25-28 October, 2012

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The 38
Annual Conference of the
IEEE Industrial Electronics Society

IECON’ 2012

25-28 October, 2012
Montréal, Québec, Canada

Proposal for IECON 2012 Special Session
Send your proposal to the SS chairs
Professors Kim Man : Email: EEKMAN@cityu.edu.hk
; Juan José Rodriquez Andena, Email :
; and Mariusz Malinowski , Email : malin@isep.pw.edu.pl

Special Session on: “Network-based Control Systems”

Special Session Organizers Josep M. Fuertes, josep.m.fuertes@upc.edu
Mo-Yuen Chow, chow@ncsu.edu

Technical Outline of the Session (50 words) and Topics:
Network-based Control Systems (NBCS) can be described by a collection of spatially distributed
sensing, controlling and actuation components, which exchange control and feedback signals using
information packages over digital communication links. The design, study and application of such
systems present challenging and fundamental problems underlying the theoretical foundations for
the integration of several disciplines going from Automatic Control to Communications and Real-
Time Computing. Distributed Network-Based Control Systems allow us to do distributed control and
computing, tele-robotics, cost-effective factory automation, among many other critical applications.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

 Controller design methods in constrained networked control systems
 Time-driven and event-driven control in networked control systems
 Real-time issues in networked control systems
 Task and message scheduling for networked control systems
 Effect of network delays on control system performance
 Modeling and simulation in networked control systems
 Worst-case execution time and Quality of Service
 Performance issues and communication constraints
 Fault-tolerance in networked control systems
 Distributed wireless networks for control
 Autonomous distributed control systems
 Distributed sensing, estimation, computation and control
 Industrial communication and control systems
 NBCS in vehicles, space, medical, and other applications

Potential Contributing Authors (names and emails):
Josep M. Fuertes josep.m.fuertes@upc.edu

Qing-Long Han q.han@cqu.edu.au

Alfonso Baños abanos@um.es

Seta Bogosyan, sbogosyan@alaska.edu

Michelle Brischetto mbrischetto@diit.unict.it

Elizabeth Chang Elizabeth.Chang@cbs.curtin.edu.au

Mo-Yuen Chow chow@ncsu.edu

Ramez Daoud rdaoud@aucegypt.edu

Paulo Gil psg@fct.unl.pt

Hideki Hashimoto hashimoto@iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp

J.J. Lee jjlee@ee.kaist.ac.kr

Suk Lee slee@pusan.ac.kr

Hao Ma mahao@zjuem.zju.edu.cn

Marga Marcos marga.marcos@ehu.es

Oracio Mirabella omirabel@diit.unict.it

Marek Miskowicz miskow@agh.edu.pl

Kenji Natori natori@ee.aoyama.ac.jp

Roberto Oboe oboe@gest.unipd.it

Kouhei Ohnishi ohnishi@sd.keio.ac.jp

Unnati Ojha uojha@ncsu.edu

Ignacio Peñarrocha ipenarro@esid.uji.es

Felix Perez felixperez@um.es

Teresa Riesgo teresa.riesgo@upm.es

Julio-Ariel Romero romeroj@esid.uji.es

Julian Jose Salt julian@isa.upv.es

Roberto Sanchís rsanchis@esid.uji.es

Young Hun Song aoi.moonlight@gmail.com

Yodyium Tipsuwan yodyium@gmail.com

Ugur Tumerdem ugur@sum.sd.keio.ac.jp

Yutaka Uchimura uchimura@shibaura-it.ac.jp

Qixin Wang csqwang@comp.polyu.edu.hk

Shaun Yang s.h.yang@lboro.ac.uk

Daisuke Yashiro yasshi@sum.sd.keio.ac.jp

Xinghuo Yu x.yu@rmit.edu.au

Potential Reviewers (names and emails):
The same as indicated before

IES Technical Committee Sponsoring the Special Session (if any):

Network based Control Systems and Applications Technical Committee