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Take Away Thoughts

On Big Data

June 2012

Bob Gourley

Some Context You Can

A Summary and Discussion of Big Data Presentations at the
Technology Days

How Much Data Is there

All of this afternoon’s presentations reminded me of a quote
that tried to spell out how big the universe is:

"Space," it says, "is big. Really big. You
just won't believe how vastly, hugely,
mindbogglingly big it is.

From the Hitchhikers Guide

CTOlabs projected in 2008 that the
hype over Cloud Computing was
headed to overtake the hype over
SOA, and it did, in 2010.

The hype over Big Data is showing
signs of a faster growth, but we are
unsure at this point at what point the
hype will overtake that of cloud

Big reason to track this:
underscores that we need to decide
what we mean by this term and not let
others decide for us.

Over in Hype

Big Data

This is not business as usual.

And this is not just lots of data.

It is not just exponential growth of data.

It is new ways of making sense over data that require changes to existing

Big Data, the term, in its current use, implies many other things, like:

Apache Hadoop Framework

Commodity hardware leveraging Moore’s law

Infinite scalability

No data temples

Caution: Big Data, the term, may soon lose all meaning.

I will define Big Data Now

What Is Big Data?

Big Data is a term applied to data sets whose size is
beyond the ability of legacy approaches to capture,
manage and process the data within a tolerable elapsed
time. Big data sizes are a constantly moving target.

For the enterprise CTO, speaking of “big data” implies
the need for a strategy for dealing with

quantities of data.

More Context Follows

Big Data

Think of challenges facing humanity: They all need solutions.

have to address a key problem:

Old ways of doing IT must change. When you hear the
phrase “Big Data” think of this need for change.

Ability for humans

to analyze data

Amount of data

to Analyze

Area of Need

(and opportunity)

The ability to collect, parse, analyze machine data in real time, whether on
premise or in the cloud, will continue to grow.

Ignite Style Presentations

Introductory Keynote

“Big Data: Friend or Foe” by Barry Barlow, Director,

Services, National
Intelligence Agency

Management of Multi
Terabyte Video Files in Broadcast Television

Steve Atkinson, Director Federal Sales,
Front Porch Digital Inc.

3,000,000 km2 of Satellite Imagery Every Day: Finding the Relevant Pixels

Luke Barrington, CTO,
and John
, Senior Manager Analysis Offerings,

The Value of Stream Computing in Big Data

Gabe Chang, Senior Consulting Client IT Architect, IBM

Big Data: Security and Scale in the Era of On
Demand IT

MG (Ret.) John M. Custer, Director, Federal
Missions and Programs, EMC2

Intelligence Products in the Age of Big Data

, CTO,

Data Intensity and Datacenter Consolidation via Federated Cloud “Big Data”



Ph.D., CTO and
Senior VP, Silicon Graphics International Corp.

A Big Ocean: Handling High Volume Bathymetry

, Senior Software Developer Marine
Division, CARIS

Big Features: A WISE Approach to Scalable Geospatial ISR Fusion

Joshua Lieberman, Senior Manager,
Deloitte FAS

: Open Source Software for Big Data

Mark R. Lucas, Principal Scientist,


Interacting with Big Data using Mobile Devices

, Director,


Predictive Analytics in the Cloud: The Art of the Possible

by Anthony
, President and CEO,
Spatial Networks Inc.

Big Data: The Diversity Factor

Dan Quinn, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Progressive Technology
Federal Systems Inc.

Data Harmonization Through the Use of Complex Event Processors

, President,

Standardizing Web Interfaces to Distribute Wide Area Motion Imagery

, VP of Technology,


Bob Gourley, Chief Technology Officer, Crucial Point LLC


Big Data Friend or Foe: Barry Barlow says there is lots of data. Can't analyze it all with people.
. RecordedFuture


Big Data in Television: DBX is the current format. TB size files. Lessons regarding metadata
and workflow relevant to our world

Suggested u
of “

Finding Relevant Pixels: New crowdsourcing methods of review.

Stream and Big Data: Interconnected world with fast moving data, analyze in stream.

Changing Tech for Data Explosion: Value comes from analytics. Storage nothing, ot a
tsunami,it is a rising tide.. Use Hadoop. Put compute into storage.

Intel reporting in the age of Big Data: Data must be operatioinalized

Big Ocean: Bathymetry data smartly handled.

Big Features: Context for collaboration while working big data is crtical.


Open Source for Big Data: These guys are working really BIG data, in a way that is
smooth and easy to users.

Big Data and Mobile: Well engineerd solutions can make it incredibly easy on users.

Data Intensity and Data Center Consolidation: Think BIG. Keep data where it is. Have a vision.

Predictive Analytics in the Cloud: Know your challenge. User experience is everything.

Based Intelligence: Must engineer for ABI. Sometimes bring data together.

Global Standardization of Web Interfaces for WAMI: Web services for MI

Diverse Requirements: Says Big Data Not New. Good ways to present to users.

Some discussion items

Presenters at times used varying definitions of the term “big

We can’t command that the term always be used the way the
tech community uses it. But we can push back whenever
someone decides to invent their own definition.

What To Do Now:

Sign up for the Government Big Data Newsletter

Send me an e
mail, at bob @

Or sign up at

Leverage the Apache Hadoop framework. Download open
source distribution of CDH4 from Cloudera

Share your lessons learned, and seek lessons from others on
your Big Data use.

Be precise on how you use the term, or expect its meaning to

Backup Slides

Big Data Use Cases in Government

Security: rapid real time analysis of all relevant data

Rapid return of geospatial data

Location based push of data: ads now, but watch for more

Real time return of relevant search: Google, Cloudera and

Real time suggestion of topics: Google, Cloudera and

Bioinformatics: Human Genome, Hadoop

Bioinformatics: Patient location, treatment, outcomes

Big Data and the Special Case of Cyber

Cyber security has long generated large
quantities of data.

Enterprises need access to all the data to
look for evidence of
coordinated/sophisticated adversary
action. Old approaches do not enable


CDH4 enabled

“Big Data”
approaches enable “Enterprise Security
Intelligence” solutions.

Includes non
cyber data. Rapid computer
emergency response needs all source
data along with the cyber data.

New approaches to cyber security
analysis, including incident
detection, incident response,
forensics and remediation, require
“Big Data” thinking and designs
built to bring all the data together.

The Intent of the Government Big Data Solutions

Established to help facilitate exchange of best practices, lessons
learned and creative ideas for solutions to hard data challenges

Special focus on solutions built around Apache Hadoop framework

Nominees and award winners to be written up in
technology reviews

Award meant to help generate exchange of lessons learned

We established a team of judges, asked them to consider mission impact as primary
criteria, and solicited award nominations via sites frequented by government IT
professionals and solution providers.

The Government Needs More Agility*

The government can rapidly benefit from the lessons of high tech by
being a faster follower, especially when it comes to Big Data

Thesis: If the Big Data community understands more about federal
missions, challenges and successes, we can improve the speed
and effectiveness of federal solutions.

“High tech runs three
times faster than normal businesses. And the
government runs three
times slower than normal businesses.

So we have a nine
times gap”

Andy Grove

*Among other

Most active fed solution areas:

Federal integrators:
Spending internal research and development
funds to create prototypes and full solutions relevant to fed missions

DoD and IC agencies:
Using Big Data approaches to solve “needle
in the haystack” and “connect the dots” problems

National Labs:
Bioinformatics solutions have been put in place by
federal researchers

OMB and GSA:
Ensuring sharing of lessons and solutions. Key
exemplars around web search methods. Solutions inside
government agencies and on citizen facing properties

Big Data solutions are already making a difference in government service to citizens.
Highlighting some of this virtuous work is a goal of our Government Big Data Solutions

Top Nominees for 2011

USA Search:
Best in class hosted search services over more than 400 gov sites.
Great use of CDH3.

GCE Federal:
based financial management solutions. Apache Hadoop,
Hbase, Lucene for Dept of Labor.

PNNL Bioinformatics:
Leading researcher Dr. Taylor of PNNL is advancing
understanding of health, biology, genetics and computing using Apache


Use of CDH as a cybersecurity solution. Ingest packet capture in
any format, analyze trends, find malware, alert.

US Department of State:
Bureau of Counselor Affairs. Large data with important
applications for citizen service and national security.

Each of these are making a difference for government missions right now.

USA Search

Program of General Services Administration’s (GSA) Office of Citizen
Services and Information Technologies.

Hosted search services for and over 500 other government

Solves big data challenges with open source capabilities.

CDH3 since fall 2010. HDFS, Hadoop and Hive used in cost effective,
resilient, scalable solution.

Search Results. Search Suggestions. Trend analysis. Analytic dashboards.

Bottom Line: USA Search brings the best of the open source community to multiple
government missions, including direct citizen support

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