Design Of Rainwater Collector And Underground Storage Facilities

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This report presents the design of rainwater collector and underground storage facilities for use
in Niger Delta area.

A rainwater harvesting system consist of three basic elements; a collection area, a conveyance
system, and storage facilities,

Rainwater is widely believed to be pure and consumed without pre
treatment. This can be true in
unpolluted rural areas. This pro
ject analyses the pathogens contamination and bacteriological
quality of rainwater from various sampling points and propose a new method of disinfecting the
stored water.

In this project, a structural reinforced concrete underground tank, 3.9m x 4.6m x 9.2
rectangular in shape with effective capacity of 130,000 litres of rainwater is designed.

The wall, the base slab and the roof slab was analysis and designed using the design code
BS8110, the structural use of concrete part 1, 1997, and BS8007, code of
practice for the design
of concrete structure for retaining aqueous liquids, and also the design of was done under two
conditions: when the tank is empty i.e. fill with earth and surcharge load and when the tank is
full with water i.e. with no earth fill o

The wall thickness is 400mm in relation to the height, with a reinforcement of
Y20mm @



= 1890mm
and the base thickness is increased to 440mm with
reinforcement of

Y25mm @ 150mm



= 3270mm
to satisfy the flexural
condition in the base

The estimated quantity of material and cost of constructing the rainwater harvester and the
underground tank is(
1,644,000.00) also determined in this project.