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Java Enterprise
Edition (Java EE)
Application Servers

Kapil Katyal


April 22, 2008



Benefits of Using Java EE

Various Vendors

Other Alternatives


Typical Scenario

Create a web application that is secure, reliable and
can serve large quantities of data to thousands of
concurrent users.


It needs to be in production within 6 months.

One Solution:

Hire lots of programmers to implement security,
scalability, database features

Difficult to find skillset

High cost to build and maintain application

Could be error prone

Key Observations

Java EE

Key observation made by application server vendors

Most web applications require similar features such as
database access, security, scalability, etc.

Provide these features that are fully tested in a container to
be leveraged by application developers

Similar to Java and C++ libraries

Allows application programmers to focus on business logic
instead of writing all features from scratch

Services Provide by Java EE

Web Services

RMI for distributed applications

Load balancing / clustering

Database integration

System management

oriented middleware


Dynamic redeployment

and many others….

Java EE Containers




IBM WebSphere Application Server

BEA WebLogic

Oracle OC4J

Open Source

JBoss Application Server

Apache Geronimo

Sun Glassfish

Apache Tomcat (only a web container)


Spring / Hibernate solution

New EJB specification is very similar to Hibernate

Spring and Hibernate are not based on specifications

Not as mature as Java EE

Microsoft .Net

Similar functionality

Forced into one platform and one vendor

One of the key features of web services is the
interoperability of .Net and Java EE.

Advantages and


Many, many features provided to the application developer

Shorter development cycle

Low cost of entry, especially when using open source
application servers


Less flexibility on architecture

Troubleshooting can be very difficult, especially if you
uncover a bug in the vendor’s code

Sometimes your application doesn’t require all the features

this could hinder performance

Being addressed by open source community


Java EE is an open standard for building web
enterprise applications

Containers provide several features so that
application developers won’t have to write
everything from scratch

Java EE provides the consumer with several
choices between platform and vendor

Open source application servers are gaining a lot of
momentum due to low cost of entry and improving

Additional Information

Java EE 5 Tutorial

Apache Tomcat (only a servlet engine)

JBoss Application Server

Apache Geronimo