Human-Robot Interaction

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Robot Interaction

In our work on HRI, we are focusing on methodologies and metrics for evaluating
interfaces for users of robots. We are also interested in creating guidelines and toolkits to
help robot researchers and developers design user interfa
ces. We are currently working
in five distinct domains. Below are descriptions of the work we are doing in each of
these domains and links to publications, presentations, and photos.


Dr. Jean Scholtz

Brian Antonishek

Mary Theofanos

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hould get photos of the three of us and have links to bios}

Urban Search and Rescue

We are investigating what makes good user interfaces for operators in Urban Search and
Rescue. We have collected data in the NIST Standard Test Arenas


during competitions and during other
experiments. We have our own robot and we are
prototyping a number of different
interfaces to use in experiments. We have used c
ritical incident analysis to investigate
situational awareness provided by different user interfaces.

Under Department of
Homeland Security Funding, we are working with FEMA teams to define standard
methods for evaluating the human factors of robot platfo

{links to publications, presentations, photos}

Explosive Ordnance Disposal

In 2004, we started looking at user interfaces for operators of EOD robots. To date we
have modified our NIST St
andard Arenas to include EOD tasks and have had several
EOD robots go through the Arenas. We collect the videos of the robots, the user
interfaces, and the operator. We measure the time and the success of the task. We also
collect workload measures from

the operator. We then analyze the videos to determine
interactions such as mode changes, movements between screen and other input devices,
switches between driving, arm manipulation, etc. to determine any correlations with
operator workload.

{We don’t

have publications here yet, but there are some presentations

and photos of

Road Driving

Our work on the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) Mobile
Autonomous Robot Software (MARS) project
resulted in the implementation of the
uation Awareness Global Assessment Technique (SAGAT) developed by Endsley.
The prototypes, simulation, and questionnaires are available to others interested in this
area of research.

papers, presentations are available here)

Road Driving

We part
icipated in a technical readiness level assessment of semi
autonomous vehicles
for the Army Research Laboratory.
This assessment was conducted in three different
terrains: arid, wooded and urban. We have analyzed the number of interventions, types
of int
erventions, and time needed for the operators to acquire situation awareness in the
different environments.

{papers, presentations are available}

HRI Peer to Peer Interaction for Assembly in Space

We are currently working with NASA to develop a human
obot interaction operating
system to enable task
oriented robots to work synergistically with local and remote
humans, communicating through multi
modal interaction. Our efforts are in the
development of metrics for teams of humans and robots.

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s a reference

but the paper isn’t available yet}