SMEs have a guide in cloud computing

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SMEs have a guide in cloud computing

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(Neeraj Mediratta CEO, Ace…)

Guest Column: Neeraj Mediratta; CEO,

Ace Data Devices
Pvt. Ltd

Spending much on IT and automation sometimes makes it difficult for an SME to decide which way to go. There
are concerns over budgets and management of these services running for the organisation.We have pioneered
in the public cloud domain by launching ba
ckup services on cloud enabling


to concentrate on their core
business and help them to protect their data from loss. Public cloud allows the organisation to share services
hosted at a remo
te location and being accessed through the IP network without the need for in
house data

There are many organisations like medical, media and energy domain which are already leveraging the benefits
of this 24x7 service. The cl
oud services have many advantages within itself apart from enhancing capital
efficiency by transiting capex to opex proposition. Key advantages also include quick go
market i.e. on
demand growth and 24x7 remote monitoring. For an SME, it is difficult to

develop and maintain internal teams to
manage various applications for their users and growth every time and they need a buying and delivery cycle
which can be shortened to a few hours by leveraging cloud services.

There are many key areas of operations f
or an SME which are available on cloud and can be leveraged by an
SME to boost their IT utilisation. This includes on
demand cloud
based ERP applications, mailboxes, servers,
desktops, backups, archiving and many more. Actually, most IT vendors are in the
process of enabling their
applications to be available on cloud.

In our increasingly globalised world, small businesses need an operational communications network to span the
geographically dispersed regions of the company. But the business applications re
quired to achieve this are a
pricey proposition in our current economic climate. This is making it increasingly hard for smaller organisations
to compete with huge corporations. But we are now seeing the emergence of multi
tenanted business
applications ba
sed upon a price
user model, or in other words, the Public Cloud. This is allowing youthful
organisations to enjoy enterprise level services, security and products, at a fraction of the cost.

'Cloud Computing' is creating consumerisation of

IT sector

and it is helping SMEs gain market access especially
in the IT domain.

Cloud computing

is changing the way traditional IT offerings are made thus leading to
increased opportunities after its introduction for every industry. Preference for cloud adoption is growing in
recent years. Industries just have to build in competency so as to take adv
antage of cloud computing. Keeping
in view India's fast growing economy, Cloud computing is of immense importance and it is growing at a fast rate
and offers immense opportunities to the SME sector.

Industries have to be more innovative to make cloud compu
ting more acceptable to all. There is a good reason
to believe that India is going to take a lead role in coming years in cloud computing. Indian SMEs and
enterprises have started to transfer data into the cloud. Cloud Computing also furthers staff product
ivity and
innovation by providing access to the latest technology without the need for any investment in upgradation.

I am of the view that adoption of cloud services like "Backup Vault" offers the customers the best of the class
products and services with
out the need to invest huge money in arranging the same. Cloud services is a good
way to go ahead for SMEs and will help them focus their time and investments on their core business areas
while enjoying the best of IT services.