Journal of Cybernetics and Systems

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Journal of Cybernetics and Systems
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Professor Dr. Che Wun Chiou
Department of Computer Science &
Information Engineering
Ching Yun University, Taiwan

.......Journal of Cybernetics and Systems

publishes high
quality original research papers in all areas of cybernetics,
systems, related areas such as information security,
computational intelligence, communication and control. It focuses
on such areas as vision, neural networks, genetic algorithms,
fuzzy systems, and robotics. Specifically involved are aspects of
these areas as they relate to the field: self-adjusting systems,
learning, planning and uncertainty handling, case-based
reasoning, cognitive systems, data mining, decision theory,
discrete event dynamic systems, distributed decision making,
evolutionary computation, flexible manipulators, flexible
manufacturing systems, forecasting, function approximation,
fuzzy control, fuzzy logic, fuzzy set theory, genetic algorithms,
image processing, image recognition, image segmentation,
information retrieval, intelligent search, knowledge acquisition,
knowledge based systems, motion control, mathematical
optimization, neural nets, neural controllers, pattern recognition,
Petri nets, production control, real-time systems, robot
programming, software development environments, system
health management, simulated annealing, tele-robotics, intelligent
transportation, unsupervised learning, virtual reality and their
applications. The journal also welcomes survey papers that
stimulate research in cybernetics and systems. In the near future,
it hopes to be recognized by and included in several well-known
international indexes, such as COMPENDEX PLUS (EI) and
Science Citation Index (SCI).
2010/6/22 Journal of Cybernetics and Systems 1/1