Solid and Fluid Mechanics


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Solid and Fluid Mechanics
26 maart 2013
René Delfos - Coordinator Solids & Fluids (015-27)-82963
+ Short Introduction
+ Engineering Mechanics (ED & SOCM)
(Hans Goossen)
+ Fluid Mechanics (FM)
(Gerrit Elsinga)
+ Praktijk: a study in SFM &
an internship at Shell
(Gilles de Combe)
+ Some more stories
+ Questions?Why study ‘Solid and Fluid Mechanics’?
- Some examples:
- Rattleback
- Fingering ‘Saffman-Taylor instability’
- Elastic Fluid
2Why study ‘Solid and Fluid Mechanics’?
- How much? (in my design)
(deformation, strength, resonance frequencies)
-> ME-PME (Precision and Microsystems Engineering)
- How much? (in my design)
(chemical conversion, power production)
-> ME-SPET (Sustainable Process & Energy Technology)
- Why and how? (we still could use it in a design)
(‘what is the underlying physics’)
-> ME-SFM (Solid and Fluid Mechanics
SFM is about the fundamentals of Mech. Eng.
Interdepartmental between P&E and PMEExample pipe friction: Moody-chart? (1)
• We want to understand turbulent friction (flow structures)Example pipe friction: Moody-chart? (2)
• Movie of Direct Numerical Simulation of ‘realistic’ turbulence
on a 16000-core parallel computerExample pipe friction: Moody-chart? (2)
• We want to modify (reduce) friction: (wall; additives)a
Example pipe friction: Moody-chart? (3)
• Movie of fibres in pipe flow at two different concetrations
= 20; Re = 5000
= 60; Re = 7500MSc Program layout
st nd
Courses (1 year) Projects (2 year)
• Obligatory SFM: ~ 29 ECTS • Internship 15 ECTS
• Obligatory specialisation: ~ 12 ECTS • MSc project 45 ECTS
• Elective: ~ 20 ECTS of which 10 ECTS literature study
• Total 60+ ECTS with oral presentation.
• Possibility to combine
internship and MSc project.
• 1 semester: the fundamentals
• For instance:
• 2 semester: how we use them
Internship in Industry
-> MSc project at University
or vice versaModulekaart = vakkenverdelingSpecialisations
part of P&E (Process & Energy Technology) dept.
• Fluid Mechanics
Westerweel, Boersma, (Ooms, Eckhardt), Delfos
part of PME (Precision and Microsystems Engineering) dept.
• Engineering Dynamics
Schwab (Tiso, de Vries, de Klerk) (+vacancy)
• Structural Optimization and Mechanics
van Keulen, (Langelaar), GoosenModules Engineering DynamicsModules Fluid MechanicsStructural Optimization and MechanicsInternship (stage) 15 EC (niet voor ex-HBO!)
Internship can be done abroad:
Recent in California-Davis, ETH (Zürich), Osaka, NTNU,
DLR (Göttingen), Numeca (Brussels)…
But more local is possible as well;
Recent in TUDelft, Teijin, KNMI, Shell, Heerema…
But the best story is a real-life experience:
Gilles de Combe
18Internship (2)
Teijin (production of Aramid-fibers)
19Master-thesis project 45 EC
Can be done in a company, usually in ‘your laboratory’.
Prediction of turbulent transition through ‘trip wires’ using flow simulation.
Prediction of CT-scanner floor stability
20The next step in your career:
• Industry (R&D):
• Philips, ASML, Shell, Tata-steel, Akzo-Nobel, DSM, …
• Canon-OCE, Bronkhorst, NXP, BMW …
• Process technology, chemical industry, metal industry,
energy technology, aeronautics,
dredging industry, automotive industry, wind energy,
climate control, food & health, meteorology, …
• University (obtaining a Ph.D.): some 50% of SFM-students!
• ‘Education in research’. Later on, R&D or UniversityFLUID MECHANICS
Fluid Mechanics Section
• 3 full-time prof: J. Westerweel, BJ. Boersma
D. Roekaerts
• 3 part-time prof: G. Ooms, B. Eckhardt
R. Henkes
• 7 U(H)D: R. Delfos, M. Pourquié, D. Tam,
C. Poelma, WP. Breugem, Gerrit Elsinga, M. Tummers
• 2 post-docs, 15-18 Ph.D. students.
• Yearly 12-14 M.Sc. students (in SFM, SPET, AP) MECHANICS
Engineering MechanicsEngineering Mechanics Groups
• Engineering Dynamics
(Schwab, Tiso, de Vries de Klerk)
• Structural Optimization & Computational Mechanics
(van Keulen, Goossen, Langelaar…)
25Research Focus
Engineering Dynamics
Focus: Application Fields:
• Multifield • Microsystems
• Multibody • Mechatronics
• Dynamics & Statics
Aspects: But also:
• Fundamentals • Aerospace
• Numerical Methods • Biomechanics
• Experimental Techniques • Sports
• Automotive
Engineering Dynamics
2728Research Focus
Structural Optimization & Computational
Focus: Application Fields:
• Multifield • Micro-devices and Micro-systems
• Multilevel
• Statics & Dynamics But also:
• Aerospace
• Biomechanics
Aspects: • Maritime
• Fundamentals
• Numerical Methods
• Optimization and Design
• Experimental Validation
Structural Optimization & Computational
Structural Optimization & Computational
31Examples of Collaboration
• Infineon • Univ. of Leeds
• NXP • Imtek
• Philips (research) • Airbus
• ASML • Bosch
• Dutch Space • BMW
• ESA • Univ. of Stuttgart
• AOES • Univ. of Florida
• Bronkhorst High Tech • Technion
• Aquamarijn • Chalmers
32(slightly) different interests?
- You probably already joined the presentation of
Precision and Microsystems Engineering (PME)
(or contact ir. Jan Neve, PME-coordinator)
- Join the presentation on Thursday of
Sustainable Processes and Energy Technology (SPET)
(or contact Joop ter Horst, SPET-coordinator)
Or just pass by with questions...
33Honours Programme Master (HPM)
• A tailor-made rigorous programme of 30 EC for motivated students seeking a
unique challenge in their course work.
• Build your own programme based on an inter- or mono-disciplinary
• Become part of an active honours community and benefit from social and
networking events.
How does it work?
• Information session
• Selection process
• Match-up with coach
• Planning the programme
• Start 2 semester of master
• Certificate upon successful completion
More info?
or via our HPM coordinator, prof. Thijs VlugtQuestions?
SFM & FM: René Delfos Room F-1-600
phone 82963
EM: Hans Goosen Room G-1-400
phone 82963