macroeconomics research paper part three


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We are almost there! After two months of researching and writing, we are finally ready to begin
pulling things together and presenting your research as one cohesive paper. There are
sections of the paper that we still need to write rough drafts of and these are the sections where
your opinion and your understanding of economics get to shine.

Here are some hints as to what to include in these sections of your paper:

Thesis page:

is page serves as a link between your background essay and the six economic indicators. It
should open with a link between the background and the purpose of the paper, which is to answer
the guiding question: “What is the economic outlook for
your country
?” Then this page should
include your thesis statement. This statement should take a stand about what you think about
your country’s economic situation. For example, if I were to write a thesis for the United States
it might look something like this:

ed on the continued weakness of the housing market, political instability and infighting, and
rising oil prices, it is apparent that the United States is still struggling to shake off the
repercussions of the recent recession.

Or like this:

Although the Un
ited States is technically no longer in the midst of a recession, there are several
severe economic problems that the country must solve before it can consider itself to be a healthy
economic superpower again.

The structure of the thesis is up to you, but

take a stand. After the thesis, preview the
remainder of the paper (indicators, economic problems, and potential solutions to those

Possible solutions:

(three pages)

In this section of the paper, you should strive to do the following:

redictions of possible solutions to the economic problems facing your country

A prediction of what your country’s economy will look like in 5 and 10 years

Conclusion paragraph(s)

This section should contain your thoughts about your country, but it should n
ot offer up
unreasonable solutions for your country’s problems. Impress me with you understanding of
macroeconomic concepts.