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Generic Drug Market Picks up Steam in the Southeast Asian
Pharmaceuticals Industry, Finds Frost & Sullivan

22 November, 2010

The Southeast Asian pharmaceuticals
industry is in a state of transition and the gener
ic drug market is slowly
gaining more attention from both patients and governments. In order to
achieve growth, companies are reorganizing and reinventing themselves
to diversify their business. New business strategies and product
development paradigms are

being unleashed to cash in on the growth
opportunities. Outsourcing of manufacturing and internal functions is the
current trend.

In most

of the

emerging markets in Southeast Asia, there are changes in
consumption patterns; however, the focus on primary
care persists. In the
developed countries such as Australia, the central nervous system and
oncology segments are expected to thrive.

New analysis from
Frost & Sullivan

Southeast Asian Pharmaceuticals Industry: Generic Drug Market
discovers that the Southeast Asua m
earned revenues of over USD
6,803.7million in 2009 is estimated to reach USD
million by
2016. The study covers Malaysia, Philippines, S
ingapore and Thailand.

“The Malaysian drug market is the largest, comprising 47.8 percent of the
total pharmaceutical market,” says

Frost & Sullivan

Industry Analyst
Jennifer Lau.

Lau further notes,
“Strong governmental support, stable economy, and
ooming population are other factors fuelling
market momentum.”

Though the pharmaceuticals industry in The Philippines is large, the
generic drug market is small, accounting for only 19.6 percent. Moreover,
the lackluster macroeconomic environment in t
he country reduces the
attraction quotient for the market.

“In Singapore, the efficient regulatory setup and the stable
macroeconomic environment have enabled a high

level of interest
generic drugs with
in the country,” says Lau. “On the flip side, th
e small
size of the market and the low population limit the possibilities of market

Although the generic drug market in Thailand is large, the weak
macroeconomic environment detracts from its potential. Competition in
the Thai generic drug market

is not intense, as it is dominated by local


Although the market holds opportunities, there are some challenges
restraining the pace of growth. Growing acceptance of generic drugs has
led to pricing pressure. The Thai Government is initiatin
g policies to
restrain rising healthcare cost.

An increase in the availability of herbal products and high levels of
awareness regarding the holistic approach to healthcare are also clouding
market prospects. Companies must roll out strong marketing strat
and offer products with superior quality to ensure productive business

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Southeast Asian Pharmaceuticals Industry: Generic Drug Market
part of the
Pharmaceutical & Biotechnolog

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