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Setting up Netparp in NetBeans
This document describes how to use Netparp in NetBeans (tested in 6.8 Build 200912041610).
Go to File → New Project
Choose Category Java
, Projects Java Application

Click Next
Enter desired Project Name (we are using netparptest)
Enter desired Project Location
Select Create Main Class
Select Set as Main Project
Click on Finish
Download the latest Netparp release from

Download the JExcel API from

Download the Flanagan’ Java Scientific Library from

Go to netparptest project in NetBeans.
Right-click on Libraries
Select Add JAR/Folder
Navigate to downloaded nvrs-netparp.jar and double click to select
Repeat the process for Jexcel API and Flanagan’s Java Scientific Library.
Type: import com.novoras.netparp.api.*; at the top of the file
Create objects and call methods from main as required. For examples see the Netparp usage examples.
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