Towards The Semantic Web, The XML key

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Towards The Semantic Web, The XML key

Eng.Haytham Al

Lecturer International Academy For Engineering & Media Science


Faculty Of Engineering Menofia University

Dr.Hoda Soror

Faculty Of Engineering Menofia University

Global Village:

Technology Bridging the Digital Divide

The World Wide Web was originally created as a repository to store information.
HTML then invented which help in adding new features to the web by linking
different documents and facilitate the creation of web page
s by better presentations.
According to this, the number of web pages increased and also the number of search
engines and databases increased. The Improvement of technology helps in the
increasing in number and quality of images, movies and other media. Al
l these factors
caused a problem of how do we use all this information in a correct manner. How do
we could find the information we need quickly without wasting time and efforts.

The semantic web is the solution of all these problems it will be the extens
ion of the
current web which helps the human and machines to work together by developing
languages expressing information in a way to be understand by both human and
machine. Semantic web will be explained in this paper, especially the xml layer which
the base layer

this technology.