Legal issues in cloud computing

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Legal issues in cloud computing

Teemu Mäntylä


Reliability & liability

Users expect clouds to be reliable

What guarantees are there?

Who is responsible for damages?

How do you prove the cloud provider is at

Reliability & liability (2)

Damages may come from multiple causes:

Service outage

Data/code/result corruption

Data/code/result compromisation

Telecommunications law relies on market to
drop bad operators, doing the same with
clouds is too risky

Security & privacy

Data, code and results must all be protected

Cloud provider needs to monitor

Threats range from pushy advertisers to
corporate spies

Difference between simple monitoring and
malicious data mining can be a fine line

Security & privacy (2)

By European laws, personal data may not
normally be sent outside the EU, but a cloud
provider might subcontract another cloud

Foreign government agencies might gain
access, even without needing to show cause

Care must be taken not to break data
protection laws or user contracts

Access & usage

Can a licensed program be used in a cloud?

License terms vary between countries, with
no regard to clouds

Who is responsible for illegal activity
within the cloud?

Expecting cloud providers to monitor for
illegal activity big technical problem

Current situation

National laws, international clouds

Legislation lags behind technology

Current laws and cloud providers place all
responsibility on the client

Clients need to be alert and insist on terms
that protect their interests

Better clouds might surface if left to market

Example cases

Legal issues very much alike between
outsourcing services and cloud computing

Death by Delete

Monopolizing service provider

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