud
to be associated with the annual Mates on a
Mission golf day, held at Liverpool Golf Club
on Christmas Eve. The brain child of West
tigers captain robbie Farah and friends steve
boukarem, charlie haddad and George Katrib,
Mates on a Mission raised much needed funds
for Youth Off The Streets for the third straight
year. Father Riley and Eden School Manager
Steve Armstrong both spoke passionately on
the day about Youth Off The Streets and Eden’s
role in providing educational support to young
people in Macquarie Fields. Youth Off The
Streets sincerely thanks the Mates team for
their continued support.
Rally for a cause
dishes the dirt!
On November 6, 2009, the team at Virtual
display Group created an amazing day out for 30
thrill seeking supporters, who were given a rare
chance to rub shoulders with some of the best
rally car drivers in the world including alister
Mcrae, neal bates, brendon reeves & chris
atkinson. Even Father Riley got in on the action,
taking a hot lap of the course with Bates, a
four time Australian champion. Guests were
treated to a full day’s premium hospitality at
Oran Park, including hot laps and a drive in a
genuine rally car. The great folks from canon
were on hand to capture all the action for lucky
guests to souvenir, and channel ten covered
the event for sports tonight. Every cent paid
in tickets was donated to Youth Off The Streets
and we once again sincerely thank Maurice
roach, his incredible staff and clients for their
invaluable support. Youth Off The Streets would
also like to thank rally school, pepsi, nrMa,
canon, Motorsport safety & rescue, Jon
thomson and all drivers and crew for donating
their time and money to support the event.
hunter’s hill community
comes together for a cause.
The hard working ladies pulpit committee in
Hunters Hill produced a grand Christmas
cocktail event in support of Youth Off The
Streets. Over 100 guests enjoyed gourmet
canapés and an exhibition and auction of fine
art by Rex Newell. Youth Off The Streets was well
represented with Chairwoman Anna Ainsworth
attending as guest speaker. We would like to
extend our thanks and congratulations on a
very successful evening to Marie Houlihan and
the committee.
Le Sands Pavilion

our local heroes
Youth Off The Streets gives thanks for the
support of iconic Sydney restaurant le sands
pavilion. Proprietors Peter and Elizabeth
Antonopoulos are tireless supporters of Youth
Off The Streets, and along with bankstown Mp
tony stewart they created the le sands
charity lunch event in 2008 to raise much
needed f unds. The resul t s have been
phenomenal, with 2009’s event attracting over
200 people for an afternoon of fine dining and a
stirring address from Father Riley. Guests were
entertained by the beautiful voice of sabrina
batshon, and the fine men and women from the
hMas success were very popular raffle ticket
sellers! sky channel’s John Mangos kindly
donated his time as MC. Our deepest thanks to
Youth Off The Streets

Number 1, 2010

Page 7

Cameron O’Shea celebrates New Years Day
at Africa’s highest point.

British Rally Champion Alister McRae was happy
to donate his time to support Youth Off The Streets.

oUr VolUnteers
Spread ChriStmaS
CheerS at OutreaCh
Youth Off The Streets volunteers once again
came to the fore in December, helping to
spread Christmas cheer at our Outreach
programs in Macquarie Fields, Doonside,
Airds and Rosemeadow. Young people in each
suburb were treated to BBQs, lolly bags, gifts
and of course a visit from the big man himself,
Santa. Thanks to all those that generously
donated their time, and in particular to Roni
Kahn from OzHarvest, who donated food and
time to our Rosemeadow Outreach.
Outreach programs play a pivotal role in
engaging young people in the community
and we are always looking for volunteers,
particularly in Airds and Rosemeadow. If you
are interested in this rewarding opportunity
and would be happy to assist in cooking,
playing games, or if you have a particular skill,
holding workshops such as dance, music,
arts and craft, martial arts, please contact
Vanessa cali on (02) 9330 3539 or email
Walking in my ShOeS
In August 2009 our volunteers and ten young
people from YOTS participated alongside
nine students from Holroyd School, a school
catering for children with multiple disabilities,
in the Walking in My shoes camp. Our young
people became “the volunteers” and assisted
the Holroyd students over the next two days
at the Yarrabin Guest Property, O’Connell. The
students were treated to games, sports and
activities – a highlight being farm chores such
as feeding the lambs. This camp funded by
Clubs NSW allows opportunities for the young
people to develop leadership and social
skills, step outside their comfort zones and to
recognise human values in action. “It gave
me the most comforting feeling knowing
I managed to take care of a young child.
I related to her in ways and she truly put a
smile on my face” – Young Person.
V O l u n t e e r S 2 0 1 0
We are again looking forward to working with
our volunteers in 2010. Youth Off The Streets
has a new face in this area, with the arrival of
new Volunteers Manager Vanessa Cali. Vanessa
joins Youth Off The Streets from a corporate
events background and she has a long history
of volunteering herself, most notably for
Teresa House and Cana Communities. If you
are interested in volunteering for Youth Off The
Streets, please contact Vanessa on 02 9330 3539
Page 8

Number 1, 2010

Youth Off The Streets

PO Box 6025, Alexandria NSW 2015
Tel 02 9330 3500 Fax 02 9693 1599
ABN 29 100 388 412 • Registered as a tax deductible
gift recipient. Charitable Fundraising No: 12611
Calling for quality, saleable items for our
Op Shops. Please phone Billie (02) 9721 5700
if you are able to help out.
◾ 136 Vincent Street CESSNOCK ◾ Unit 2/9
Brooks Ave WYOMING ◾ 404 Auburn Street
GOULBURN ◾ 250 High Street MAITLAND ◾
104 Maitland Road ISLINGTON ◾ 8 Bundaroo
Street BOWRAL ◾ 632 Hume Highway CASULA
◾ Holborow House Op Shop, 251 John Street
SINGLETON ◾ 38A Helen Street SEFTON.
calling for op shop Volunteers: if you think
you can spare a few hours per week please
call robert innes, op shops Manager, on
(02) 4982 2385
Special thanks to Mail
Marketing Works for
their support in distributing
this newsletter.
You CAN make a difference! Have you got an
up to date Will that reflects your wishes? When
you update your Will, we ask that you consider
leaving a residual Bequest to Youth Off The Streets.
A bequest is a lasting gesture that ensures that
Youth Off The Streets can continue to offer life-
changing programs for young people in need.
Nominating Youth Off The Streets as a beneficiary
in your Will, after loved ones have been provided
for, is an easy and effective way to continue
your legacy.
Contact our Development Office on 02 9330 3500
for our suggested wording or to discuss your wishes.
UpcoMinG eVents
eden Gardens -

Morning tea
Eden Gardens Centre, North Ryde
 Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Hear Father Riley Speak and enjoy morning
tea at the beautiful Eden Gardens. To secure
your place call Eden Gardens direct on
(02) 9491 9900.
pave The streets with Gold
 Friday, 30 april, 2010
Join in our second annual gold coin fundrais-
ing campaign this April. If you are interested
in getting involved, please contact us on
(02) 9330 3500.
Macsim sydney to surfers bike ride
 1–7 May, 2010
The annual Macsim Sydney to Surfers bike
ride is run by the rotary club of engadine
and is Youth Off The Streets biggest
fundraiser of the year. For info and to enter,
visit the youth off the streets website or
Cooley Golf Classic
st Michaels Golf course, sydney
 Friday, 21 May, 2010
Love golf? Enter a team in the 2010 cooley
Golf classic at Sydney’s St Michaels Golf Club
on Friday 21 May. For information, including
registration and sponsorship, contact Joanne
baxter on (02) 9330 3534.
albury liquor accord Gala dinner

 Friday, 4 June, 2010
Hear Father riley speak as the Albury
community prepares to launch its first food
van service to meet the increasing rate of
homelessness in the region. For info, contact
Joanne baxter on (02) 9330 3534.
sun herald City to surf
 sunday, 8 august, 2010
Attention runners, walkers, pram pushers, and
school kids. Take part in the 2010 sun herald
city to surf for teaM yots. Contact us and
help us raise much needed funds!!
For more information got to or phone
Joanne baxter on (02) 9330 3534 or email on