Welcome to Microbiology


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Welcome to Microbiology

You will need the following items for this course.


A notebook.

Since you will not have a text to follow, it is important that you
write down any new information covered.

You will also have a chance to
document your lab work in y
our science notebook during lab activities for this


A folder.

You will be given many labs and handouts to supplement this class. A
folder will help you keep track of your papers.

This is a research
based science class. As a result, you will be

completing many different
labs throughout the semester dealing with bacteria, plasmid DNA and biotechnology.
Since this class is research
based, individual and group projects will be included in this
course. I am excited to offer this class and I think
you will enjoy the hands
on approach
to inquiry and research

in the field of microbiology.

Grades will be determined by three different areas: quizzes, lab activities/skills, and


(40%) Quizzes will be a part of your weekly routi
ne. Quizzes can
cover lab activities, assignments or lecture.

Lab Activities/Skills:

(40%) Since this is a lab
based course most of your time
will be spent in the lab. There are certain skills that you need to learn in order to
successfully complete m
icrobiology labs. Anytime you work with live bacteria
you are expected to take precautions for your safety and the safety of others. You
will also be working with some expensive equipment, which cannot be easily
replaced if broken. Some lab activities w
ill be graded on your performance of
these skills.

/Lab Notebook

(20%) Reports and assignments are expected to
be explained in detail. In any assignment or project, explanations should show
understanding of concept. One
word answers are
not a part of this class.

Absences and Late Work:

Absences are a problem anytime you are working with
living organisms. If you miss a lab, it is your responsibility to complete the work the
next day. You can’t wait a week since bacteria growth will h
ave changed affecting the
lab results.
If it is not done the day after your absence, the assignment becomes a
Other assignments that are due the day of your absence are due at the beginning of
the hour on the next day that you return. If you know
you are going to

be gone due to a
school event,

it is your responsibility to get your work done before you leave.

Cell Phone policy:

You are not to have your cell phone out during class. If you are caught using
it during class, the phone will be taken

If you have it out during a test or a quiz, even
after you have turned in your test or quiz, you will receive a zero on that assignment.