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Providing Out-of-Box Integrated Business Intelligence
Elixir provides a full-featured, integrated Business Intelligence platform certified for MySQL. Instead of having to
cobble together disparate pieces of BI components, open source or otherwise, Elixir Repertoire is the one single BI
platform that can be installed, configured and deployed in minutes, with its full functionality readily available as
REST-based Web Services.
Certified for MySQL Enterprise Edition, Elixir Repertoire supports MySQL both as a data source and a data storage
target, with enterprise level support for corporate deployment. One can use Java, PHP or newer environments like
Ruby and Groovy to access and incorporate BI functionality for Reporting, Dashboard, Data ETL and Scheduling into
any web-based or standalone applications, mobile or desktop gadgets.
Combining MySQL with Elixir Repertoire for Best Price Performance
With its rich functionality, ease of use and cost-effective
server-side licensing, Elixir Repertoire is the price
performance BI platform of choice for MySQL, whether it is
an in-house BI application development to improve
business efficiency or an Independent Software Vendor
looking to embed BI functionality in its product for
increased competitiveness.
Extract, Transform, and Load to and from
MySQL and other Data Sources
BI for Everyone
on Web, Mobile
or Gadget
System Requirements:
- Java SE 5.0 or later
- 256MB RAM for Designer,
512MB for Server recommended
- 80MB disk space