Course Expectations and Policies AP United States Government and Politics and AP Macroeconomics


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Course Expectations and Policies

AP United States G
overnment and Politics and AP Ma

Angela McElroy

AP United States Government and Politics



Ted Guillory





Course Description:


AP Macroeconomics will involve a thorough study of the principles of economics that apply to
an economic system as a
whole. Such a course places particular emphasis on the study of national income and price determination, and also
develops your familiarity with economic performance measures, economic growth, and international economics.

AP United

States Government and Politics

AP United States Government and Politics will involve the study of concepts used to interpret American politics and the
analysis of specific case studies.

Each semester course will be taught in tandem throughout the entire school year in order to maximize student
achievement on both AP Exams taken in the spring. The instructional time will be divided equally between the two
courses and students will utilize

the attached rotation schedule which reflects the rotation dates, material taught in each
rotation and assignments due.


Grading Category/Description

Percentage of Final Grade

Assessments: exams, essays, class projects and quizzes


Class Work


Community Service

AP Review

Course Project




Final Exam

Objective and Written


Grading Scale:

A = 90%


B = 80%


C = 70%


D = 60%


F = Below 60%

Percentages are rounded up


All exams are a combination of multiple choice and free response questions. Cartoons, charts, tables, graphing and/or
reading analysis are frequently found on exams and other assignments. Each exam will cover all assigned readings,
vocabulary and

class lectures/discussions. Many topics are not covered. Free response and multiple choice test may be
timed to help you prepare for the AP exam in May. Reading quizzes will be administ
ered after each chapter reading,
supplemental readings

and over

lecture material
Some quizzes may be

it is the expectation that students
are reviewing course material throughout the unit of study.


All reading will be done outside of class. Preparation for exams will also be done at home.
The bulk of the work on
projects will also be completed as homework.

Classroom Rules and Consequences

In order to maintain an excellent learning climate, students will be expected to adhere to the following:

Respect others. “Others” includes fellow stu
dents, the teacher, substitutes, guests, everyone.

Be prepared. Students will come to class on time and have all required materials, including supplies and
completed homework.

Respect the classroom. No food, drinks, gum, or candy is allowed in the clas

Follow school rules. All school rules, as outlined in the student handbook, will be enforced.

Consequences for not following the above guidelines may include any and all of the following:

parental contact.

detention before or after school.

e removal from the classroom.

referral to the office.

With the exception of extreme behaviors that warrant immediate response, it is our policy to warn students first and
discuss their behavior before assigning consequences.

Cases of cheating and
plagiarism will be handled in accordance with the MRHS Student Handbook. While there are many
different ways to cheat or plagiarize, please be aware that activities such as sharing material, copying work, and posting
information on a web site are considere
d cheating.

Students who choose to cheat and/or plagiarize will receive no credit
for that work and will face further consequences as outlined in the Student Handbook.

Extra Credit/Late Work

No extra credit is ever offered, and no late work is ever acc
epted for credit. All long
term projects are due on the assigned
day whether or not the student attends class. Project presentation days are firm, if you are unexpectedly ill, an immediate
email is necessary to prevent any possible deduction of the grade

Grading Policy

It is the students’ responsibility as a partner in the learning process to review each graded assignment, quiz and test
returned to them by the instructor. To optimize student mastery of course content, any and all questions on
or the grade received on the assignments needs to be clarified with the teacher within two weeks of the teacher placing
the assignment in the student’s individual folder located in the back of the classroom.

Power School Online Access

and attendance may be accessed 24 hours a day online with your Power School access code. Access codes are
available in the Administration office Monday

Friday 7:00

3:30. You must provide ID to be issued a code.

Report Cards

Report cards will be mail
ed home on

January 11
, 2013 and May 31
, 2013

Progress reports will no longer be sent
home, but will be available on Power School, for your convenience. For any Mountain Ridge parent/guardian without
home computer access, a computer with guest log
in capability is available in the Counseling conferen
ce room.

Retake Policy

It is the policy of the Social Studies Department at MRHS that a student may elect to re
take one major test per semester.

The teacher must be informed by the student within one week of the original test date.

The re
take test wi
ll not be the
same as the original test.

The student gives up any claim to the original grade received on the original test.

The re
test grade will be the final grade for this assignment, even if it is lower than the original test grade.

Makeup and

Long Term Project Policies:

The policies for makeup work and long term projects are taken directly from the student handbook. Students will have
one day for each day they were absent to make up any missed work, provided the absences were excused. It is
the student’s responsibility to get the work from the teacher. Students will also have to do current event summaries to
make up for participation points. Long term assignments, as per the student handbook, will not be accepted after the
stated due
date, and no makeup work will be substituted for them.

Excused and Unexcused Absences

The policy for excused and unexcused absences is taken directly from the student handbook. As stated in the makeup
policy above, students have one day for each
excused absence to make up missed assignments. Parents must excuse
an absence within 24 hours by contacting the attendance office. If students have an unexcused absence, they will not
receive any credit for work due on or completed in class that day. A
sweep does not constitute an absence and may not
be excused by parents. Any accumulation of absences may result in attendance contracts or loss of credit for the course.
Refer to the student handbook for specific details. While you allowed up to twelve
absences before losing credit for the
course, it will be extremely difficult to keep up with the pace of the course if you do not attend class daily.

Academic Assistance

In addition to the Academic Prep times built into our schedule each week, additional

assistance/tutoring is provided on a
weekly basis both by MRHS and individually by instructors. Those dates and times will be posted in the classroom and/or
on my website at the start of each week. I will demonstrate to the students how to find availabili
ty each week. I also
encourage your son/daughter to write down my availability each week in their Mountain Ridge planner (provided by the
school) so that you too are aware of my weekly availability.

Recommended Supplies:

Notebook paper, pens, pencils,
ring binder.