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“Anything that can be repeated will be repeated by an automatic machine – not by a
paid employee! My mother told me to study hard, be successful in school - or you’ll be
digging ditches the rest of your life! Unfortunately, today, you can’t even get a job
digging ditches – for there are machines that dig ditches faster, better and cheaper that
you can dig them!”

Anything that can be repeated is BEING repeated by automatic machines – not by
paid employees! Today, those ever super-sophisticated, computerized, high tech
machines create higher productivity for every production job – which is another way of
saying, FASTER, BETTER, and CHEAPER! Now there is OUTSOURCING, another
way of saying “higher productivity - OVERSEAS” – cheaper! Whether it’s automatic
machines, here at home, or cheap labor, overseas, it’s still cybernetics – faster, better,

Capital seeks out and follows the highest YIELD. Capital finds the highest yield- and
stays were it is welcomed! Companies set up to produce goods and services did not form
the company with sole purpose of hiring EMPLOYEES. Management is charged with the
duty to reduce costs, including labor costs. A job is not a long term parking lot, a civil
right or an entitlement. Capital follows and seeks out the highest yield. If it (capital) does
not find it here it (capital) will go somewhere else.

FASTER x BETTER x CHEAPER = MAXIMUM YIELD. An equation that puzzles a
Socialist- an equation that can not be repealed even by George Soros.