Downloadable CENTRE Install Manual for IIS Server and SQL Server


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Downloadable CENTRE Install Manual
for IIS Server and SQL Server
(2 separated machines)

Table of Contents:

• CENTRE Minimum System Requirements
• Install CENTRE
1) Create user and grant permissions
2) Implementing Database permissions
3) Setup Database Connection String
4) Configure IIS settings

• Activate CENTRE For Purchased Modules
• Adding Automated Tasks
• Troubleshooting

CENTRE Minimum System Requirement

The CENTRE application requires the following:

1- Operating system:

Windows 2003 Web Edition
Windows 2003 Standard Edition
Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition
Windows 2003 R2 Standard Edition
Windows 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition
Microsoft Small Business Server Premium 2003
Microsoft Small Business Server Standard 2003 R2
Microsoft Small Business Server Standard 2003
Microsoft Small Business Server Premium 2003
Windows 2003 R2 Web Edition
Microsoft Small Business Server Premium 2003 R2

2- Microsoft IIS 6 or higher
3- Microsoft SQL Server 2005 express edition sp3 or higher (and SQL Server Management
You can download Microsoft SQL Server 2005 express edition from the following link:

more information about SQL Server 2005 express edition:

4- ASP.NET 3.5
you can download “Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5” from the following link:

5- 1GB RAM
6- Domain Controller

Install CENTRE

1- Make sure your systems have minimum system requirements.
2- Download the installation file and copy it on your IIS machine’s local drive.
3- Log on to IIS machine using a domain Administrator account.
4- Run installation file, Setup.exe or CENTRE.msi (from IIS machine).
5- Follow the installation instructions and complete dialogs.
6- In the “Database Server” screen, select your SQL Server machine. You can use either
“machine name” followed by SQL Server instance name or click “Browse” button and
select the appropriate server from the list.

(i.e.\SQLExpress or ITG-Dev01\SQLExpress or ITG-Verifi)

7- Select “Windows authentication credentials of current users” to connect to that server.

8- Enter a desired name for your database and click “Next”. (i.e. CENTRE_DB)
Click “Next” and follow the instructions of the installation package.
9- The installation process will take about 15 minutes so please be patient in all steps
especially while registering COM+ files. Wait for the install process and click “Finish”.
“CENTRE” installation is now complete!

Create User and Grant Permissions:

10- Next, you must create a new domain user called “SQLAdmin” in “Active Directory”.

11- Right click on the SQLAdmin user and go to properties. In the “Member Of” tab, add the
new user to the “Administrators” and “IIS_WPG” groups and click “ok”

12- Go to Start > Administrative tools > Component Services > My Computer > COM+
Applications. Right Click on CENTRE Application and then go to properties.
13- In the “Identity” Tab, select “This User” and type the domainName\SQLAdmin Username
and password. Then click “Ok”. (You can also use the browse button to find the user.)

14- Open windows explorer and go to the Program Files folder. Right click on “ComPlus
Applications” folder and grant Read, Write and Modify rights to the SQLAdmin user that
was just created.
15- Create a domain account for the web server application pool (typically called
16- Right click on the newly created IWAM user and on the “Member Of” tab, add the new
user to the IIS_WPG group on the local server.
17- Go to Start > Administrative Tools. Launch the “Local Security Policy” and grant the new
user “Adjust Memory Quotas for a Process” and “Replace a process level token” rights.
18- Navigate to the C:\SQLLog folder on the local hard drive. Right click on the folder go to
Properties and on the Security tab grant the local IIS_WPG group Read, Write, and
Modify rights.
19- Launch IIS Manager
20- Go to application pools and right click on “AllAppPools”, then go to properties.
21- Click on the “Identity” tab and select the “Configurable” radio button. Enter the
username and password created in step 16.

Implementing Database Permissions:

22- Now go to the SQL Server machine, open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to
the database. From left panel, open the Security node, right click on logins, and select
new login.
23- Click on the search button and find the domain username from step 17.
24- From the left menu, go to the “User Mapping” Section and select your database name.
Then grant “public” and “db_owner” rights to both the SQLAdmin user and the
user and click ok.
25- Repeat steps 24 - 26 for the “SQLAdmin” user created earlier.

Setup database connection string:

26- Go back to the IIS Server. Go to windows directory > Microsoft.NET > Framework >
v2.0.50727 > CONFIG > and open the web.config file using notepad.
27- Go to the last line, and paste the following text just before the </configuration> tag.
<add key="DBConnStr" value="server=

28- Change
to the appropriate names that you’ve
29- Save the web.config file and close it.
30- On the IIS machine, go to Start Menu > All Programs > ITG > CENTRE and launch “Try
CENTRE Modules”. Then select the modules you want to try. Remember that even if you
do not want to try any modules as a trial version, you should launch this application just
once before using CENTRE. It will initialize certain required default values.

31- On the IIS machine, launch Internet Explorer and navigate to

32- Login using username:
and password:
. Now try different modules and
menus to see whether it is working.

33- Go to Windows > system32 > inetsrv and find the file MetaBase.xml. Open it with a text
editor like notepad, find the text AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed="204800" and
change it to AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed="40000". To get more information
about this step contact your system administrator.

Activate CENTRE for Purchased Modules

To register/activate CENTRE Modules launch “CENTRE Modules Activation” application.

Please remember only if you already bought CENTRE Licenses, you can activate it using
“CENTRE Modules Activation”. Other wise, if you want to try CENTRE Modules, you can
launch the “Try CENTRE Modules” program by going to Start> all programs > ITG > CENTRE
> and click on the “Try CENTRE Modules” application.

To Activate CENTRE Modules:

a) Launch Start > all programs > ITG > CENTRE >“CENTRE Modules Activation”
b) Enter your Serial Number and Click “Register Serial Number”
c) Copy the encrypted text and send it to ITG Support email address. ITG support team will
send you an email including your activation code and instruction as soon as possible.

Try CENTRE Modules:

To try CENTRE Modules launch Start > all programs > ITG > CENTRE > “Try CENTRE
Modules“, then, select the appropriate package that you want to try and then select the item
that belongs to that package.

Adding Automated Tasks

There are several executable (.exe) files that you should set them up to be ran automatically
using “Scheduled Task” in Microsoft Windows. To Set them up go to Control Panel > Scheduled
Task > Add Scheduled Task, and then set the “Scheduled Task” to run following application
according to the following table:

File Name Location Schedule
ContractExpeditor.exe <installation folder>
\websites\ EXE Applications\ Daily 7:00 AM

DCSExpeditor.exe <installation folder>
\websites\ EXE Applications\ Monthly

6:00 AM

ScanBackground.exe <installation folder>
\websites\ EXE Applications\ Daily 9:00 AM

<installation folder>
\websites\ EXE Applications\
Daily 8:00 AM

ProjectExpeditor.exe <installation folder>
\websites\ EXE Applications\ Daily 7:00 AM

ChangeRequestExpeditor.exe <installation folder>
\websites\ EXE Applications\ Daily 8:30 AM

LoginAttempts.exe <installation folder>
\websites\ EXE Applications\ Hourly Every 1 hour

<installation folder>
\websites\ EXE Applications\
At the system startup

*(i.e. C:\Program Files\ITG\CENTRE\websites\EXE Applications\)


1- Error 27502
when you want to specify your remote SQL Server machine and database, following error

Solution: Go to SQL Server Machine, Start Menu-> Microsoft SQL Server 2005 ￿
Configuration Management ￿ SQL Server Surface Area Connection.
Then click on the Surface Area Configuration for Services and Connections.

Find your SQL Server instances and go to Remote Connection Node. Change Connection type
to “Local and Remote Connections” then select “Using both TCP/IP and named pipes” and
press apply. Do the same instructions for default instance of SQL Server.

Then Click ok. Now you should restart SQL Server Service. Go to administrative tools ￿
Services. Find SQL Server Services and restart both Database engine and MSSQLServer
default instance.

Go back to Surface Area Configuration for Services and Connections and click on
“SQL Server Browser”. From “Startup type” drop down list, select “Automatic” and click on
apply button. Then click on “Start” service for “SQL Browser” and then click ok.

Now you should be able to connect to SQL Server from your IIS Machine.

2- Error 1919:
ODBC Data source, Database Should exists on destination.

There is a problem in Data Sources (ODBC), System DSN.

Go to Windows directory￿ inf ￿ find mdac.inf file, right click on it and click “Install”. Then
follow install instructions.

3- Error 1316:
Uninstall problems.

Solution: go to system registry, find HKLM\SOFTWARE\CLASSES\INSTALLER\PRODUCTS and
clear the product key.