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Network and

Progression Web
Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I set up Samba for file sharing?
Samba is an open source project that allows for file and print sharing for SMB/CIFS clients. Samba is
freely available to download. Information including configuration instruction can be found at:

How do I transfer my PNP file from IIS to Apache?
There are various methods for moving your PNP file.
What does Versora Progression Web™ move?
Versora Progression Web™ moves web site documents (e.g. HTML, ASP), web applications, database
connections and configuration settings to the Apache platform.
How much money can a company expect to save moving from Microsoft IIS to Apache?
The cost savings depends on a number of factors including Microsoft licensing fees for the operating
system and the client licenses, new server hardware the number of servers in the company’s
environment, and the hours of maintenance and support of Microsoft IIS (a company with twenty
Microsoft IIS web servers can save up to $360,000 on hardware and Microsoft Licensing fees alone).
How much time and money can a company save using Versora Progression Web™
Depending on the complexity of the web site, Versora Progression Web™ can save 40 to 60 hours of
reconfiguration and/or application and web reprogramming per web site.
What do I do with my old ASP code?
You may not be ready to make the switch to PHP. Or perhaps, your developers really enjoy Visual
Basic. Perhaps you have some sites that haven’t been touched in years, and you just don’t want to
invest time into them. If so, you can still move to Apache and keep your old ASP code. One
commercial product available is:
Sun Java System Active Server Pages

What configuration settings are moved from Microsoft IIS to Apache?
Progression Web moves configuration settings such as Virtual Directories, Virtual Servers, security
(passwords, authorization, authentication, NTLM, etc…), and error messages.
What versions of Apache and Microsoft IIS does Versora Progression Web™ support?
Versora Progression Web™ supports Apache versions 1.3 and 2, Red Hat Stronghold version 4 and
Microsoft IIS versions 4, 5 and 6.
What Windows requirements does Progression Web have?
Windows NT (Service Pack 6a and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 or later), Windows 2000
Professional, Windows 2000 Server (all versions), Windows 2003 Server (all versions).